10 Best Ways To Improve Your Next Outdoor Camping Trip!

10 Best Ways To Improve Your Next Outdoor Camping Trip!

If you want to enjoy your vacations to the fullest, camping is the best option for you. If you love doing adventurous things, camping is the best option for you. It is just the perfect activity to spend a quality amount of time with your family and friends. Camping comes out to be a summertime activity. The only thing that you should keep in mind is planning.

You need to do a lot of planning and be full of energy to go out camping. Camping is the best thing to do to be close to nature, your family and your friends. Perfection comes with experience!

Top 10 Camping Tips to Improve Your Next Camping Trip!

Many of you must have gone camping. Camping is undoubtedly very stressful. But you can make it easier and more fun by opting for the following ways mentioned below. There are many ways to improve your camping trip. It is not possible to take all the things with you while going camping.

We are here to discuss below the ten most important things you should be there to make your camping trip awesome. Let’s have a look:

1. Make Out Stove with the Help of Beer

One of the easiest ways to improve your camping trip is to make the stove with the help of beer. It sounds funny, but it works. With the help of alcohol and knife, you can boil your water very early. For doing this process, you have first to cut the can into half and remove the inner portion.

Squish indentations into the lower edge and slide the bottom. Now the time has come to light the fumes and enjoy the fire.

2. Sandpaper is a Must

One of the most important things about camping is Matchbox. During our camping activity, we must have seen that matchstick gets wet or soggy. This will restrict you from the burning the fire or prepare food. To avoid this situation, you can attach the sandpaper to the lid that is waterproof and can hold matchsticks.

It will be of great help as it will provide bigger as well as a coarse surface for striking. As the container is waterproof, there will be no issues of getting it wet. Now your pad will not be wet anymore, and you can easily make use of it every time.

3. Silica-gel Packets

This is one of the simplest ways to improve your camping trip. You must have seen silica gel packets in every product as they keep the moisture away. This is of great help to the products that get stinks with the presence of moisture. Additionally, in various cookware products, spots of rust can be seen due to moisture. This gel will keep away all the bad odour and moisture away.

4. Gallon Jug can be a Good Option

storing food for a longer time

Via : https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/food-handling-storage.html

Camping means storing food for a longer time. If you freeze water by using gallon jugs, they remain cool for a longer period. This will help you to keep your stuff of cooler icy for a longer period. This will restrict your contents to getting rotten and will remain fresh for long. You can enjoy your food longer as compared to food kept in ice cubes.

5. Don’t Feel Lazy for Waterproofing

Precaution is always better than cure. It is not likeable to get up in the morning in the wetland. Waterproofing is a bit time-consuming task, but it’ll help you to protect from sudden rain. You should always spray the whole tent before sleeping. Make sure after spraying, it gets dry in the sun to avoid destroying in the sun.

6. Store Eggs in an Easy Way

Eggs come out to be a great breakfast. Carrying eggs is not possible as they will break easily with a little jerk. The simple way to store eggs is to break them into the jar and carry them. Make sure you store them in a cooler place until you use them. Eggs are very hygienic, and we all like them a lot. They will fill up your stomach and are very easy to prepare at any point of time.

7. Emergency Kit

Emergencies can happen to anyone and at any time. You should always carry an emergency kit that should contain all the basic medicines like a headache, fever vomiting, and stomachaches. Along with this antiseptic lotion and bandages is a must.

You should always inform someone about your current location so that they can locate you easily in case you need them. The emergency kit will always help you to recover from small injuries and will keep you fit and fine to enjoy to the fullest.

8. Remember to Dry Up your Shoes

Many of us forget to dry up our shoes when the day ends. Wet shoes are extremely uncomfortable and unhygienic for camping. Make sure whenever you take out shoes, you should remove its insole and stuff with some dry cloth. A dry cloth will take out all the moisture and will keep you refresh even if you haven’t taken a bath.

9. Vegetable Peeler for Soap

This may sound wired, but it is the most useful advice that should be followed. To stop wastage of soap, you can use a vegetable peeler to take out soap to use it. This will restrict wastage, and you don’t have to keep your used soap in a poly bag with a lot of bubbles.

10. Plan-out Some Interesting Activities

Planning every moment is impossible. You should plan out some activities that can add up to your fun. These activities can be swimming, cooking, dancing etc. Adults may sit down at a place if they prefer but if you’re an active person, you should take part in activities. This will entertain you in every way and also will keep you busy. This comes out to be the best way to improve your camping trip.

Camping proves to be a battery charger where you spend time with your family and friends after a long time. You should plan a trip for camping at-least once a year. Altoid tin is a great option to use for storage. The reason behind it is that they can hold a sufficient amount of stuff and are of great size.

There are a lot more ways with the help of which you can make your trip memorable and fun. You have to be your problem solver during camping. Be very cautious about your health and try to take a sufficient amount of food with you. Take the food that is easy to prepare then and remain nutritious.

Hope your camping journey becomes a memorable one. Try to follow the above tips and let me know if I can help you in any way. Also, share these tips with your family and friends if you find it worth. Please feel free to share your views on the ways to improve your camping trip and whether these suggestions have helped you. Happy camping! Cold Air, Dark Night, Warm fire, Bright stars – Camping is a must activity!

10 Best Ways To Improve Your Next Outdoor Camping Trip!
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