Cool Camping Gear: Must-Haves for the Outdoor Enthusiasts

A lot of people hate camping because it can be uncomfortable. Without a fully-equipped bedroom and bathroom, it is challenging to spend even just a night when you are outdoors.

These days, however, camping does not need to be a nightmare. All that you have to do is to be equipped with cool camping gear, including those that will be mentioned in the rest of this post. They are sure to give you an epic time when you are outdoors.

Without a doubt, a tent is one of the most basic gears that you should have when you are camping. However, not all tents are the same. If you want one that is innovative, the Kelty Circuit Tent is one of the best choices. This is sure to make your outdoor adventures hassle-free and more comfortable.

One of the best things about the tent is the effortless assembly. There are only two lightweight poles that are made of aluminum. It also comes with the stakes. Once it is assembled, you can sleep in peace!

The tent is also excellent in terms of its construction and design. You will love the huge mesh portion, which will not only be great for stargazing but will also allow more ventilation inside the tent. More so, even when it is windy, you can expect that the tent will be stable and quiet.

During inclement weather, there is no need to worry. It comes with a convenient cover and rainfly, making sure that you will stay dry. There are hooks and loops that are pre-installed, which will make it effortless to install the fly.

Mulibex MUHL Chair

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a comfortable chair where you can sit when you are outdoors? The problem, however, is that chairs can be heavy. With the Mulibex Chair, on the other hand, your problem is solved! This is a backpacking and camping essential. It is lightweight, which means that it won’t be a significant burden to carry it around. The stated weight is only 1.2 pounds!

The idea behind the product is to create a multi-use camping gear that is also lightweight. The lightweight frame of the chair is assembled using a pair of trekking poles and there is a fabric that will transform it into a comfortable seat.

It uses aerospace-grade materials, which is exactly the reason why you can expect that the durability will be hard to rival. The injection-molded composites are also great, which helps the chair to remain stable when used.

With this lightweight and comfortable product, you won’t think twice about bringing a chair the next time you hit the outdoors!

Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent

Zika, West Nile, and dengue – these are just some of the most serious health problems that you can get from being bitten by mosquitoes. While mosquito repellents can help, they are not always effective. Many of them can also be sticky and can have a foul smell. With this, the Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent offers a more innovative alternative.

This device is powered by a lithium-ion battery. It provides the power to the internal heating element, which will activate the repellent. Once it has turned on, it creates an invisible blanket of protection to keep the mosquitoes out.

Among others, the effectiveness of this product can be attributed to the formulation of the repellent that is used. It is derived from natural compounds that are found in chrysanthemum. The latter has been used since the ancient times for repelling mosquitoes.

The simplicity of this device is also one of its best assets. Once the cartridge is already in the device, all that you have to do is to push a single button and it will already activate.

Bumper Hammock

This is the perfect product for those who own an RV and are interested in looking for the perfect place to relax when outdoors. While you can sleep inside the RV, nothing compares to the joy of being outdoors with fresh air. This hammock is perfect for you!

As the name implies, this is a hammock that is installed in the bumper of your RV. No more need to use conventional hammock stands, which are often frustrating! The Bumper Hammock takes less than a minute to assemble. All that you have to do is to install the two poles on the bumper, hook the hammock, and it is now ready to use.

The Rover Mobile Task Light

This product was started out as a Kickstarter campaign. Because of the innovative concept and functional design, it gained a backing from the public. The goal of the designer is to raise only $$$$. However, as of writing this post, they have already gathered more than $$$$$.

The goal is simple – to provide a bright light in different environments, especially when you are camping.

It is able to produce up to 1,200 lumens of light, which is bright enough for most applications. Plus, it is also a good thing that it utilizes the LED technology. The latter is known for making the bulbs long-lasting. They are also energy-efficient and won’t generate much heat, making it comfortable to be used in the campsite.

Aside from the LED quality, this is also exceptional because of the 180-degree adjustability, making it easy to direct the light exactly where it is needed.

Users of this product will also be able to enjoy its versatility, primarily because there are four modes of operation. You can choose from low, medium, high, or strobe.

ThermaRest Polar Ranger Sleeping Bag

Sleeping in a sub-zero climate can be a real struggle, but things will be easier if you invest in the ThermaRest Polar Ranger Sleeping Bag. The company is known for making innovative sleeping bags that offer unrivaled insulation in the cold. This specific model is built for -20 to -30 degrees Celsius temperature.

The effectiveness of this product can be attributed to the materials used and its overall construction. It uses 800-fill Nikwax Hydrophobic Down. The latter allows it to dry three times faster compared to traditional materials. There is also Therma-capture lining, which will trap radiant heat from the body to keep you warm without being heavy or bulky. There is even a foot warmer pocket!

Using this sleeping bag will also allow you to have a degree of control. This is possible with the overlapping side vents. With the latter, you can control the temperature based on what you are most comfortable with.

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