How To Make Easy Popcorn While Camping Outdoors?

How To Make Easy Popcorn While Camping Outdoors

Do you know that popcorn can be made while camping? Yes, it is possible even if you are in a forest. Going wild is not at a valid reason for keeping the kids from enjoying their favorite treat. You can easily learn to make popcorn while you are outing.

It will be really fun to make popcorn while camping. Kids also will enjoy it. Apart from roasting marshmallows and eat chocolates, waiting for the popcorn to pop up is going to be a memory worth for each child. Do you want to remember the laugh inside the tent after you and your friends eat those bowl of fluffy and crunchy popcorns?

How To Make Easy Popcorn While Camping Outdoors?

You may have tried jiffy pop before by putting the pan on the fire, shake it up and how popcorn pops up inside an aluminum foil. The same method is used here except the fact that homemade is a little bigger and faster per serving.

Yes, it is really easy to pop popcorn on your campfire. The popcorn will get a smoky flavor. Here are a few steps you should follow to make popcorn in your campsite. Things you should need:

  • Popcorn Kernels
  • Salt
  • Aluminum foil: You should pick a durable foil that can withstand heat. The foil must be thick to hold those popcorn kernels. Therefore, check what it is written on the box and buy heavy duty labeled foil. A flimsy one will rip easily and risky to use.
  • Vegetable oil: The oil for making popcorn is very important. You should choose an oil with a neutral flavor. The campfire smoke is enough to give flavour to the popcorns and so using flavored oil will spoil the taste. It is always better to use vegetable oil.
  • Butter
  • Sticks

How To Make Easy Popcorn While Camping Outdoors?

Step 1

First, keep in mind that the campfire is safe and clear. It should be away from tents and trees. It is better for making popcorns because they can get ember with strong fire.

Step 2

Next cut the aluminum foil into a square piece. The piece must hold your popcorn properly. Cut and keep such pieces of foil, depending on the quantity of popcorn you are planning to make. Cut the foil in an 18” inch X 20” inch size.

Step 3

Get a piece of aluminum foil. Take two tablespoons of dry popcorn kernels and put in the middle of the foil. Now drizzle two tablespoons of vegetable oil also. Do not put more oil because your kernels will not get pop up. In the same way, take other pieces of foil and put kernels and oil in the same way.

Step 4

Now fold the foil by folding half and seal its edges by twisting it. Make sure that its fold is firm and do not get opened up while popping. On the same time, enough space should be left for the popcorn popping. Kernels should not get in the twisted area. You can use one more layer of foil on one end of that packet. Fold it to make the pack sturdy so that you can poke a stick or fork into it.

Step 5

Make as many pouches of the kernel you want with pieces of aluminum foil. The more you make pouches of popcorn, the more kids can enjoy. Also, you can use pie tin if available. It can be easier, cover it with foil and use it to make popcorn.

Step 6

Insert a fork or stick into the pouch. The stick must be long so that your hand won’t get burn. You have to hold the stick for turning the pouch. So attach it properly to prevent the pouch from getting into the fire.

Step 7

Now when you hold the stick from one end, place the pouch on the burning coal top. Either the fire should not be more or hold the stick with pouch higher from the fire. Fire is not needed; only coal heat is enough for making popcorn. As it gets heat, you will hear the popping sound of kernels simultaneously. When the popping starts, you can shake it continuously until that sound stops.

Step 8

If you use pie tins, you can use tongs to hold the pack on heat. Do proper shaking while kernels pop. But do not shake hardly that it may fall into the fire.

Step 9

When the sound of popping stops, you have to remove the packets immediately from the heat. Not to delay for a second also because your popcorn will burn out. Do not try to open the packet when it is too hot.

Step 10

Carefully and slowly open the pack and avoid the steam that comes out from the pack. Now you can add salt and butter as a seasoning. Also if you like to put powder cheese, sugar and garlic for that extra flavor. Seasoning completely depends on each one choice. What your kids like adds it and let them enjoy.

Step 11

After putting seasoning, close the pouch once again to shake it well. Then only the flavor of seasoning will mix up with the popcorn. Now open it and serve.

Step 12

If you want to make more, follow the same process again, step by step.

There may be many other methods to make popcorn on the campfire. This is a simple and easy method you can follow. Do not forget to carry the necessary things to make it. You can find many popcorn poppers online to make it. They may be safe as well as convenient, but it will not give that fun you get from making popcorns on the campfire. Even kids will enjoy this method only if you ask them.

Camping is always fun for kids. Think of some creative ideas to entertain your friends and families while you do camping at night. However, if you know to make popcorn this way, then definitely you are going to keep the attention of the crowd. Age is not at all a matter when it is about popcorn. It not only gives excitement to kids; rather, it brings out the child in every adult who is there, when it gets served among all and starts eating, see the fun throughout the camp.

Try to give your kids the same memories that you had in your childhood. Let them also learn the art of making popcorn on the campfire. But be careful they should not burn their hands. You might need them to keep engaged while camping. Therefore, it is better than this as there is nothing possible at night camping. Include some games also and enjoy the fluffy popcorns.

How To Make Easy Popcorn While Camping Outdoors?
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