How To Camp With A Baby Like A Pro?

How To Camp With A Baby Like A Pro

Want to introduce your child to the great wonders of outdoor? This is something that every new parents love to do. But camping outside with a baby may be a little difficult even for experienced campers.

The best time to camp with kids is spring season. It is the most prime season to go camping with kids. But there are some things you should know to camp with your baby and have a nice time:

Choosing the Location

There are many places around to consider for camping as adults and bringing your baby along. They are national parks, state parks, and private campgrounds; these are some reasonable options. The reason behind it is:

  • Limited driving: If you think of camping with baby a daunting take then does not go for a long distance. For the first family, outing should eliminate the stress of traveling and you should choose the campsite that is nearby your home. Then you do not need to start early to the destination, and if the things do not work as planned, then you can call a quit without investing hours of driving.
  • Campsite with amenities: The campsite with toilet may not be your vision of wilderness excursion. But it is convenient for babies in tow during their first outing especially.
  • Try to give little distance from the other campsite: If you book a reservation ahead then try to find the site that is little far away from the neighboring site. That extra space can make your whole experience little more remote and reduce your worry about noises.

Sleeping in the Tent

Sleeping in the Tent


You have to be real. To get a solid sleep in the night with your small baby at homes, it is challenging. So follow these tips to handle sleep and camp with a baby.

  • Flexibility: every family has their way to work on sleep with their baby, and it is up to them how they handle while camping. One thing is for sure that camping can disrupt normal nighttime routines. Therefore try to be more adaptable and understand that you should take a break from the sleep training technique you employ at home.  
  • Big Tent: If you are having a big tent for the whole family then bring it. There will be extra space for spreading out and getting comfortable. You can also use a portable crib or play yard.
  • Portable crib: It is a great idea if the baby is used to sleep in the crib at home. The familiarity of this crib may help your baby to settle down and stick with a nighttime routine. Even if your baby is not used to it, this crib may come handy during the day time while cooking.
  • Few favorites: Babies may feel everything in the outdoor as a toy, so they try to play with grass, stones, and mud. Better is to bring a few things like stuffed animals and books that can help them to adjust to this new environment.

Meals for the Baby

To plan a menu for camping, you can see a lot of work is included. But if you want to keep things simple and your baby should not feel bad too. For adults, one-pot meal is enough like pasta or oatmeal without chili.

For your baby food, think about what they usually eat at home, and everything must be clean. If your baby is breastfeeding, then there’s no required menu for your baby. If they eat solids, then the journey can be excellent with these extra considerations:

1. Keep things clean

If your baby is a bottle feeding, then make sure to keep it clean every time. Boil some water at the campsite and sanitize bottles properly. Boil some water for sanitizing baby bottles and utensils. If you want to mix up the formula, then make sure you carry purified water.

2. Convenient foods

If your child eats solid foods, then some of the options available are squeeze packets of pureed vegetables and fruits that no need to be refrigerated until open. You can even squeeze them into their mouth or use a spoon for little quantity. If your baby can eat finger foods, then opt for soft fruits, avocado, scrambled eggs, and beans. Even your baby can eat what you have.

Dressing your Baby

As all know that comfortable baby is the happiest baby. Keep your little one having a good time on the camping trip by following these tips:

  • Dress in layers: How you get yourself dress for a day, think about layers for your baby as per changing weather. First is the base layer that goes with skin; the middle layer should provide warm and outer layer offer protection from rain and wind.
  • No cotton: For a casual car camping in a great weather condition, use that everyday wearing clothes you use at home. But if the forecast is showing cold or wet weather, it is wise to bring synthetic or woolen clothes. They can do the job better to insulate and dry up quickly than cotton. For more cold weather, try wool socks, fleece jackets, fleece pants, and insulated jackets. And if rain is anticipated, you and baby will need shell jackets to shed those raindrops. For sunny days, you can consider some long-sleeve t-shirt and pants to breathe well and protect your babies from the sun but should not be too hot.
  • Do not overdress: To sleep you can add some sleep fleece or sack for extra warmth. Overdressing is different; you can add layers easily in fear that your child will get cold in the night. You can check the forecast of low temperature and honestly think about how to compare temperature in the house and adjust with an outfit of the baby. With experience, you can learn how to layer up your baby with clothes.
  • Diaper: To diaper your baby during camping does not have to change from what you do normally at home drastically. But if you use cloth diaper in the home, then you can use the same at outdoor. Bring an airtight bad along for storing dirty diapers until you reach home and wash them.

This list of precautions and preparation is going to help you with camping with your baby. Do not forget to all the necessary things that you usually carry for doing camping along with others told. Medicines are another important thing that you should not forget to carry. It is important for you and your baby too. There can be some unexpected challenges you may come across. When you come back from camping and reach home environment, then such moments are going to remember fondly for a long time.

How To Camp With A Baby Like A Pro?
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