Top 10 Camping Storage Ideas That You Must Know!

Top 10 Camping Storage Ideas That You Must Know!

Do you remember your first camping, outdoor? Now, the winter is coming to an end, and kids may be excited to go camping. Before that, pull out your camping gear and check it, whether everything is there or not. Has any mould grown on your air mattress?

You should always store your camping gear indoor but never throw them into any willy-nilly closet. Make sure you have kept everything ready for the next adventure trip by storing your camping gear properly. We here bring some of the best camping storage ideas for you.

Poorly stored camping gears may smell funky, quickly deteriorate and become unusable virtually faster than those adequately stored in the equipment. An unorganized campsite is messy, which creates much work unnecessarily.

Top 10 Camping Storage Ideas!

These ideas on how to store your camping gear will help you to keep everything ready for your next camping.

Categorize the gear by use

Camping requires a wide range of things that come in various size, shape, and level of flammability. An easy way of organizing all the camping gear is by breaking things as per their functions.

Group your items: sleeping bag with the tent, stove with the utensils. Name your groups: sleeping group, cooking group, and miscellaneous items group.

Try to use only clear storage bins

Try to use only clear storage bins


When you pack for camping, you like throwing things into a duffle bag. If there is space, try to pack them in clear stackable bins that comfortably fit in the car. Do you know that these plastic bins are durable, weather resistant and even help to keep everything well-organized?

It does not mean you have to throw your duffle bag. You can use it for clothing and other personal items. Let your children have their colourful duffle bag to fill their choice of items.

Keep Bad Smell items at Bay

Not much can be worse when you pull out your camping gear for your next trip and discover them they are not ready to use it. Dirt, moulds, pests, mildew and bad odour can ruin the camping gear. A deep cleaning might be required before you use them again.

You can prevent such a disaster if you make sure to clean and dry them before you store them in the bin, especially the bedding and tent need to be stored carefully. You can pack them in a dry sheet along with the other stuff to mask up the odour that you could not remove.

Dry out every item before and after storing them

Dry out every item before and after storing them


One of the main concerns with storage is mildew. So if you want to store the tent which is not dry, they get nasty. So if the weather permits, you can put your tent outside to dry out. Brush off the sand or dirt from the stakes, fabric and poles. Now it is completely ready for mould-free storage.

Even if the sleeping bag may look clean relatively, there will be little sweat and stenches remaining after your last trip. Simply clean it by putting them in your washing machine. Do not forget to once dry them outside in the sun.

You might have cleaned your plates, pots, spoon and forks once. But before storing them back at home, you can clean them again in the dishwasher or with hands. Sloppily cleaned cutlery can easily get bacteria, and you do not want to get indigestion in your next camping trip.

Roll the tent up and hang sleeping bags

Repeatedly folding your tent can tear its fabric and bring damage to the waterproof coating. So rather than folding, roll your clean collapsed tent and store it somewhere the sunlight won’t hit them.

Rolling up your sleeping can be simple for you to store it. But stuffing the bad into a sack for long-term can get messed with its insulation. If you have any spare hanger, hand them up in your closet.

Smaller items group together

Smaller items group together


Instead of throwing things in one big container bin, take time to make compartments for smaller items. Buy small container bins or use tackle box, it is handy for smallest items like condiment packets and matches. You can keep the cooking utensils and gadgets in the toolbox.

Small in large containers

When it is about small equipment, there are many options available: plastic zipper bags, a small one to large that makes it easy. You can keep zipped items in a big bag that can accommodate smaller bags. For instance, you can keep a bag of playing cards inside a big bag with your other games.

Take candles, mosquito repellent and anti-itching cream together in one bag. Keep them in a large container or bag of first aid items. Now, what all you need from one place will be in one bag.

Label each bag and container

Once everything is sorted out, make sure to label each small and big item bag. When you use clear containers, you get the advantage of seeing what is inside. Still, it can be much easier if you label them up also. For that, you can write on the box directly using a marker or apply self-stick labels. Sticking labels will look attractive when you find trouble in reading handwriting or if you want to make any changes later.

If you choose a canvas tool bag or fabric container, the option to the label may change. You can buy luggage tags for labelling and attach them to the handles. Otherwise, make your own with duct tapes or some other materials.

Keep them in shelves

If you do not want to drip camping gear bags and contains, you can line those grouped items in a rack or additional shelves inside your apartment. You can keep them depending on the place. How hot or humid is your basement, or any mice are hanging out there? You can keep them stuffed inside your home closet or any hidden storage area.

Find the secluded space

Find the secluded space


Unless you go camping every weekend, probably you want the camping gear to be secluded still accessible. It depends on the quantity of gear and space available. Your garage or good closets are some of the best options. If you are not able to find enough space for the things to keep together, you can find a self-storage unit.

Or you can slip your rolled sleeping bags under the bed, the best alternative for the people who have cramped closets.

Packing away the camping gear during offseason is always a mess. But you have to take care of them by storing it smartly. Take them for camping often so that your gear fulfils its whole purposes. Camping is about the fun time spending with your loved ones, to keep up traditions alive and lasting memories.

Badly stored gear can end up costing you more. You may constantly need repair and replaces. Try to invest in only good quality storage bins that can hold up your camping gear stored for a long time. Use a better method of storage and maintenance. Try to keep them simple but practical and with fun. And enjoy your next camping with full of fun.

Top 10 Camping Storage Ideas That You Must Know!
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