Why You Need to Know How Much Do Pop Up Campers Weigh

how much do pop up campers weigh

A tent trailer is well-received by holidaymakers with children or those who prefer not to sleep close to the ground. There are specific sites dedicated to these canopy on wheels these days. And although it is the epitome of luxury in the wild, you can just rent one whenever you want.

I’ve explained in a separate blog how to set up a pop up trailer, so there won’t be problems there. Another subject that you should think about now is, “How much do pop up campers weigh?”

Various questions succeed it, of course, but you’re in for a treat as the answers are available right here. So, keep on reading, won’t you?


How Much Do Pop Up Campers Weigh?

How much do pop up campers weigh

Similar to the other portable shelters, the ones using a pop up mechanism come in different sizes. The smallest type I’ve personally seen measures approximately 210 pounds. It is not a plush marquee, yet two adults weighing 290 pounds in total can sleep in it.

An eight-foot camper may tip the scale starting at 1,400 pounds, on the other hand. This extent can fit four people easily. There may even be ample space for a bathroom and a living room.

The deluxe kind of tent trailer weighs anywhere from 2,000 pounds and above. The additional measurement can be attributed to the fully functional kitchen and cabinets that a few are built with.

Why Is It Important To Know How Much Pop Up Campers Weigh?

It’s vital to see the shelter’s heft beforehand because it can influence the ease or difficulty of your trip. Bear in mind that it isn’t like a canopy tent that you may pack in the compartment. Rather, you need to haul the camper by attaching it to the back of your vehicle.

Not all automobiles have the same maximum towing capacity, though. It can’t be wise to pull a 1,800-pound trailer, for instance, with something less than a full-sized SUV or truck.

In addition to that, the engine may have to function harder than ever. Once it occurs, your car will consume much fuel to produce enough energy. The worst result of pairing a tiny auto with a large tent trailer is that the former’s locomotive breaks down.

But when you understand how much do pop up campers weigh, you’ll know if the car’s capable of handling one. This extra bit of information can then prevent you from struggling on the road.

What Are The Other Things To Consider Before Hauling A Pop Up Camper?

You may be positive about your automobile’s capability to manage the weight of the trailer, yet the work isn’t over. Here are a few matters to think of:

Camper Size

The first point you should study is the dimensions of the latter. It is a standard protocol for drivers to look at the front, back, and sides of the vehicle, isn’t it? In case the camper blocks your rear view, you cannot possibly perceive what’s happening with the motorists behind you.


Take into account how effortless it will be to tow and set up the portable shelter. One thing that can clue you in is the simplicity of attaching it to your auto. Regardless of its size, the right gears to fix the camper in place should be available.

A door is a welcome add-on for a big trailer as well. The accessory can keep mice out of the tent, along with the animals that may try to enter it. When you see this fixture and more, your stay in the wilderness may become stress-free.


Another factor that affects how much do pop up campers weigh is the number of luxurious features it has.

A bed appears to be a staple addition in any roving marquee. Even a 200-pound one has a mattress and sheets. You won’t have any issue about sleeping in the natural environment.

Furthermore, a hefty trailer has a sink, a kitchen, a shower area, and several bunks. There’s enough room for at least a couple of adults to cook and have fun without bumping into each other.


Lastly, the camper should have a space where your personal possessions will remain secured. Although the best storing facility is a cabinet or a closet, either isn’t always accessible in all motorized tents. Despite that, the small campers make up for it by including a substantial lower deck.

In A Nutshell

Knowing how much do pop up campers weigh allows you to:

  • · Use an appropriate size car that can pull the instant shelter without a hitch;
  • · Save yourself from meeting an accident on the highway; and

Give these tips a go, and let me know how they’ve aided your decision-making process. Cheers!

Why You Need to Know How Much Do Pop Up Campers Weigh
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