How To Install A Stove, Jack, When Camping Outdoors?

How To Install A Stove Jack When Camping Outdoors

So, you are planning to go on a hunting trip during the winter season. But wait, do you have everything you need? Perhaps, you might want to consider taking along a quality tent stove with you.

After all, it is winter season, and the weather is not going to be pleasant out in the woods. In this post, we will find out details on the tent stove and more importantly, how to install a stove jack. Tent stoves with wood are ideal for use when camping outdoors.

The stove jack is also known as flashings. The smoke can quickly go through the flue pipe as your stove jack keeps your tent warm and comfortable. Before you want to lay down comfortably and close your eyes to sleep, you need to install the stove jack inside your tent. Here is how you can do it.

Before You Begin…

You need to see that; you have the equipment and materials. If this is your first time, then have somebody to help you out with it. Few of the equipment you need are a sharp knife, canvas tent, pencil, tent stove, two adjustable wrenches, flue pipe system, and stove jack.

You do want to know that new tent stoves need to be seasoned. They must be burned for a few hours to get rid of the chemicals. It can be a smelly process, so make sure that you do it somewhere ideal before you begin actually to use it.

Select the Stove Placement

The placement of the tent stove is vital for installing your stove jack. The tent stove, when placed at the center of the tent, balances the temperature. It is best for large tents and a cold season. However, side placement works our efficiency because you can work efficiently and keep your tent area hygienic and clean. You have to compromise on the heat received inside the area. It eventually boils down to your needs and requirements.

Cut and Disassemble the Stove Jack

You may want to make use of a modular stove jack. That helps in giving your tent stove with a strong grip to the flue pipe. It ensures there are no leakages and buildup of soot. Some tents come with a stove jack that is also installed. However, most of them do not fit with regular tent stoves. You will need to customize your tent stove, and that may increase your cost. You can make use of a knife to cut the galvanized rubber for a proper fit to the flue pipe. Disassemble your stove jack.

Install the Stove Jack

Now, we come to the exciting part, the installation. You need to install the stove jack. You must start from the outside of the tent. Line the outer metal rings and use bolt holes on the stove jack. The bolts need to be pushed through the canvas holes gently and firmly. You can now add the second metal rings from the inside of the tent. Use nuts and then screw them on the bolts. Make sure that the canvas is between the rings.

You can tighten the nuts with the help of wrenches. Seal the two rings tightly. That is because it keeps away rainwater, mold from seeping through. If you intend to stay in your tent for a month or longer, then you can consider using wax, silicone, glue as a layer of protection.

Fire the Tent Stove

Now, you can fire up the tent stove and check if everything is alright and working. You can now place the stovepipes and light up. When you are camping without a stove stick, you can use a plastic cup to seal the stove jack.

Tent Stove Safety Guidelines

You will want to take extreme caution when handling, setting up, and using the tent stove in the outdoors inside a camping tent. The best way you can avoid any fire incidents would be to purchase a quality tent that is fire-proof. A tent stove is a handy gear to have, especially when you are headed to the woods for a few days. Hence, you must take all precautions to avoid a fire and lose everything dear to you.

  • If you see that the water tank is too hot, then let it cool down for a while and then remove it. Unless it becomes adequately disengaged from the tank bracket, the hot water will spill all over the place.
  • The flap has to be tied far away from the stove pipe. That helps in preventing a fire accident. The spark arrestor has to be cleaned once in a few days. If you are planning to go out for a week, then you might want to clean it once in 2-3 days.
  • Try and use softwood because the clogging of the spark arrestor is reduced significantly. The tent stove also needs to be burned for at least an hour a day to prevent ash from clogging.
  • Creosote buildup in the tent stove is not good because huge flames can come out. When you are winding up, remove the creosote gently. The stove pipes have to be banged to get rid of the creosote.
  • Avoid using flammable liquids to start a fire. The stove jack should be positioned such that it is opposite to that of the wind.
  • Quality flies and tarps protect your roof, ensuring that it does not catch fire.

You can now enjoy your hunting or expedition outside, knowing fully well that nothing unpleasant will happen inside your tent. If possible, it is a good idea having somebody with knowledge on how to douse flames or fire, keep guard over the tent stove.

Reasons to get a Tent Wood Stove!

There are several good reasons for a tent wood stove. They help you stay warm during the winter. Not to mention, you stay dry too after your day's walk in the woods. During bad weather conditions, you know that there is no reason to panic due to your tent stove.

1. Warmth and comfort

You get to sleep comfortably due to the tent wood stove. It keeps your area warm and cozy. What better way to spend the night after a tiring day in the woods. You need to stoke the fire before heading to your bed.

2. Easy cold camp cooking

Cooking in the outdoors camping tent can be quite a challenge. With the bad weather outside, without a proper mechanism, it can get annoying frustrating when you have small kids to feed. Though there are alternatives like MRE meals and processed foods, you can make your simple meals with the help of a tent stove. The best part about a tent stove is that they come with a cooking surface.

3. Drying out the wet gear

It is important that the clothing and gear you use the next day is dry and not wet. The ideal method of drying them would be through the tent stove. The heat that comes out from the tent stove helps in drying out your wet clothes and accessories easily.

You want to know the power of hot food, warm clothes, and comfortable atmosphere to relax and sleep with your family. All this can be possible when you know how to install a camping stove jack for your use.

How To Install A Stove, Jack, When Camping Outdoors?
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