How To Fix/Repair A Broken Tent Pole For Camping Reuse?

How To Fix Repair A Broken Tent Pole For Camping Reuse

Are you planning for next camping? For all those who have camping gear and see a broken tent pole can be familiar. These tent poles damage after storing or while traveling to a camping site. But it is disheartening to see anyone laid at an angle in the garage.

If you are prepared for camping completely, then you should need spare tent poles to replace old bent ones. But if you do not have them, then you should think of repairing or fixing it. You can easily repair them without damaging completely.

How To Fix/Repair A Broken Tent Pole For Camping Reuse?

Tent Poles

First of all, you should know what kind of tent poles you have and the material used to make it. Mainly there are four poles material available to use; it gives an impact on the performance of the tent and price tag. Here you can see how to repair or fix a tent pole made of different materials that are used for camping:

Fiberglass Poles

  • First, measure the section that has to be replaced. Generally, the new section will be extra-long, so cure down part of the new pole to suit. You can cut it according to the length of the old pole which you can replace with a small hacksaw. There you can put duct tape which helps to hold the pole in one place and prevent splintering. After that, remove the tape and sand its edges until it gets smooth.
  • Make it lie on the floor and start to untie the knot at one end. Please remember to keep holding shock cord.
  • Hold the shock cord and remove sections by one each time until you reach the section that has to be replaced.
  • Still, hold that shock-cord, do re-threading of cord back through the sections you removed temporarily and tie a big knot at its end. Please ensure that the cord is taught properly. You can modify the length of shock cord any time by angling the knot from one end of poles.

Lightweight Alloy Poles

High-end and most lightweight tents are flexible alloy poles. They are lighter and more reliable than those fiberglass poles. With anything, there will be a difference in qualities.

  • Find a wooden or metal ramrod in a suitable size to fit into the narrow end of the broken pole. Such rods are not those ready-made products you have to improvise.
  • Then slide the rod into narrow tube end and shot at the knot that fixes old shock cord to dislodge and pushes it out into the wide female end of that tent pole.
  • You can repeat this for other poles too. Shock cord is used for joining two or more tent pole section to assemble and store it.
  • Now measure the assembled pole length ones. There must be concave spots in the down part where the cords are knotted and fixed to a place. Then you can measure from those spots.
  • Now cut a part of shock cord in big size than the actual size of the tent pole. You will need some cord extra for tying knots.
  • On a straight way set those poles but leave it disassembled. Now thread the cord from the poles, and extra cordage get extended out of that wide female end of the pole.
  • Now thread out from one end through the metal washer which easily fits inside a pole and ties one knot around it. Now with the help of someone hold the pole or put it on a table and pull the knot into up to dent at the base. Pull out up to 2 inches and make own dent to secure that knot by squeezing the spot with the help of plier.
  • You can repeat this process at the other end in the pole section. This results in new shock cord which is loose while the poles are together but stretched and under pressure they disassemble.

Steel Tent Poles

  • If the bent steel pole has a straight section and not bent like out of shape, then you can try to straighten it yourself. But if you cannot do easily or for a shaped tent pole, you can hire a metal worker and buy a similar pole. These metal workers have tools to bring back the pole into shape and heat the pole without putting stress on the metal.
  • The poles that are replaceable then there are limited options. Sometimes there are replacement poles available for straighter sections. Normally but steel tent poles come in specific shape according to the model of tent.
  • You can also contact your retailer shop from where you bought that pole. If that is not successful, then contact any other retailer who sells the same brand of tent.
  • Some suppliers sell spare parts of the tent.
  • To contact the manufacturer of the tent is also not successful every time. They may not have stocks send to retailers and carry spare parts to support customers directly. And do not expect from a manufacturer to replace any single piece of the pole but they sell a complete set of a tent pole that comes from the production house. It cost you the same as a new tent.

These poles come in various brands, functions, and sizes. But they all will offer you the same level of support for camping shelter. We normally carry round shaped tent poles than square one because they are friendly with any fabric, easy to handle and compatible with various other fittings that help you to put your shelter.

They come in alloy and steel materials and have a spigot at the top of the pole generally. This spigot means pointy end which fits through an eyelet of the tent or the ridge end cap or spreader pole.

Most of them are adjustable with alloy made poles that feature a twist-look otherwise cam lock mechanism. The steel pole usually comes with a wing or nut lock in T shape. Some kits are there that have a fixed length pole that can fold down into three sections. While some of the brands produce their own pole kits suitable for your tents, most of them are interchangeable with different materials and adjustable length.

These are some instructions you can follow to repair a broken tent pole without getting frustrated or annoyed. All kinds of tent poles are made to fail at some moment or other due to wear of the cord around the end part of the pole. So before you think to throw it away, you can use the above-said process and allow you are fixing them up easily.

How To Fix/Repair A Broken Tent Pole For Camping Reuse?
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