Top 12 Different Types Of Camping That All Campers Should Consider!

Top 12 Different Types Of Camping That All Campers Should Consider!

So many people love camping, and they have their camping ideas. This is an amazing way to have peace and serenity of mind by enjoying a single day trip, weekends or adventurous overnight trips.

You can stay yourself away from the chaos and hustle bustle of the city by planning an amazing camping trip. Here in this guide, we are going to talk about types of camping.

There are different types of camping ideas that you can make the most of. You provide you with an opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family members. Let’s check some fun camping ideas below:

1. Work Camping

If you want to mix both camping and work, then this option can go right with you. Whether you work full-time or part-time in the related fields, you can make the most of the work camping and involve family members, friends and loved ones. If you are among the work campers who offer their services to campsites in various areas, then you may be rewarded with free campsites.

2. Winter Camping

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This is the best camping idea if you want to avoid bugs and crowd as well. You can enjoy the winter season and combine it amazing activities like skiing, snowboarding and much more. You need to manage to stay warm if you want to enjoy winter camping. It would be great fun to make camp in the snow and enjoy the chilling air and freezing weather. You can carry proper nutrition so that you can stay yourself hydrated and warm during winter camping.

3. Survivalist Camping

If you want to enjoy various adventurous and different outdoor stations, then you need to learn a few camping skills that help you survive in such locations. You can survive even in wild and emergencies. Harsh weather and conditions can be easier for you to handle if you acquire some required skills for Survivalist camping. This is for experienced and competent campers. Lighting fire, carrying frozen water, wearing survival accessories can add more thrill to your camping.

4. Camping in a Recreational Vehicle

This is a great way to plan camping in RV with all the facilities, entertainment and a comfortable bed. This can be a suitable and safe way to enjoy exciting outdoor locations, thrilling natural wonder and much more.

5. Canoe Camping

Who will not love the idea of long-distance travel and camping via canoe? This can be a thrilling experience to camp for many days and spending time in the water. This can be an ideal camping option for the people who are the nature and water sports lovers. Don’t forget to carry enough supplies for several days of canoe camping. You can carry as much as equipment as you are going to travel by canoe or carrying weight on your back is no more an important task.

6. Over-landing Camping

Those adventure lovers who want to travel across international boundaries or remote destinations, then you choose the option of over-landing. This journey may take months or years to complete, and you have to utilise some sort of transport like trucks or bicycles to make it more thrilling.

7. Bicycle Camping

Bicycle Camping


This can be a convenient camping option where you can use a bicycle to travel around the hotel or hostel you choose to stay while on a trip. You need not stick to a certain destination; you can use a bicycle and make the most of the bicycle camping.

8. Ultra-Light Backpacking

‘’Less is more’’ proves right here as the less luggage you carry, the more convenient your camping trip will be. In this sort of camping idea or backpacking, the traveller eliminates luggage or weight and tries to carry the essentials. The idea is to try surviving without luxuries.

9. Hiking/Backpacking Camping

You can walk carrying bag or anything you need on your back and spend all the day in walking, hiking and spending the night outside. This takes 1 or 2 nights to several months. There are so many backpacking trails in the world, and you can choose the right one to make your hiking camping awesome. This can be a great option to take a break from the hustle bustle of the modern city and stay close to nature for a few days.

10. Tent Camping

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This is basic camping idea where you can spend two or three days spending all around and spending nights in the camps. If you are planning camping with kids and friends or family members, then this can be the easiest way to go for. You should look for the best place like the beach, forest or any other location to pitch a tent. You can enjoy preparing and eating food outside with kids, family or friends. This will be a great way to spend a good time with others.

11. Dry Camping

Dry/wild/boondocking provides you with an opportunity to use your RV or vehicle and enjoy the wild side. You need not carry anything as you can travel around using your recreational vehicle and hunt for the places where you can have access to food and water. You have to travel and choose the site where you can find the facilities, food and water. This can be an adventurous and fun experience for camping lovers. This is an amazing way to make the most of the camping idea. You will surely learn so many things.

12. Adventure Camping

This is all about the serious and enthusiastic campers who want to enjoy the wildlife and explore the thrilling places of the world. They hike during the day and sleep in the night in a tent or hammock. They prepare their camps in the night and try to make the most of the wilderness modestly.

These are the 12 different types of camping ideas, and you can choose the one for you. There are so many benefits of camping that you will surely experience during your camping trips with kids or family members. Don’t wait and go for a camping trip as it is all about thrill and nature love.

Many people want to go on a camping trip with their kids, friends and family members. It would be great fun if you choose the right camping type that suits your taste, nature love and capacities. In this guide, we have mentioned 12 different types of camping, and you can consider the right one for you. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding the camping.

Top 12 Different Types Of Camping That All Campers Should Consider!
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