Survival Tips – An Exciting Experience When Cave Camping With Your Family!

cave camping trip does not have to be complicated. It is not rocket science and does not have to be that way. You are planning to try something new with your family, and you may feel overwhelmed about it.

You can find a ton of advice on the Internet about camping in a cave. However, it can be fun provided you equip yourself with the right kind of information and commodities to ensure that you have a safe and gala time with your family.

One of the major mistakes many campers tend to make is to fail to research on the location or cave they plan to go. With the Internet right at your disposal, you have no excuse. Having a small idea on the exact location, the weather, and so on, gives you the ability to come up with plan B, in case something goes wrong.

For example, if you are taking along a sick child or older adult, then you would benefit knowing if there is a health care centre nearby. Similarly, knowing the address of stores near the campsite is a beneficial thing.

Know how to use equipment

Know how to use equipment

Trying all your commodities and items at least one is important. Try putting up the tent, make sure that the lights work, and operate the stoves. The last thing, you want to happen is, reaching the campsite or cave, only to find that you have no idea on how to use these things.

It can be a family activity. The best way would be to handle the responsibility of each family member. You can take care of the tent; your partner can take care of the food and essentials; your eldest child can take care of the commodities and other miscellaneous things.

Buy quality products and items

It is always tempting to compromise on the quality of products as you stand to save some money. However, in most of the cases, this tends to backfire. For example, you will feel good about yourself when you have purchased a tent on sales.

However, when it breaks down (while setting it up in your campsite), you will not be laughing. Certain things should not be compromised on, like camp equipment.

Arrive late or in the dark at the cave or campsite

Arriving late to the cave or campsite and then having to cook food and feed everyone can be a very stressful experience for everybody. If the cave or campsite is too far from your town or city, then plan in such a way that you reach there by morning or afternoon.

That way, you are all prepared for the worst, and your kids will not add to the trouble. That is because; some caves or campsites can become full before evening or dark. You will find trouble finding a good spot to set up your tent and settle down.

It happened to us once. We turned up late due to some unavoidable circumstances, and the entire campsite was occupied. We did not want to annoy other campers with our vehicle and headlight as most of them had settled down with BBQs and campfires. Hence, we had to find an alternative arrangement with great difficulty.

Remember to have adequate lighting

Remember to have adequate lighting

It can get dark inside a cave or campsite, which is why you will want to equip yourself with just more than little torchlight. LED lamps and headlamps are vital for survival in the outdoors. Not to mention, you can injure yourself badly, if you trip on something.

Do not leave food and other eatables outside or accessible

You do realize you out in the wilderness, and not alone. Come nightfall; you can have some unexpected visitors sniffing around the food and other eatables, if not stored or discard properly.

In America, it is common to see bears and foxes hunting for food at night. It happened to us once, when we completely forgot to store the food and drinks in the cooler property and guess what, a bear came and emptied everything, much to our dismay.

Lesson learned. Do not leave food and other perishable items out in the open. Perhaps, you can leave it safely inside your RVor pick-up truck. Similarly, when you leave the campsite or cave, make sure to leave nothing behind.

All campsites are equipped with huge garbage bins at the entrance, or you can contact somebody from the campsite to guide you to do so.

Remember to have lots of fun, no matter what

The last point and the most one about camping in caves is, you must ensure that you have fun, no matter what. Of course, it is not like your home where you are comfortably relaxing on your couch or sofa, and watching your television set.

But, it is what it is. That is the main reason why you decided to go out camping in the wilderness in the first place. Your kids might love to get dirty, cooking might be very challenging, and sleeping closely with each other can be uncomfortable, to say the least. However, the good part is that you get to remain close to Mother Nature and all that she has to offer.

A few years down the line, your kids will love and adore you, as parents, for taking them out on a beautiful and memorable expedition like this, away from the chaos in your town or city you reside in.

cave camping trip does not always have to be perfect, no matter how hard you plan. Laugh at your mistakes and forgetfulness to ensure that you do not ruin the trip because you left your sleeping bags at home (yes, it happens to the best of us), forgot your lighter, your cooler, and so on. I hope you enjoyed and had fun reading the article. Please share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences on camping inside a cave in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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