How To Clean Your Grill Pan When Camping Outdoors?

How To Clean Your Grill Pan When Camping Outdoors

Are you looking for some creative ideas to wash your grill pan after camping outdoors? If your pan can be washed with soap and water using warm water, then use biodegradable soap only — our tips on how to clean a grill pan when camping help you in getting a better camping experience.

When you plan a grill during camping, there are chances of residue in the pan. And you are away from that comforts of your home; then you must know how you can clean them without your dishwasher or cleaning items. All love cooking outside while camping but cleaning can be a little harder for all.

Our cleaning procedures would not allow continuing your stay with messy pans in the bag. First of all, you should know which type of grill pan is good for camping. If you want something to be cleaned easily then check the material and size.

For hardcore grilling, you can use stovetop grill pans. You can choose cast iron or uncoated stainless steel because the quality of the food can vary. Moreover, post cooking may require more effort and work.

How to clean it?

1. Brush or Scrape

The greatest and easiest way for cleaning your pans is to use scrape or brush. The nylon brush is the best tool practically to clean any material. It will not brush out the coating. On the same time, do its job of scraping all the dirt from the grill pan. Moreover, nylon brushes can be carried and store for camping easily.

2. Soap Mixture

There is lots of different cleaning or soap liquid available to buy.

3. Cleaning

Many people think that cleaning can be done by just after the grill is used and you are done with eating. To leave the grime on those grates can help to prevent rust. When you scrape the grate after cooking, you leave the elements exposed until next cooking. Rather scrape the grates by warming up the grill.

4. Soak

Because the grates on the grill pan are made of cast iron, do not expose it to moisture for a long time. But soaking it for some time can loosen up suborns food bits that got burnt on the metal while cooking. Take some warm water in a bucket and put some soap in it. Not to use vinegar or baking soda if you do not want to strip the cast iron away and make a new patina. Let the grates soak for a house and remove it from the water. Scrape it down with brush and rinse off thoroughly, dry it and apply some conditioner if you have.

Why boiling water?

If you are short of supplies and your pan contains large food particles, then this is the simple way to work on it. It is very important to note that this cleaning method can work only on grill pans with tall sides and water can be kept in.

  • Keep the grill pan filled with some water back on the stove
  • Allow the water to boil for some time, and food particles start floating in the water
  • With a spatula, you can scrape between the ridges and loosen up all excess food stuck inside it.
  • Now cool the pan for some time and then throw the water with residue into your waste disposing thing you carried in the camp.
  • Rinse the pan using some hot water again
  • With a dry paper wipe away all the food particles remaining on it

Salt and water

Maintaining an iron grill pan is very important to be seasoned. For that, every chef goes for salt rather than detergent to clean. You can use salt that helps in abrasive cleaning and wipes all stuck-up particles from the pan. It is considered one of the best way for cleaning cast iron pans. Here we show you how to salt with water and effectively scrub the pan.

  • Allow the grill pan to cool so that you can touch but do not cool completely
  • Now generously cover the grill surface area with coarse salt.
  • Now put some hot water in the surface and make a paste-like texture in the pan so that salt get stick inside
  • Using a sponge or brush scrub the salt in the pan so that it gets to the ridged sand around the sides.
  • Rinse off the pan again using hot water and remove all salt with debris. You can repeat this after going back home from camping.

Why is seasoning of grill pan important?

Why is seasoning of grill pan important


What will happen after you clean grill pan when camping and how long you can use it for camping? With proper care, it can last for so many times of camping than you expects. You can pass on to the generations to come. After you clean the grill pan using any of the above-said methods, make sure to dry it up and season the surface properly.

The reason behind is because cast iron is susceptible to rusting especially when it is kept stored. So make sure it is dry before storing. Therefore after cleaning the pan, keep it on your stovetop again or in an oven at 450 to 500 degree to ensure that all the remaining water evaporated. Then using a paper towel rub all the oil from the entire pan. Make sure to rub the cooking surface, bottom, sides and handle.

Once scrubbing is done, take another paper towel again and rub away all the excess oil. Let the grill pan sit on the stove until smoke comes. If you keep in an oven, then let it sit in it for an hour and allow the grill pan to cool itself in the oven.

Tips to take care of an iron grill pan

It does not matter what method you use for cleaning your grill pan, but there are a few tips you should follow to increase the life of it:

  • Do not leave water inside the pan after washing or do not soak it for long hours
  • After cooking, if you put cold water directing on a hot pan, warping can occur. Avoid this by using hot water when you can touch the pan.
  • While seasoning wipe away the excess oil otherwise, it can leave the pan sticky
  • When you season the pan again make the oven hot as much as possible. So that oil passes with smoke and creates a smooth surface.

To keep the grill pan, maintain it regularly. After you return home, wash and dry it thoroughly. Follow the guidelines above said and keep your grill pan in the best possible condition. And store them in cool, humidity and moisture-free place.

Enjoy every meal of your camping cooked in nice and fresh grill pan every time. So continue cooking incredible food outdoors.

How To Clean Your Grill Pan When Camping Outdoors?
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