How To Car Camp With All the Ease?

How To Car Camp With All The Ease

Are you heading to an adventurous national park or beautiful beach? Turn out your car is into a wholly convenient and cosy accommodation with car camping ideas, tips and tricks. If you would like to camp, but you are not sure how to car camp, then don’t worry, we are here to help you.

When you camp near to the park in a car, you get to enjoy the outdoors without getting it rough. If you are going to state parks, there are hot showers and toilets available, so you feel more comfortable to be in an early environment. In a vehicle, you will not get limited by weight, pack a roomy tent, nice foods and other comforts that help you to camp at ease.

Stealth or car camping makeshift campervanning, you can call it what you want. There is great interest to keep a camp simple, spontaneous and cheap. You can follow our guide and turn your small van or car into a camp and start exploring.

  • Car camping is cheap; you can use an inflatable bed or sleeping bag in the car
  • Use easy to assemble car awning or waterproof tarp it from the back of the car
  • Use the portable stove to prepare your meal
  • Use cooler for keeping drinks and food
  • The portable solar charger is there to charge your devices

Still, you are not sure about car camping, here is the step by step guide.

How to go Car Camping once in a while?

Find the place

The first thing to do is to fix the situation. There are websites and apps you can use to search and find best campsites nearby. You can call them and get general ideas how to camp there. What all exciting things are there that make the camping best.


Some of the designated campgrounds are nicely developed with showers, hot tubs, laundry and others like running water, toilets etc.

Get your gear

There are a few things you need to carry for car camping. Where you are going to sleep is very important. Are you planning to sleep in the car, tarp or tent? Whichever you choose does not matter really if it protects you from the weather and flies. If the night is clear with stars, you can sleep under the stars, but you need a backup plan always.

Choose the tent

Find the secluded space


Tents come at various size, shape and price, but for a car camping, a simple Coleman tent is enough. If you want to buy a tent and also use it for backpacking, you buy something compact and light. Do not forget to take stakes with you.


Next thing you need is a sleeping pad or mattress and something for keeping you warm. It can be an air mattress paired of queen size with sheets or comforter from home or backpacking pad or lightweight sleeping bag.

Pack your necessities

When it comes to camping, sometimes less is more. You can bring layers and wear it more than once. You do not need to worry what your outfit is like. The thing you should remember is you should be prepared for any climate and make yourself comfortable. For night sitting around the fire, you can use leggings, beanies, down puffs and wool socks. But for daytime, you should carry clothes that can easily dry.




Check if the campground has toilet facilities. You should have all the necessary items you need to use it. Toothpaste, brush, toilet paper and baby wipes can also use to new up. Do not forget to carry a hand sanitizer and the personal medications.

Be careful with fire

Generally, on camp stoves, you can cook food easily than on fires. They are safe and do not create much impact. If you want to fire, then make sure that you take permission. You must also know whether it is safe or not. Try to use the existing fire rings only and keep the fire small. One thing you remember a campfire cannot be your trashcan, you have to pack it out and throw out your trash. Even some of them do not allow firewood’s brought from outside, so you can gather it from there itself.

Plan the menu

By cookware you are having, cook it and camp as at your home. At the same time, the menu should not cause any stress and be the barrier to get away on your weekends. Therefore, make everything easy as possible and work with whatever stove, utensils and food you have.

Keep Wildlife Wild

Do not forget to store your food, smelling items and trash when you do car camping. It means you keep the things in the car only. Or you can check with the rangers or hosts about storing the food packages.

Plan the daytime activities

Camping is not only about just watching stars in the night and enjoying the campfire. This is a great opportunity to come out and enjoy nature. Plan yourself where you are going to spend the whole day. It is entirely cool if you want to enjoy those views.

In such a case, you should bring a book, hammock or any pair of binoculars to watch the birds. Also, you can bring some games to play in camp a similar musical instrument, bocce ball to strum and hang out with your friends.

Pack the car

Packing may be a little difficult task. However, you can avoid if you keep the car camping gear organized in designated bins in-between the trips. Store the tent, sleeping bed or pad and other essentials in a box and put it in your garage always.

You can also keep non-perishable food handy like instant coffee, boiled water, oatmeal and a few backpacker meals. This is good if you plan a sudden trip and you have these basic things before it.

Sure, these are the things going to help you with car camping. But once you start to add to this list, you can’t stop like that. A few extras might be left out in this list, which depends on your campsites like swimsuits, or guidebooks for bird and flower.

Also, you may have your own list of items that you carry whenever you go out. But whatever it may be, you must make a proper plan and try to keep it simple. It is easier to get out of the door, and more likely you want to go.

Family car camping is the most beautiful memories for your kids, so create one for your kids.

How To Car Camp With All the Ease?
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