How To Clean Your Tent To Maintain The Best Levels Of Hygiene?

How to Clean a Tent

Tents are the best way to connect yourself with flora, fauna and nature, especially when you are camping outdoors and when you are on an adventurous trip. Keeping these tents in their best conditions is vital. Are you in a dilemma about washing your tent? Perhaps, you are wondering cleaning of the tent might cause wear and tear. If the above lines are similar to what you are going through, then you have come to the right place.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to clean a tent. We have provided you with some awesome pointers and tips on cleaning and maintaining your tent. These pointers can help you clean your tent. So, why you should clean your tent? You should clean it once after use. The next time you go out camping, you and your family are not sleeping inside a dirty and bug infested tent.

What will you need to follow this tutorial?

Before we move on to how to clean a tent, you need to have the tools and solutions for cleaning a tent kept ready. The fabric of a tent can easily attract dirt and mildew, eventually getting wear and tear easily. Hence, using mild chemicals to get rid of the dirt and dew is highly recommended.

Tools that you will require!

If the dough is allowed to grow on the tent, then the fabric, as well as the stitching, can be badly affected.

  • Calcium hypochlorite: Calcium hypochlorite can be used on the tent fabric for 30 minutes. You will notice the mildew stains disappear. It is available in shopping malls and stores.
  • Ultraviolet light: Calcium hypochlorite might not be able to remove all the dew stains. Hence using ultraviolet light is a better option. A carving lamp can be used in this case. Not to mention, leaf stains can be removed as well.
  • Water that is warm or room temperature will also do
  • You will need a soft and clean sponge
  • You can also make use of cloth for washing purpose
  • A pool that is small or medium in size would be useful
  • You will also need a brush to scrub, dustpan, and a mild soap
  • A vacuum cleaner, broom, and paper towel can be kept on standby

How to Wash a Tent like a PRO?

Washing and keeping your tent clean is essential; therefore, you must know how to clean and wash it with ease. Here are some steps provided to help you clean your tent properly. You may follow them to wash your tent like a professional:

Step 1: Remove the dirt from the tent before washing

All the dirt, which is present in the tent, must be removed. In most cases, leaves and other forms of dirt might be present both inside and outside the tent. You can make use of a vacuum cleaner to remove the loose dirt.

The unfolded tent can be spread out on the firm but clean surface. Supposing, you do not own a vacuum cleaner, then a dustpan and broom will do.

Step 2: Place the tent inside a pool for washing

The tent once free from dirt and other dry dust can be placed inside a pool. It can be filled with warm or room temperature water. A hose can be used to fill the pool. A brush or washing cloth can be used to clean the tent.

Avoid using detergent or strong chemicals. If the tent has mildew, then you can use lemon juice. Of course, we have provided another alternative below. The seams and fabric must not be affected due to the cleaning solutions.

Step 3: Rinse the tent with water

Once the tent has been cleaned with the solution, you can rinse it off using clean water. Though it sounds easy, you need to be careful because few areas can be difficult to rinse. Once rinsed, there should not be any cleaning solution present in the tent.

Step 4: The tent can be placed for drying

After you have finished rinsing the tent, it can be placed under the sun. However, the tent should not be kept for too long directly under the sun. Preferably, you can place it under some shade. Place your tent outside where there is shade.

Step 5: Clean tents with mould and mildew

Clean tents


Sometimes mould, and mildew tends to show up on your tent. The reason for that is that when tents are used on wet surfaces and grasslands, dew and mould grows. They can be dangerous for small kids and adults as they cause asthma and breathing problems. Some ways to get rid of mould and mildew are discussed below:

  • You can make use of cloves. It is a spice, which is available in almost all the supermarkets and stores. A half-spoon of clove oil can be mixed with water. You can then use this solution to clean the tent surface for mould and mildew. Leave it overnight and wipe it off using a dry and clean cloth.
  • You can also make use of salt, which is unionised. 1kg of salt and water should be mixed. The exact quantity of water can be less than 10 litres. The salt mixture can be applied on the surface and left overnight. You can remove it using a brush.
  • You can use white vinegar to remove mould and mildew. White vinegar has several useful properties as it contains strong, but effective ingredients. A mixture of eucalyptus, methylated spirit, white vinegar, soda, and glycerin, can get the job done.
  • Lastly, remember to follow the guidelines on the manual provided. The manual is given to you for a reason, go through it and do likewise. That helps in ensuring that the tent remains durable and well maintained.

Hope you enjoyed and had fun when reading the tutorial on how to clean a tent. As you can see, keeping your tent clean and neat is extremely important for your next camping trip. When you do not clean it, then your next trip might not be a pleasant or enjoyable one.

You and your family will have to put up inside a tent, which will be extremely dirty and full of odours. You can take the help of your kids during the weekend and clean your tent. Remember, to have fun when cleaning your tent. Did you like what you read? Do you have other ideas and thoughts? Please share them with us. We would love to hear from you!

How To Clean Your Tent To Maintain The Best Levels Of Hygiene?
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