How To Car Camp In Winter Season?

How To Car Camp In Winter Season?

Do you like living a van-life? Almost anyone can enjoy sleeping in their car whether for an epic road trip otherwise camping outside in cold winter season. But many things in the car while winter are fun or miserable, it depends on you’re planning.

Did you ever see car camping during the winter? There are more different obstacles you have to overcome than we do in summer. One of the main is extreme cold and to prepare before each possibility that can occur. But people love camping outside in the snow. This is because they are ready to prepare themselves with the right equipment. Thereby, here are some of the things you need and tips you should follow for car camping in winter.

1. Choosing the location

Car camping is to drive to any campground and set up a tent. That is car camping so you need a destination where you can put your car and enjoy your camping. The reason you should get access to the car and does not need to carry things in your backpack.

You should find out where can you stay legally, and no one bothers you. Even there are paid and free locations to set as a home in the night.

2. Bedding

Bedding is the basic thing. But many people feel like overlooking the basics while sleeping in a car. Your car can protect you from heavy snowfall during winter, but still, you may feel cold in the tent from sides of the car. Therefore, it is important to insulate the sleeping situation. You should need a warm-rated and top quality sleeping bag that can make the difference.

One thing you remember if you are over size, also you can sleep in a car. If you really can fit in that car then bring in and enjoy a wonderful night. We recommend a 0degree sleeping bag with a second layer if there is extreme cold. If there is headspace, then you can bring blowing type air mattress also. Just try it and make your sleeping in the car as comfortable as you sleep on a bed.

3. Layer up

A lynchpin to the winter camping is a kind of close-fitting inner layer to control your body great. You can try the polypropylene long johns pair because it is a great and cheaper option. Also, you need an insulating layer to take on or off as you feel warm and to cool down. On that you can wear a down jacket; a fleece or wool sweater can do its job very well. The outermost layer must protect you from cold.

You should avoid wearing cotton clothes altogether while you for a trip. It is not goofed to get moisture inside, and once you get, you will feel cool faster than just standing naked in the snow.

4. Wool Blanket

Yes did you hear the phrase that “Cotton kills?” Cotton gets moisture fast and feels freeze. So it can make potential a dangerous material to wear or sleep in the cold. But wool is a kind of natural insulator. If you sleep on the wool blanket, it can protect you from getting cold that comes up from the car floor and also to wear wool is great to stay cozy. To avoid itching, we recommend adding merino wool wearing to the packing list.

To get warmer, why don’t you try the wool sandwich? Lie a sleeping beneath and drape one on top. You will feel warm and cozy as you want to.

5. Insulating your car

To keep your car warm, there are some issues which mean to generate enough heat and keep that heat inside only for long. You can use foam insulation that fits into your car windows and insults inside also for long.

When you use reflective foam insulation, it is easily available in any home improvement store nearby. It can cut out to fit any car window and store easily until when you go for next car camping during winter. It is a fairly one of the cheapest way to insulate your window, and also you get privacy and stealth.

6. Portable Car Heater

Bringing a portable heater for car camping can be another effective way to get off from that cold temperature. As there are different types of heater available, some run on the cigarette lighter or propane.

Since cars are confined in space, it is important that you make sure everything is set in a place and ensure you do not get poisoned with carbon dioxide while sleeping. For beginners, when you start a heater in a car that will output CO2. So open your window for ventilation. Also, you can detect carbon monoxide using a portable detector for making sure that you are safe at all time. If you do not want any detector to buy, then some of the heaters come with low oxygen sensors, and it automatically turns off the heater.

7. Heating some bricks or rocks outside before you go to bed

Alternative for a heater is to make some fire by heating rocks or bricks and placing them in the car. If you want to does this, then make sure that rocks are not touching your car floor. You can first put some bricks under it and limit the touch with the surface area so that more heat is transferred into the air. It is virtually a great and freeway way to get heat in the car that lasts for some hours also.

8. Window scraper

When you sleep inside the car at night can cause moisture in the car. This build-up depends on the ventilation you give overnight by opening the windows. In case your windows do get condensation to expect to freeze them over, it may take some hours to heat the car and melt all the windows to see out safely. So speed it up by the process of using a window scraper. You can also use a towel to get rid of ice formed inside the windows by morning.

A mixture of these tips can help you to be warmer and safer for winter car camping in cold temperature. And it cannot be given more emphasis on how important to test your plans before you head out far from your home. Still, in all these, there may be missing some.

Maybe after the first experience, you will exactly know how the other important things you need for doing a car camping during winter. We would love to hear your experience of car camping and mention the things that are not included here.

How To Car Camp In Winter Season?
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