A Special Blueprint On How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Camper

how to keep mice out of your camper

You can never estimate someone's - or something's - strength based on size. I got served with that life lesson from several frustrating encounters with mice.

My house has been infested by them before, especially when I go camping for days or weeks. Those sneaky rodents can reach and bite anything, from bedsheets to curtains and even wooden cupboards. I figured I’ve seen the last of them, but there they were again when I visited my friend and his trailer. Man, there were torn fabrics and rodent droppings everywhere!

I cannot think of any other way to paint this scenario in a nicer picture. So, please do yourself a favor and learn how to keep mice out of your camper.


The Must-Have Materials

Steel Wool

Steel Wool

Steel wool serves as a protective screen for the holes. A mouse cannot potentially get through fine wire, so your trailer won’t become infested.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil

Mice detest strong scents; that’s why it’s significant to fill your camper with the smell of peppermint oil. The amount you need depends on the motorhome’s size.

Cotton Balls

Cotton Balls

You need cotton balls to absorb the essential oil and hold it for as long as possible. They don’t have to be expensive because you will only leave them inside the trailer.

Fabric Softener Sheets

Fabric softener sheets may look like a regular blanket, yet the former removes static electricity from clothes. It can also work as a rodent repellant. You can purchase these online or in your local supermarket.

Vent Cap

This product is necessary to close the large possible entry points for mice. A lid that fits in your camper’s vents may be immediately available in a hardware store.



Mothballs, or naphthalene balls, are tiny pellets that folks tend to always place within closets or shoe racks. The odor they release is enough to chase off not only rodents but also the creepy crawlies.

Ultrasonic Mice Repellant

It is an electric-powered device that produces an ultrasonic sound that irritates rodents. You ought to search for one from a quality brand so that it can solve the issue quickly.

The Method

You cannot swat the rodents away and pray they won't come back. They will always want to, and you know that. But once you know how to keep mice out of your camper, the chances of that happening may become slim. Thus, check out these successive steps.

Step 1: Remove all the items in the trailer.

Step 2: Score the entire camper for holes.

Step 3: Cover every gap you see.

Step 4: Mice-proof your camper.

Step 5: Try different solutions.

The Conclusion

In the end, understanding how to keep mice out of your camper becomes as easy as protecting a tent with a footprint. Remember to tidy it up in order to see how much damage those rodents have caused. Seal the gaps permanently too and scare off the little troublemakers using the items mentioned above

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A Special Blueprint On How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Camper
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