Top 19 Essential Items To Consider For Cold Camping Hacks!

The warm days are gone behind and now days get shorter. But it does not mean you still cannot enjoy camping. Your favourite places are no longer filled with other campers. So get out and enjoy those peaceful and solitude nature in a crisp air of falls. But without the right preparation, your camping can go wrong.

Camping during the winter is either fun or a complete disaster. In the cold or wet weather, heavy gear can go wrong. But if you know how to handle it, winter also can be the best time for camping. Here are the top 19 essential items for cold camping hacks you should not miss out:

Unless shelter is your vehicle, you have to check thrice that you packed a tent or not. If you do not have a tent, there are many choices available to buy one. Like you can go with any survival tent to a cold weather tent, or canvas tent is also a nice choice.

2. Foam Pad

To sleep, you will need two foam pads; the extra foam can be kept between the standard inflatable pad and put it on the ground. It not only protects your inflatable pad but also you boost the amount of insulation needed to keep you warm underneath. If you do not have foam pads, then yoga mat can also work.

3. Water

water containers

Have you thought of water for camping? Will your campsite have any water pump? Whether it is any remote area like lake or creek? If your campsite does not have drinking facility nearby, then what does it mean? You have to carry large water containers with you and keep it at your site for using daily.

4. Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are just versatile. You can use them as per your requirement using your hand. You can even put it on your boots and sleep bag too. It helps to dry damp shoes and even bring some relief to the sore muscles. You can also put them on your drinking bottle to keep it liquid and warm as the batteries can get fussy in cold temperature. This can help them too.

5. Survival Knife of High Quality

While doing camping, everyone knows that you need a knife to cut a rope or cook a fish or to whittle a stick for walking. High quality is ideal for performing any task. Therefore try to invest in best survival knife that can slice, pierce and at the same time to do the chopping. It also helps in the wilderness. You can buy a neck knife because it will be compact and lightweight.

6. Medical Supplies

first aid kit.

You may do camping for getting away from all. But to get away does not mean in emergency items such as bandage, gauze, and painkillers are not there near to you. So for any emergency, you need medical supplies. You can buy or make your first aid kit.

7. Fire Striker

Especially in the snow, you should know to light up the fire. First of all, find a spot that is away or protected from wind blowing. If you matchbox or lighter get damp, then you should carry a flint striker also. They come at minimal prices and can be carried easily.

8. Fatty Foods

Your body needs enough food to produce heat and metabolism do processes of fat slowly than carbs. If the weather forecast is showing frigid, then pack a lot of fatty foods.

9. Wooden utensils

Wooden utensils are the best option than metal. To keep your coffee or chocolate warm bring thermos also.

10. Foil

Take some foil, cotton ball and apply some Vaseline on it. Make some square pieces of Vaseline coated cotton balls. Make an X sign on the packet and twist out some cotton into the wick and Sark it up.

11. Synthetic clothes

Synthetic clothes

Synthetic clothes are even a cheaper alternative against woollen and do the best job of wicking out sweat and moisture. Whatever it is, do not think of wearing jeans, they won’t dry.

12. Sun Glasses

Snow blindness is a kind of eye damage temporarily caused due to snow reflected UV lights. Snow is reflective and looking out directly into white snow expanses causes sunburn in the eyes. Please carry sunglasses, even if not sunny also.

13. Waterproof Socks

When you are going to a wet place, woollen socks are not needed. The U.S military force uses waterproof socks to keep extremities dry and keep warm feeling.

14. Candle Lantern

A candle lantern helps you to light up the spot and keep your tent warm. A cosy glow from candle lanterns is perfect for playing cards with your friends or family. Light up a lantern in the tent before you go to sleep.

15. Toque

Head is the most exposed part of one’s body when you are in the sleeping bag. So a torque helps you to keep warm and give a nice sleep in the cold night. If the temperature drops, then you should wear gloves as well.

16. Book


Winter is short days so when the sunsets, it is tempting to get sleep faster. But you can’t sleep that easily also. So keep yourself occupied with the nice book when snuggled inside a sleeping back and flick off the headlamp.

17. Electronics

Cold temperature drains the batteries faster, so try to keep them warm. You can keep them inside the sleeping bag when you sleep near your leg.

18. Stove

You can try canister stoves which is much lighter than a liquid fuel stove. But in a winter climate, liquid fuel stove works well.

19. Fuel

For overnighters, fuel is more needed during winter than summer ones. According to an estimate, 6.5 to 8.5 ounces is needed per person.

Use tent brush for sweeping away ice crystal from tent every morning. Do not wait to dry up the tent because it will be difficult to remove ice. If you are going to camp for long days, then you can also carry some ready-made meals. You need to make them warm up before eating. Online there are great recipes for winter camping. These all are top 19 camping gears you must carry for camping during winter. Make sure you won’t miss out any item from the above said.

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