How To Empty Your Portable Toilet When Camping Outdoors?

How To Empty Your Portable Toilet When Camping Outdoors

Camping is one of the best forms of an outdoor picnic that people must enjoy with their friends and family members. No matter how much a person might enjoy camping, the idea of emptying the camping toilet makes it worse every time you plan for camping. Proper disposal of the campsite is the only key to keep the camping location clean and free of any odours.

It is funny and astonishing to see most of the people being embarrassed while talking about toilets with their friends or family members. And to more surprise, people find it more embarrassing to talk about the portable camping toilets, and this is major because portable toilet requires physical work of emptying it. For those who are beginners must know that a camping toilet is comprised of two sections:

  • Top part: Used for sitting 
  • Bottom tank: Used for holding the waste

It is necessary for all the beginners to know that when you are out to empty the portable toilet, you will have to separate both the sections and then dispose of the waste. There’s a lot more to learn about the disposal, and this is one of the most fundamental reasons for the below blog that guides people about how to empty the portable toilet while they are camping outdoors.

The below mentioned blog will guide you step by step and make you a pro at the same. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to empty the portable toilet while you are camping outdoors:

1. Locating the Disposal Point

It is rightly said, first things come first. It is highly advisable to know about the camping place and the route to reach the destination in advance. It is imperative to pay attention to all the small details while deciding on the location and the path to the same.

The chemical disposal point is the point where you can empty the toilet, and generally, it is located far away from the pitch. This is because no one would like to park or enjoy their camping next to the disposal point. Also, it is highly recommended to choose the daytime for travelling and also have a plan B just in case if your plan A doesn’t work as planned.

2. Removing the Cassette

For those who are using the portable toilet for the first time, the cassette is the storage unit that is there for the black waste, which is nothing else but the garbage that you remove from your own body. There are different types of cassettes inside the toilet; some of them can be accessed from the outside of the vehicle while others have to be obtained from the inside.

No matter what type of cassette your toilet has, it is essential for you to locate the cassette under the privacy of your very own motor. At the same time, it is necessary for you to follow the instructions that are mentioned by the manufacturer regarding the removal of the same.

If the instructions mentioned on the toilet recommend you to use the biohazard protective clothing, then you should use the same for better results and your protection.

3. Transporting the Waste into the Loo

Transporting the Waste into the Loo


The maximum weight that a cassette can carry is approximately 17 kilos. If you have a better and an advanced toilet, then there might be wheels on the cassette, but if they are not there, then you need to carry the same to empty it.

As mentioned above, it is better to travel during the daytime because it is easy for you to dump the waste of your body during the darkness period into the pitch without bringing it to the notice of anyone. But if you need dropping it during the daylight then make sure that your complete focus is on the road and the road to the pitch does not have any mishaps.

If anyone from your camp catches you while the cassette is in your hand than be ready to have a healthy conversation with them!

4. Arriving at the Disposal Point

Once you have successfully executed the route, the next important step that you have to take is to confirm that the facility is not occupied by someone else. Just so that you know, if you do not establish it in prior then you are going to share the site with some stranger who will also be emptying his excreta.

This might be not only awkward but also too embarrassing for both you as well as the stranger. So it is better to confirm that the facility is vacant for you to use.

5. Emptying the Cassette and Cleaning It

This is the worst part of the entire process. It is highly advisable to keep your mouth completely shut while you open the cap of the cassette to pour it. After opening the lid, you have to release the air vent and very carefully pour all the content of the cassette into the disposal point.

While you are doing this procedure, you have to take great care because there are significant chances of getting a splash back after you pour or chances of you slipping because of the kind of footwear you wear. It is necessary to open the air vent as it allows in reducing the gushing and henceforth it reduces these chances after splashing.

Emptying the Cassette and Cleaning It


This is one of the primary reasons why it is suggested to be alone during the time of emptying the cassette into the pitch. It is still better to get splashed by your waste rather than getting splashed by someone else’s.

Most of the disposal points offer a tap or a bucket so that you can flush it once you have poured the content into the pitch. So, it is better to fill the bucket with water and flush it after the pouring so that all none of the components is left.

6. Returning to the Facility

Now you are almost done, and you can have a sigh of relief. After completing this, you can return to the camping location and not worry about the journey that you choose because the cassette is now lighter than before and consists of no waste.

7. Restocking the Chemicals

Once you arrive at the camping location, all you have to do is to add the highly needed and expensive blue chemicals to the cassette again. This blue chemical acts like the aerobic bacteria inside the tank, and it helps in neutralizing all the germs that are present in your body waste. After all, reassemble the cassette by placing it back to its position and fill up the tank with water and a slight dose of some perfumed chemicals.

When you go camping, one of the significant issues is the toilet, and so most of the people prefer to carry a portable toilet. The only trouble with the portable toilet is to empty them while at camping and so there is a step by step guide to help you empty it in a better way. It is beneficial to note that you must remove all the protective wear and dispose of it accordingly and also to scrub your hands very neatly after the entire procedure is completed.

How To Empty Your Portable Toilet When Camping Outdoors?
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