How To Make Cowboy Coffee When Camping Outdoors?

How To Make Cowboy Coffee When Camping Outdoors

Do you require coffee in the same way as fresh air is necessary at the camping ground? There are mountains on the contour, singing of birds, warm campfire, thousands of stars, happy groups but coffee is absent. You are away for the weekend, and you feel a significant lack of it. It is essential, and you should brew it.

To the relief of many, you are not required to carry an elaborate brewing system. Just go ahead and make cowboy coffee when camping. Regretfully several campers who attempt to brew cowboy coffee end up doing it disastrously. You may be an experienced camper or a first timer here we will make you knowledgeable about cowboy coffee making.

The basic principle behind Coffee Making

Cowboy coffee making method is uncomplicated. What is required is a precise mechanism and correct know-how with regards to brewing. It will give you ancient basic camping know-how. Then the coffee will taste like the home coffee. Here we will guide you on how to go about preparing cowboy coffee making.

Cowboy coffee making is not a formula; it is a procedure which was very favorable with a cowboy when they were out in the wilderness. Fundamentally coffee beans are cooked in boiling water, and the brew is enjoyed. The thousands of campers now follow the technique when in the wilderness. The coffee is called camp coffee or cowboy coffee.

Collecting Requisite Must

The given items must be there before going into the preparation of coffee brew:

Collecting Requisite Must


  • Coffee beans or coarse ground coffee
  • Water
  • Kettle or puny pot fireproof
  • Campfire or stove
  • Mug also used as a measure
  • Basic procedure is straight forward one tablespoon coffee for every cup of water. The ratio must be maintained.

Most of these items will be there in your kitchen. Carry them with you. Use filtered water for good taste. The lake and stream water may not be portable. You sure don’t want to fall sick on the camping ground

Technicalities in Coffee Making

  • The distinction between normal coffee making and cowboy coffee making is the way it is brewed.
  • The method is based on extraction approach or decoction.
  • The procedure is mixing the coffee beans with boiling water as the brewing mechanism goes on an open flame. Once the process is complete, let the coffee grounds settle down in the base.
  • The coffee is without creamers or flavored syrups
  • Once the water boils, add smashed eggshell for calcium in the coffee.
  • This coffee gives a lot of caffeine. 

You may see some grounds hovering on the surface. Carry your mesh strainer. Even if you eat the grounds, you will be doing yourself good as they are rich in fiber. Pour out a cup of joy for yourself. The coffee is drinking as black. If brewed the coffee regular and welcoming correctly. In case if you use coarse coffee, the total distillation will be lower in bitterness.

The popularity of cowboy coffee is easiness in the making and if properly prepared has effective flavor. This coffee can be prepared for a large group in one go. It requires the lowest amount of cleaning and the least possible preparation. The only difficulty is the pot on fire gets dirty, and it is difficult to clean.

Cowboy coffee is extremely bitter. You may wonder why? It is because the boiling water scorches the coffee drawing out its bitterness. If it is over boiled, the coffee is strong in content. It then becomes undesirable to drink. Cowboy coffee requires more water comparatively.

Addition of Eggshells

The common complaint about cowboy coffee is its bitterness. Campers find it strong. This happens because coffee is acidic. Add some eggshells to the brew. Eggshells are alkaline. And act against the acidity of the coffee. They prevent grounds into your cup when you pour.

  • Get cracked eggshells after washing, put them in the pot along with coffee and water.
  • Brew and pour your coffee

The coffee thus prepared will not be very strong or bitter. The ratio must be maintained. Compare the ratio of ground coffee to mugs of cold water. Empty crushed eggshells half the ration.

Amended way to make Cowboy Coffee

The steps for you are as follows:

  • Use campfire to boil the water.
  • Take the pot away from fire and allow it to cool
  • Put coffee grounds into the hot water and fast immediately.
  • Let it exist for a couple of minutes
  • Pour out your coffee without grounds in the cup.

If grounds stay in the kettle for a long time, the coffee becomes bitter. You can keep this coffee in the thermos and use it for slow sipping for a long time. It will keep fresh.

Coffee Making in the Kettle

Kettle takes you to ancient times when cowboys used this pot in the wild-west. Brew cowboy coffee knack. Water fills the kettle and lets it boil. Move the kettle away from the heat source. Let it cool. Wait for the boil to subside. Whirl two tablespoons of coffee grounds for every serving. There will be crackle sound as ground touches the base. Some foam will appear. Let it settle and pour for you in a mug.

If you happen to brew coffee in the kettle over campfire pour cold water into the spout once it boils. The grounds will quickly come to rest at the base of the kettle. This type of preparation changes the taste as cold water suspends extraction operation. The bitterness will be optimum. If you put the grounds in a sock, it will operate as a filter. Pour out coffee without the grit and enjoy the taste.

In present times you can brew the coffee available in the market. It could be Colombian, French, expresso, etc. The standard of the bean will make it dissimilar. Colombian coffee is mostly sweet and reduced acidity. The flavor is good. Expresso is flavourful. Slightly roasted coffee has a biting taste. It is sweet with good aroma as well as flavor.

Cowboy Coffee prepared over Stove

Cowboy coffee can be prepared at home as well. Make use of a coffee pot. Use a coffee mug as a measure to prepare for each person. Grind the whole beans finely for good flavor. Make use of medium heat to boil water. Add coffee one spoonful for every cup. Stir intermediately. Remove from fire and let it rest. Pour out the cup and relish the taste.

The reason for making Cowboy Coffee

making Cowboy-Coffee


Many individuals wonder why to make coffee this way. With changing times, many progressive ways have been invented for coffee making. The modern gadgets are very quick and convenient. People mostly go camping with family and friends. More cups of coffee are demanded. Cowboy method lets you boil the whole pot, and everyone is served together.

Cowboys and frontier men used this method of making coffee as they moved towards the west or explored unknown regions. This method brings about pleasant memories of these people, and you relive their life.

Reserve Pot for Coffee Making

The basic fact is that cowboy coffee kettle is occupied the conservative open category of fire brewing. Several companies in present times have come out with portable coffee models which are easy to carry. These can be purchased from stores and the web. The pebble porcelain coffee pot is very adaptable on the campfire. Steel and aluminum coffee pot function well.

Once the coffee is ready in the pot, to try and keep it warm. Some wrap the pot in some clothing and cold season the sleeping bag will do the work. Bury it in the sand, and it will stay hot for a long time.

Undeterred by the charms of the wilderness, what is missed is a tasteful, hot cup of coffee. There are atmospheric variations in coffee output. Heights will affect your coffee taste. Boiling point is decreased at a height above 10,000 feet. As a result, you are likely to add more ground coffee. Fluctuating temperature also alter the brew taste and consistency.

How To Make Cowboy Coffee When Camping Outdoors?
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