Top 20 Clever Camping Hacks To Make Your Life Easier!

Camping! This is a wonderful experience and the best way to spend the summer. It is an opportunity to get away from hurly-burly of a busy life and appreciate your time together with family and friends, making beautiful memories to remember in delightful outdoor.

It is all about connecting with nature while spending quality time with your loved ones. The clever camping hacks of this guide will make your life easier while you are struggling with woods with your friends & family.

If you want to make your camping trip enjoyable check out these awesome camping hacks which will ensure that you will be one of the Cheerful campers this summer

Need light? You don’t need to bring a huge lantern. There is a simple trick for you. You only need a Gallon jug of water and headlamp. Just strap the headlamp to the jug, and you will be surprised how much light it adds to the tent. This is best for reading and exciting late night talks. They are cheap and are available at the store that keeps camping tools and equipment.

2. Cooking

The most tricky and difficult thing to do outdoors is cooking. There will be a situation when you cannot find utensil or certain seasoning because at campsite everything is in a mess. Here is the best solution. Use Over the door shoe caddies. Just roll one up and bring it at a campsite with you, attach it from a nearby tree or spike and keep anything you need to keep away from the ground and in an organized way. It’s like a portable kitchen.

3. Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs

One of the easiest breakfasts to prepare at the campsite is scrambled eggs. But bringing eggs with you on camping without breaking them is a troublesome task. Don’t worry, break eggs into a jar or a water bottle and store them in cooler. Now you don’t have to blame yourself about eggs breaking which is a big bonus.

4. Mosquito bites

Mosquito bites can ruin your camping adventure. Add some sage to your camping things in place of worrying about mosquito repellent sprays and ointment. Throw some sage into a campfire in small intervals to keep mosquitoes away. Sage performs as natural bugs repellent, and it also smells great.

5. Fire starter

You can build your fire starter, instead of buying expensive fire starter, which lights up quickly without any effort. You need charcoal and cardboard of egg. These can be used as fire starter without spending much amount. Just light up the cardboard and charcoal will catch fire. Keep in mind to buy eggs with cardboard.

6. Hand washing station

Everyone knows the importance of hygiene; hand washing station is important on a campsite. There are many DIY available on the internet for building hand washing stations, and some of them are very awesome. A simple hand washing station requires an empty detergent bottle. You can also add a paper towel holder.

7. Tic-tac boxes

You can bring along your favourite spices to the campsite without bringing those huge jars. Tic-tac boxes make it possible. They form the perfect boxes for transporting spices. You can also write the name or print name on them.

8. Duck tape

Duck tape

At least once, everyone finds themselves in a situation when they are in urgent need of duck tape during the camping trip. There is a great idea for you. I wrap some duck tape around a water bottle. This way you will always have duck tape within your reach.

9. Keeping matchsticks boxes

During camping, keeping matchsticks boxes dry and clean is important, or you will have to start a fire with flint. Keep those matchsticks boxes from getting damaged by using food containers. Those are best in storing matchsticks safely.

10. Pot and pan holder

Use an old belt and some hooks to create your pot and pan holder. It is perfect for keeping and frying pan and pot. You have to wrap a belt on a tree attach the hooks, and you have your kitchen area.

11. Get perfect sleep at night

When you don’t get perfect sleep at night your next day is terrible. Sleeping on the rough floor of campsite may end you up with little sleep and back pain. Instead of spending the night on rough floor, use foam pads to make your tent comfortable. They are inexpensive and add colours to your tent interior.

12. Create your shower

You can’t survive without having a shower while you are camping. What if your campsite is not near to that facility? You create your shower. It is very easy you only need a water jug and a few other items.

13. Popcorn satchels

Make your camp night extra exciting with popcorn satchels. All you need to do is fill the aluminium foil with popcorn and oil and seal the edges; it will look like a pouch. Add a string that will help you in shaking until they pop.

14. Pancakes

What could be better than pancakes by the campfire and which are cooked on a campfire? Here is a really simple trick for transporting your pancakes mixture. Fill your sandwich bags with previously made pancakes mixture and store them safely in cooler.

15. Calamine lotion

While camping you may end up with poison oak or ivy, or find yourself eaten by bugs. So Calamine lotion is must when you go camping.

16. Muffin tin

A muffin tin makes a perfect depot for serving various condiments. Use individual section to hold the different thing. You can also cover it up and use it again.

17. Soap pouch

Soap pouch makes showering easier while camping. Various DIYs are present on the internet for making soap pouch. It turns out like a bathing sponge and also reduces the chances of soap getting lost.

18. Toilet paper

You certainly want your toilet paper to remain dry and clean. An empty coffee container can become a perfect toilet paper holder and distributor. Just cut a slit on one side of the container and fit the toilet paper through it.

19. Create coffee bags

coffee bags

Create coffee bags instead of bringing along coffee pot and waiting for your coffee to brew. These coffee bags are like tea bags. Use them like you use tea bags. Just boil the water and dip the coffee bag in it. This way, everyone will get coffee and the way they like it.

20. Hike while camping

When you plan on a hike while camping, you are required to be prepared for everything. Bring along pocket-sized oil lamps. They are useful when you need light in an emergency and also prepare a small first aid kit which is perfect for camping and hiking.

These are some amazing hacks that can be applied to camping simpler. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding clever camping hacks.

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