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The Must-See Ideas On How To Sleep In A Hammock

To the novice campers who think setting up a camper is tough, you probably haven’t tried using a hammock.

Tying it to a tree already requires you to bring out the inner Boy’s or Girl’s Scout in you. Furthermore, you can’t just lay on the fabric in any manner you like, assuming it won’t affect your comfortability. It will, and you’re not going to appreciate the neck or back pain that comes after.

The best thing I can offer to you now is a guide on how to sleep in a hammock tent.

The same items apply for the two methods below, so I won’t repeat them to avoid redundancy. Pay attention to all the steps, nonetheless, to have the most amazing camping experience possible. Thus, if you’re ready, let’s start here:

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Why Are Yeti Coolers So Expensive? Check Out The Truth Right Here!

Ice chests are mere camping accessories, but they easily become a necessity in summer.

One can keep your food supply from perishing before you can stake a tent. Two of them may actually let your group last in the wilderness for almost an entire week. What you simply need to do is to find a chiller of top quality.

When I compared the two icebox giants, Pelican and Yeti, it was obvious they have more pros than cons. Thus, you’ll get your money’s worth when you choose either. But one thing my readers often ask is, “Why are Yeti coolers so expensive?”

A little disclaimer here, I have no affiliation with this brand. Still, I will try lay to out the possible reasons why the Yeti products don’t come cheap.

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How To Get Up To Speed On Bivy Sack Vs. Tent Immediately

Hiking and camping are activities wherein picking the place is essential but neither the time nor the number of participants. No guidelines for campers say that you can’t go during a certain season even if that appeals to you. At times, when you look for quietude, it may even be gainful to travel solo.

The only constant item you shouldn’t forget is a canopy, although there are various options for that too. Nevertheless, a recent question that got my attention compares bivy sack vs. tent.

Which shelter proves to be more portable and versatile than the other? Find out as you take in the nuggets of information I’ll serve below.

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The Best Pelican Vs. Yeti Advice You Should Take

When you see people camping on TV, one can assume that you only need a canopy and a bonfire outdoors. There is a basis to that, of course, because they are quite the necessities in the wild. Yet, if you’re not Bear Grylls and you welcome a little luxury during your trip, why don’t you bring more?

The essentials in every adventure I join in are the items that either keep me warm or prolong foods’ lifespan. I have discussed the former in another post, so feel free to check that out. But what I will finally be able to talk about now is the latter, a.k.a. the coolers.

Various brands have come out in the past years, claiming to have the best ice box for camping. They are, however, no match for the two I’ve been using for quite some time. Thus, through this blog, my goal is to help you decide which is better: Pelican vs. Yeti?

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What Is The Best Coleman Fuel Substitute?

There’s one thing I observed from all the destinations I’ve been to – a source of fire is always a necessity. Many camping folks, regardless of the age, already complain about the cold tent flooring during summer.

Though papers can help you start a fire even with wet wood, they won’t burn faster than Coleman’s liquefied gas. Lots of campers, however, often use this product so the stock in the local store may run out quickly. Should you need it badly soon, understand that a Coleman fuel substitute – or four – is often easier to obtain.

But first…

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How To Start A Fire With Wet Wood Easily

With a 3-season or 4-season tent at my disposal, one may think that my camping experiences are always fanciful. Personally, however, it becomes fulfilling not when I stake my shelter near a landscape but when there’s a campfire outside.

Many old-timers may second that thought since the collected flames have various purposes for a person. You can cook with it, chat with family around it, or battle the cold weather thanks to it. The only incident that can dampen anyone’s mood is when you can’t find a dry log after raining.

What will save you now is learning how to start a fire with wet wood. I have two non-tricky methods for you in this blog, so make sure you’ll linger until the last part.

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Unsure Of How To Tie A Hammock To A Tree?

Hammock camping should be on the bucket list of every devoted camper. This activity outdoes the conventional way of using a tent, since it lets you rest in mid-air. Even during a summery weather, you’ll stay cool throughout the expedition in a hanging shelter.

You don’t need to be an expert in this type of camping off the bat. What you need to practice prior to the trip, though, is how to tie a hammock to a tree. After all, it is not like a pop-up canopy that requires slight assistance from the owner to get arranged.

Find out how your swinging bed will stay afloat with different hanging procedures.

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What You Need To Know About Dry Camping

Whether as a single family or as a larger team, most people enjoy going on camping trips. Camping on areas outside of a camp going is known as dry camping. Also known as boondocking or wild camping, dry camping can be so fun and exciting way to use your recreational vehicle ( RV). Dry camping is a way of using an RV without hooking up to utilities. Although it is to some extent less comfortable, it s expenditure is less because, given the right conditions, it means people can travel and stay in their units for a very modest amount of money.

A lot of people assume that those who take a trip in RVs do so for the nice comforts they provide, but there are many owners who have a preference to go “hard core” when they use their coaches by using this type of travel.

This type of camping, however, has its challenges and isn’t as simple as it sounds in theory. However, we will discuss a couple tips that are necessary for you to know before you face the wild.

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3 Tricks On How To Get Campfire Smell Out Of Clothes

Many begin to camp outdoors due to the opportunity to have a bonfire party. You can’t easily create one in the city because it will only increase the smog covering the area. Besides, the open flames won’t look natural in such a modern setting.

But what no one can prepare for is the stench that sticks to fabrics. The smoke will reach you, especially if you’re cooking s’mores and hotdogs near the canopy tent.

The good thing, though, is that there are three tricks on how to get campfire smell out of clothes. Know each of these tips by heart before going in the wilderness.

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Why You Need to Know How Much Do Pop Up Campers Weigh

A tent trailer is well-received by holidaymakers with children or those who prefer not to sleep close to the ground. There are specific sites dedicated to these canopy on wheels these days. And although it is the epitome of luxury in the wild, you can just rent one whenever you want.

I’ve explained in a separate blog how to set up a pop up trailer, so there won’t be problems there. Another subject that you should think about now is, “How much do pop up campers weigh?”

Various questions succeed it, of course, but you’re in for a treat as the answers are available right here. So, keep on reading, won’t you?

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