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Hammock vs. Tent – What Is The Better Equipment For Camping?

Deciding on the best campsite to stay at for my next trip gives me conflicting feelings. I love it because it lets me get out of the city for a much-needed break. But I sort of hate it since I need to choose which portable shelter to take with me.

Hammock vs. tent? That question always flashes in my brain seven days before the trip until the D-day. Driving a camper, even if it pops up, is not part of my options as I’m basically a backpacker.

In case you’re curious as to how a hammock bests a tent, or vice versa, we should see the advantages that both bring.

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7 Steps On How To Stay Cool While Camping

Camping in the summer will never lose its appeal to old or new generation of adventurers. The feeling of being near a bonfire while dancing, singing, and sharing stories with your loved ones? It will be a dreamlike experience every time.

The only downfall I notice is the warm temperature that’s borderline uncomfortable. For sure, the site may have electricity, but the trip will lose its purpose if you carry an electric fan. Thus, how to stay cool while camping? Here’s one way for you.

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A Special Blueprint On How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Camper

You can never estimate someone's - or something's - strength based on size. I got served with that life lesson from several frustrating encounters with mice.

My house has been infested by them before, especially when I go camping for days or weeks. Those sneaky rodents can reach and bite anything, from bedsheets to curtains and even wooden cupboards. I figured I’ve seen the last of them, but there they were again when I visited my friend and his trailer. Man, there were torn fabrics and rodent droppings everywhere!

I cannot think of any other way to paint this scenario in a nicer picture. So, please do yourself a favor and learn how to keep mice out of your camper.

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How Hot Is A Campfire? See The Burning Answer Right Now

The curious kid in me used to bug the adults with that question over and over whenever I see one. It simply fascinates me because the fire can do useful stuff like cook food and warm a chilly night. Hence, just how hot can it be?

Years have gone by since then, and I get now that the answer isn’t as easy as learning how to fold a tent. It depends on many aspects that make up the flames, so a single response can’t suffice. Stick around if you want to know more about it.

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Your Full Guide On How To Set Up A Pop Up Camper

Need a portable home that offers more stability than a tent?

True, staying warm in a canvas shelter can be a task too hard during the cold seasons, especially if you have little campers to look after. Your best choice to prevent having to go back in the middle of the night is to get a tent trailer.

You may rent or purchase this shelter, depending on how often you will take it to the wilderness. But what you can appreciate about the solid tent is that it can house a large group of people. Some even come with several bunks, so you won’t need to share a tiny bed. The fact that the flooring does not touch the ground as well speaks volumes.

Before you head out, find out how to set up a pop up camper first.

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4 Simple Techniques On How To Fix A Tent Zipper

Are the zippers on your shelter stuck? Sleeping in there with a broken fastener isn’t reassuring. Learn how to fix a tent zipper now.

It’s cool if you haven’t asked that yet as it most likely means your shelter fastener hasn’t caused any trouble for you. However, remember that even the best things in life come to an end eventually. Before you get into that situation, understand the different techniques to repair a tent zipper today.

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What Is A Tent Footprint? Why Should You Get One?

Can you think of camping without a tent? Of course, you can’t, because that gear is a staple for such a trip into the wilderness. You need to bring it every time to have a decent shelter away from the city.

But unlike a real house, its flooring, walls, and roof require extra care to last long. There are practical ways to weatherproof a tent; however, those techniques can only keep water from seeping through. They cannot, unfortunately, protect the shelter’s floor from the rocks or other sharp objects that may pierce the fabric.

For this reason, you have to know what is a tent footprint and the things it can do to help you maintain the big top’s great state.

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