How To Plan Your Next Camping Trip Like A Pro?

Do you have a desire to spend an outdoor vacation with the family or friends? If so, camping remains the best outdoor trip option you can pick up to enjoy the beauty of nature. Countryside camping trips allow you to escape from the hectic city life and get reconnected with nature’s beauty.

There are many campsites accessible where you will find peace, listen to the trickling streams, chirping birds and enjoy the light breeze that blows touching the trees. Now it’s fall, and the temperature is going down, pan a camping vacation with your near and dear ones to enjoy the season. Let’s have a look at how to plan a camping trip which will remain adventurous also an enjoyable one with your friends.

You should ask yourself first, “What exactly you wish to do with your friends”. Remember there are a variety of campsites available which has their pros and cons. If it is a primitive campsite, you need to take permit in advance. RV camping is a convenient way to enjoy the trip with family. For this, you need to reserve the campsite and make sure you get the electrical hookup you need.

Primitive camping has few challenges, so you should arrange drinking water, access to restroom and electricity. These factors should be considered during the planning stage. If you are planning to travel in a large group, consider their varying interest. Next thing you should plan remains the activities each person in the group would like to indulge in. This includes whether you would like to go for trekking, rafting, biking, or surfing. Take into account whether you are going to stay in a tent, RV or a camper.

Some campsites remain tent-friendly while others not. Make sure you find a camp place where you can park your vehicle. Your plan should cover each person’s expectation so that the trip remains an enjoyable one.

Explore online top camping destinations

top camping destinations

There are great outdoor locations available where you can enjoy the pristine natural surroundings and adventurous sites that inspire the wild. You should get some idea about the best campsites available near the place where you stay. There are some states popular for camping. You can make a list of some top camping destinations after searching online.

Few favourite camping destinations in the US remain New MexicoColoradoMontana, and Missouri. The place offers a variety of landscape, mountain, desert, and beaches. Some national parks where you can pitch a tent in the US are Great Smoky MountainGrand CanyonGlacier, and Yellowstone.

If looking for wilderness and rugged mountains, experience backcountry camping in Canada, an outdoor adventurous space ideal for family camping in Glacier National Park and getaway to Montana, camping at Lake Tahoe remains a favourite destination for many in North America. If beach camping is your priority, there are pretty coasts that offer a variety of water sports activities and enjoy relaxing at the beach.

A backcountry camping includes hiking in the wilderness. It remains real outdoor adventure, staying in a remote area. So you need to carry all your essentials with you because you can’t rely on your car. There are some popular backcountry sites accessible only for camping. Check important details before you head forward.

Reserve the campground

Once the hunt is over for the perfect campground, there are certain things to consider before reserving the site. Make sure you ask for suggestions from your friends. Search online for the destination to know whether the place is safe for camping or not. There are campground sites available where you can call directly to collect information. Now you must check for availability.

Summer, holidays and weekends usually remain occupied, so you may require making bookings prior. You can perform a campsite booking online by simply choosing the preferable dates. Reserve your spot as they remain convenient to plan your trip ahead.

Make a list of menu

list of menu

First-time campers may find it hard to plan menu beforehand to the camping trip. You have to plan your snacks; meal and ingredient need for cooking during your trip. You will get bored eating burgers, sandwiches and a hot dog for every meal. While camping, the many love to eat flavorful food items that can be cooked fast without using bulky ingredients, if you have the right cooking tools and storage, have fun cooking with your friends outdoor.

You should pack a camping stove with propane as a fuel for support. Some important kitchen tools you should carry include knife, spatula, pot, spoons, pan, utensils, cup, plates, and container. Just because you are cooking outdoor, doesn’t mean you compromise with your favourite spices. Don’t forget to pack basics like salt, sugar, cooking oil and pepper.

You can prepare a few things prior to your home to save time. Chop fruits and veggies, store them in a container. For the food items to stay fresh, you should carry ice-filled coolers with you. Coolers will also keep your drink chill during summer.

Create a packing list

You need a checklist to make sure you have packed all the necessary things. You can take a print out of the list, to make the process easier. A tent remains must-have but makes sure you carry tarps and extra ropes. You will need to have a sleeping bag, pillow, and blanket. Some things you shouldn’t forget are:

  • Essential toiletries
  • Swimwear
  • Sleepwear
  • Undergarments
  • Rainwear
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Trash bag

Few others you should load in your backpack are a flashlight, water bottles, sneakers, first aid kit, insect repellent, matches, playing cards, and sunglasses.

Set up the camp superbly

Once you reach the campsite, you need to find out a place where you could stay for the weekend. Make sure you prefer a place to camp where there are shades so that you remain cool during the daytime. Set up your tent and settle in with the cooking supplies. Make sure there are no annoying campers near your tent.

There are certain things you must keep in mind while camping outdoor, which include being friendly with other camping groups, keeping the surrounding clean and understanding the wildlife in that area. When you are ready to leave the place, make sure you don’t leave any trace behind, and space should look better than before.

Finally, inform your near ones where you are going to spend your weekend and when you are planning to be back. Carry a large camping rucksack as it has many compartments where you can store your essentials. A camping trip can never be daunting for first-timers if they plan the trip rightly.

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