9 Foolproof Budget-Saving Travel Tips You Should Know

Wouldn’t it be a grand experience to witness the romantic twilight sunsets of the Eiffel Tower, or go snorkeling in the clear waters of Hawaii’s Sunset Beach or even lodge at one of many of Indonesia’s fine luxurious hotels and resorts? Of course it would, but consecutively in a span of a few days? Unless your family operates a lucrative white-collar, that’s a pipedream that is beyond your grasp.

But that’s the thing about travelling – it’s expensive. Sure you can save up on your monthly earnings from your 9-5 job, tuition teacher or freelance business, and/or you can do the next best thing which is utilize the given travel hacks that we have prepared for you below. These will not only get you to visit your favorite spots around the world but you can also keep your wallet from burning up.

Do yourself a favor by asking your airlines about the cheapest dates for book a flight ticket. You should also plan out your itinerary because that’s when flight tickets take a heavy toll on your budget.

If you can’t find a way to adjust the dates, then you have to be as frugal or flexible with your travel journey as you must. You can use booking engines like Skyscanner, Kayak and Vayama for assistance.

According to SkyChat, the cheapest day to travel is usually Tuesday followed by a Tuesday/Wednesday return date. With this travel plan, you can save up to £60/€80.

2.Visit Your Airline Website

If you’re not satisfied with some of the flight search websites, then you can inspect the website of your preferred airlines as a last resort. There are many airlines that offer lower fares for website visitors or promotions to newsletter subscribers.

3.Look For Cashback Sites

For those who wish they could get even a percentage of the money that they spent on their vacation back, they should become best friends with Ebates. This website allows travelers to get cash back on hotel and trip booking as well as travel gear. Some of Ebates’ affiliates include Hotels.com, Expedia, Hotwire and Booking.com.

4.Choose Cheaper Destinations

There is great money to be saved on tropical destinations such as the Caribbean or Asia and they have good weather most of the year. Other exquisite budget travel locations include Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

5.Book In Advance

Travel expenses climb excessively during peak seasons, but if you book in advance not just for your flight, but also for city pass, accommodation, bus or train tickets, it will be even cheaper than when you book on the go. You get to travel with fewer crowds and enjoy a more comfortable flight journey as well. There are also last-minute deals where tour operators try to fill in remaining seats.

Book in Advance

6.Opt For Couchsurfing

You’ve heard of carpooling right? Well here’s Couchsurfing, a website that can help you pay nothing for accommodation and settle in nicely with the locals. To put it simply, you get to connect with your host and stay at their house for free.

7.Be Smart With Your Credit Card

You have to be real cautious about using your credit card if you want to make this tip work. Because if done right, you could be liable to perks such as travel insurance and travel miles. There are some cards that don’t include foreign transaction fees when you’re abroad and there are some that add points on food or other daily expenses when you’re on vacation. To find the right credit card for the job, go to https://www.comparehero.my/.

8.Pick The Most Affordable Travel Season

Apart from travelling to countries that cost less, there are seasons that are more forgiving to your budget than the other three. For Croatia as an example, you’ll be paying the highest price during peak seasons where most tourists will come rushing in. But October on the other hand, will offer cheaper fares as there is less of a rush and some nice weather as well.

9.Keep Track Of All Your Expenses

If your income funnel isn’t so big, then you must refrain from being extravagant while travelling and keep track of all your expenses. Yes, we said everything, which includes accommodation, transportation, food, tours, entrance fees and souvenirs among others.

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