5 Best Sleeping Bags Under 100 In 2021

After a full day spent in nature, you deserve to end it with a peaceful sleep during the night. That will just stay as a dream, however, if you don’t work on buying an affordable yet high-quality bedroll.

I looked for one for myself recently and found the best sleeping bags under 100. Now, just who doesn’t love a good steal, right? But before heading to the review section, the first goal is to:

Understand the Options You’ll Have

Choosing a bedroll should not just rely on the colors available. Here are more ideas to think about:

1. Type

There are four types of sleep sacks: alpine, bushwalking, travel, and general use. Based on these terms alone, it’s obvious that the first-mentioned is satisfactory for a chilling weather. The last three are lightweight and can all be useful for indoor or outdoor camping activities.

2. Shape

The shape of the sleeping bag is important to take in consideration as well.

A rectangular bedroll is most suitable for summer camping, for the reason that it doesn’t have thick insulators. A mummy sleep sack, on the other hand, has its shape tapering down towards the feet.

The widely popular one looks like an envelope and has a zipper on either side. It is a recommendable sack for families with young children who want to sleep in one space.

3. Insulation

The filling materials accessible can either be synthetic fibers or feathers from geese or ducks.

By all means, opt for the former if you’re cool with an economical sleeping bag. Its bulkiness does not guarantee that it can insulate well, though.

The heating capabilities of the latter, on the contrary, are more flexible. It is neither heavy nor bulky too, so storing it won’t be difficult.

4. Season Rating

Prior to putting a product on sale, the manufacturers have them rated first to ensure the seasons they suit. A 1-, 2-, and 3-season sleeping bag, for instance, is only for the summer, spring, and fall, respectively. Nevertheless, you can have a hybrid sack that works for two or more times of a year.

Know the Important Features of a Sleep Sack

The best sleeping bags under 100 have the following features:

1. Zippers

A sleep sack that has zippers on both sides denotes comfortability. Because of these add-ons, you can enter the bag through the left or right side. If a double-zippered unit is not available, though, select one that’s the opposite of your favored hand.

Say, you are left-handed. The right bedroll for you has a zipper on the right. For a right-handed person, your bag’s zipper should be on the left.

2. Hood

The hood affixed to the top portion is also a significant facet of the sleeping bag. It’s slightly curved and usually comes with a drawstring that you can secure under the chin to frame your face. While the latter lets you move around without the hood falling off, the former allows the heat to stay inside.

3. External Fabric

When the shell of the sleep sack was made with cheap materials, water can seep through and trouble your relaxation. Hence, it will be awesome to seek a bedroll that has a water-resistant coating applied on its outer layer. A good alternative to that is a ripstop nylon, which offers a similar effect.

4. Internal Liner

There are diverse types of fabric used to make an inner lining; however, consider the season it’s appropriate for. Cotton, fleece, and flannel, for instance, are suitable for summer or spring since they can keep you cool at night. In case you will camp outdoors when it’s snowing, then wool and nylon are adequate choices.

5. Zipper Cover

Inspect any product that has a zipper more closely, and you’ll see that there are gaps in between the teeth. As tiny as they may be, the heat can still go past them and leave you shivering in your sleep sack. Having a zipper cover to block it, therefore, is necessary.

6. Baffles

These refer to the sections sealing the stuffing together for an even distribution of warmth throughout the bedroll. Without them, the filling may be pushed on one side and make the other parts without it cold and bare. The baffles may also appear near the zippers heat can easily outflow once you go in the bag.

7. Secret Pockets

How lovely will it be to have your personal effects (e.g. cellphone, wallet, and keys) tucked in your sack, right? You can place them beside you before going to bed, yet it’ll be uncomfortable if you accidentally lay on them. This misfortune won’t happen, however, if there are pockets stitched inside the bedroll.

 Now, On to the Best Sleeping Bags Under 100

Below are some of the best sleeping bags under 100 in the market. Not only are they economical but they all meet the criteria you’ve just read about.

1. Coleman Big Basin Extreme Weather 15 Degree Fahrenheit Sleeping Bag

Bringing a bedroll from a household brand in an unfamiliar ground feels necessary for a lot of camping enthusiasts. In case you can connect to them, you may love this Big Basin Sleeping Bag from Coleman.

It is an oversized product that works nicely at temperatures between 0 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The body and the inner lining are both polyester; that’s why they are very durable. The quilting pattern on the canvas also prevents uneven heat distribution throughout the sack.

There are heavy-duty zippers at the top and bottom parts of this sleeping bag. Aside from the slightly curved hood that can be drawn tight around your face, a Thermolock tube is in place. This way, the coldness won’t spread fast inside when you unzip it.


  • The wide bottom is a cool touch since it lets sleepers to toss and turn without worry.
  • The tall folks have a large room to extend those tired legs.
  • It comes with its own stuff sack, so you don’t need to get one separately.
  • The thickness of the materials makes it an amazing addition for your 4-season tent in the winter.


  • This sleep sack is too big for a backpacking trip.
  • Due to the bulky fabric, it may be difficult to load it back in the carry bag.

 2. Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag For Backpacking, Camping, Or Hiking

If you’re not camping alone, among the best sleeping bags under 100 to check out is Sleepingo’s Double Sleeping Bag.

As you can most likely tell from the name, it is a type of bedroll that fits two adults. The item is originally manufactured as a queen-sized one, but you’ll be able to split it into two singles anytime.

Both the internal and external layers of the sleep sack have incredible characteristics. The former uses a mix of cotton and Tetron; thus, the result is a silky and cozy liner. The latter, on the other hand, has a waterproof coating to keep you from being soaked with groundwater or rain.

You know that this sleeping bag is created to last for years too because of the polyester material. Not to mention, there are 210 threads sewn together at every square inch so that it won’t fall apart easily.


  • Sleepingo is generous enough to provide a couple of travel-sized pillows that match the merchandise.
  • A family with children can squeeze in it and not feel like sardines in a tin can.
  • You may take it when hiking, backpacking, or camping anywhere.


  • The fabric is so smooth that stuffing the sack in its bag may become an issue.
  • The heat may escape if only two people sleep in the bedroll.

 3. Lightweight Sleeping Bag by RevalCamp

In case you need a sleep sack that’s cheaper than anything here, pay attention to the sleeping bag of RevalCamp.

The weight of this product is almost negligible, to be honest, because it only measures 2 lbs. A backpacker who has a ton of other equipment to carry can, therefore, find it convenient to bring.

The brand used the 190T polyester well in this bedroll since it serves as the casing and the lining. What’s fantastic about this fact is that you’re sure that it can hold up against the forces of nature. RevalCamp even made the canvas invincible by ultraviolet radiation too; that’s why you may sleep soundly through the day.


  • As it’s super light, the unit is perfect for camping activities during autumn, spring, or summer.
  • You can close the flap from the inside, thanks to the double-sided zippers on the side.
  • Loops can be seen around the edges; they’ll let you attach the sleep sack on your backpack without a hitch.
  • The compression sack makes this lightweight sleeping bag extra small, so your little kid can carry it on their arms.


  • You’ll freeze if you take it for winter camping as the lowest temperature it can operate on is 40oF.
  • Try not to exert too much force on the buckles when condensing the item because they may break.

 4. Tough Outdoors All Season XL Hooded Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack

Nevertheless, should you want a new bedroll for all seasons, Tough Outdoor’s sleeping bag may be up your alley. It is what I call a versatile sack for various reasons.

First, its insulation feature is top-notch. With a water-resistant shell and a woven liner, you will definitely feel warmth despite the chilly weather.

Second, the ‘XL’ in the name isn’t a false claim of the company. This sleep sack has the dimensions of 88 x 34 inches. Hence, it can effortlessly accommodate a person who likes to toss and turn or is as tall as 6’6”.

The zipper does not stop at a single length as well. You may fully open this sleeping bag until you already have a comforter for a queen-sized bed. It will be useful then even when you are at home.


  • The consumers with sensitive skin won’t be irritated by the inner lining.
  • The additional hood can protect your head from the cold too.
  • Your wallet and smartphone can be tucked safely inside the pockets stitched to the internal layer.
  • Although it is extra large, the bag it goes with can compress it to 15 x 8 x 8 inches.
  • You are free to wash it with a machine.


  • The compression bag may be poorly crafted.
  • It may become cold when the temperature reaches 25oF (the base limit).

 5. OutdoorsmanLab Ultralight Sleeping Pad

The best sleeping bags under 100 deserve to be paired with the finest sleeping pad from OutdoorsmanLab. After all, it is awaiting patent at the time of writing this blog for its unique design.

This product may be thin (2-inch high), yet it can be super efficient. The air stored in the cell-like pockets can adjust to your weight. Hence, it can keep any part of your body from lying on the ground.

Carrying an air pump won’t ever be necessary either. This pad will inflate after 10 to 15 breaths, depending on how much air you’ll blow in it.

Another nice factor is that instead of an absorbent fabric, it makes use of a 20D nylon. It won’t rip fast and is waterproof, so you can take it anywhere.


  •       The pad is flexible; that’s why it’ll be able to give you warmth even when you’re in a hammock.
  •       It weighs (only approximately 14.5 ounces) 40% lighter compared to its rivals.
  •       When folded neatly, this sleeping pad is just as small as a water bottle.


  •       While the air moves around the unit to accommodate your weight, you may feel the earth a bit.
  •       The nylon may be too slippery for you.
  •       It won’t suffice for the winter.

To Wrap It Up

From the 5 best sleeping bags under 100, Coleman’s Big Basin sleeping got my vote of confidence. The polyester-on-polyester lining inside and out will protect you being drenched with while sleeping. It has a hood and baffles as well to make sure you won’t feel freezing when camping.

Mind sharing what you think about the best sleeping bags under 100?

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