4 Simple Techniques On How To Fix A Tent Zipper

how to fix a tent zipper

Are the zippers on your shelter stuck? Sleeping in there with a broken fastener isn’t reassuring. Learn how to fix a tent zipper now.

It’s cool if you haven’t asked that yet as it most likely means your shelter fastener hasn’t caused any trouble for you. However, remember that even the best things in life come to an end eventually. Before you get into that situation, understand the different techniques to repair a tent zipper today.


Met­hod #1: Fixing The Pull Tab

Materials To Prepare


The tool helps you bend or unbend the metallic fastener. Look for the smallest one in your garage or the hardware for this process.

Pull Tab

When a puller comes off, it’s usually broken so you can’t put it together. Rather than buying one, you may just detach the pull tab from an old jacket or bag.

What Should Be Done

How to fix a tent zipper puller? Keep in mind that the procedure below is only applicable to a metal closure. If it’s plastic, you may have to completely change it.

Step 1: Take the top stops out.

Step 2: Get rid of the slider.

Step 3: Fasten the new pull tab

Step 4: Replace the stoppers.

Step 5: Examine the work

Method #2: Repairing A Separated Zipper

Materials To Prepare

Soapy Water

Mix any soap you have with water to create this solution. The amount depends on the number of tent zippers you want to fix, yet a tiny bucket should be good.

Clean Rag

A fastener is just a small part of the shelter; that’s why you don’t need to make everything else wet when you wash it. Get ahold of a cloth instead for the cleaning procedure.

Pliers (Optional)

The pliers are elective products this time since they may not be essential if cleaning works. Nonetheless, it may be smart to have this tool readily available.

What Should Be Done

Separated fastener issues show when dirt or fragments of stone lodge in between the teeth. This is one way to repair it:

Step 1: Clean the zipper.

Step 2: Pull it down hard.

Step 3: Straighten any bent tooth.

Method #3: Unjamming A Fastener

Materials To Prepare

GreaseMetallic zippers tend to get a bit wedged, especially if it has taken you years before using the shelter again. You may loosen the material with a graphite grease.

What Should Be Done

It’s quite frustrating to deal with a jammed fastener when you should be singing and eating with other campers. To prevent that from occurring, learn how to fix a tent zipper that’s gotten stuck here.

Step 1: Wipe the zipper clean.

Step 2: Lubricate the fastener

Step 3: Check the issue.

Method #4: Dealing With A Broken Zipper

Materials To Prepare

New Zipper

Asking for this product does not mean that you’re supposed to dismantle the stitch lines. It’s just that the new zipper has complete parts you may replace the broken ones with.


Your hands will hurt if you try to pry open or tighten the stopper and the slider on their respective posts. You need pliers for that.

What Should Be Done

Even a high-quality zipper fails due to old age or always being rained on. Find out the right technique on how to handle it.

Step 1: Determine the extent of the problem.

Step 2: Remove the top stops

Step 3: Attach the new slider.

Step 4: Put new stoppers.

Not Bad, Yeah?

Don’t these methods give you a hope that you won’t have to sleep in a shelter with a broken fastener ever again? The non-campers may not understand how big of a deal it is to learn how to fix a tent zipper, yet these ideas are important when you are in the wilderness.

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4 Simple Techniques On How To Fix A Tent Zipper
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