How To Pitch A Large Family Tent?

How to pitch a large family tent

Are you planning to visit a campsite this weekend? It is vacation time, and your kids are pestering you to take them on an adventurous journey. What is the better way to enjoy your vacation than amidst nature?

In this article, you will learn how to pitch a large family tent? Though it might seem tedious, it is quite simple, if you are aware of the steps. You need to make sure that you carry along with you all the required items needed for setting up a tent.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Pitch Large Family!

Here are a few steps on how you can pitch a large family tent.

Decide on the layout your tent position

The rule of thumb before setting up a tent is to find an area that is even. Next, make sure that debris like twigs and stones are removed. Low lying areas are strict no because water can stagnate when it rains.

Use a groundsheet or footprint before you set up. That enables you to position your tent and keeps it clean. However, you can make use of a tarp. Tents can be pitched even when it is raining provided you take some additional care.

You need to unroll your tent

Since you have found the ideal spot for your pitching your tent, you can now unroll it. You can make use of a groundsheet or tarp. Likewise, when taking the tent, you can place the tent poles after folding the tent.

Unfold the tent

You can now unfold the tent depending on the footprint you have set up.

Fix the tent poles

The tent poles have to be fixed at the right spots. If you are using a tunnel tent, you can set any pole into the channel because they are the same in size. Other tents come with color codes to help you out.

Fix the tension in the poles

Once down, you have to secure the poles. It helps the tent to become into an arch shape. You will note that once the tent is fixed on the ground, you can fix the tent poles. This helps in to ease the tension and to adjust the fabric of the tent.

Get the tent upright

Now it is time to get the tent in the upright position. The tent pegs have to be kept ready to secure the end lines. The doors of the tent have to be stretched out completely.

Peg out the tent

You need to peg the tent and adjust the lines. You are just checking for those small niggles if any.

Place the inner tents

You need to ensure that the inner tent is ready.

How to pitch or take down a tent when it is windy?

Did you know that wind speeds of more than 40 mph are equal to that of the force of gale? With such wind speeds, pitching and taking down tents can be difficult and dangerous. To help you out, below are few ideas that can help you pitch as well as take down a tent without hassle.

take down a tent


  • You can always wait for the wind speeds to reduce. But when it is getting dark, and you are in a hurry to move out from the campsite, then you have to start pitching or taking down your tent with precautions.
  • If the wind speeds do not seem to settle down, then it makes sense to find a shelter near a boulder or ridge. You can wait in there until the wind speeds die down.
  • Before pitching or taking down your tent, always make sure the surroundings are safe. Perhaps a large tree is near you with a dead branch. Hence, pitch your tent in a place, which is less sheltered.
  • The tent body should be pitched such that the aerodynamic part is facing the wind. However, do not place the door towards the wind. Once down, you can stake the tent on the ground.
  • It is always nice to have extra hands. Perhaps, your partner or friend can help you control the fabric that is flapping when attaching the poles. After attaching the poles, you can attach the fly of the tent.

Taking the tent down

Taking the tent down might seem easier than pitching a tent, but you need to know a few tips just to ensure that you are doing it the right way. Many owners tend to leave the inner areas of the tent up you might not want to do that.

When it is raining, then you must ensure that the inner parts of the tent are dry and safe. Quick wear and tear occur when the inner parts of the tent start getting wet. If it is windy, then wait for some time until the wind dies down and then take down the tent.

Make sure that the doors are unzipped when folding the tent as the air is expelled outside. Not to mention, the tip of the tent tends to peg up when you are rolling it up. Having these pointers in mind next time when you fold your tent can help you take down your tent with ease.

Few of the best family tents to buy for yourself would be as follows:

  • Airgo Stratus 600 Tent
  • Robens Kiowa Tent
  • Eurohike Buckingham Elite 8 Tent, Millets
  • ProAction 6 Man 2 Room Tent
  • Vango Nadina 600 Family Tent
  • Quechua 6.3XL Family Seconds Air Tent
  • Vango Drummond 500

Things to consider before pitching your tent

  • You must choose a location that is free from debris and dirt.
  • The location must also be flat. You do not want to pitch your tent on an uneven surface.
  • It is best to start by laying down a ground cloth or footprint.
  • You should make sure that the tent position is such that you are not facing the sun or wind. However, do not compromise on ventilation.
  • Do trials in your backyard with your partner or kids before you decide to visit a park or campsite.
  • Always make sure that you are following the instructions given in the manual.
  • When the ground cloth or footprint exceeds the tent size, then tuck it in, as rainwater will not get collected.

There you go you can now pitch a large family tent without hassle. Just make sure that you follow the above pointers as it will help you immensely set it up quickly. Remember, to have fun when doing so and make sure to enjoy your trip in the camping site along with your family.

How To Pitch A Large Family Tent?
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