How To Repair Fabric Tears For Camping Tents?

How To Repair Fabric Tears For Camping Tents

Camping tents give us roof and side cover in the wilderness or wherever we erect it. It is favorable in a quiet and undisturbed environment. In short, it takes the beating of rough surface and weather. You should not be surprised if it gets damaged in the process. If you overlook its tears and rubs and after camping pack it away believes me, you may have to purchase a new one on your next camping trip.

A tiny tear in a tent can aggravate fast. You should be proficient enough to repair your tent when on the move during camping. Take with you mending material to camping. Rips, tears, and leaks happen when tent is pitched stiffly. Give your tent concession to move in high winds. Make use of shock cords. Survey the ground for protruding roots, sharp rocks before laying out the tent. Clear out debris and then erect the tent.

How To Repair Fabric Tears For Camping Tents?

Pack the tent in dry condition. If the damp tent is packed mildew, it is likely to grow on it. Removing it will be a herculean task. On camping, you may have to store a wet tent but make sure to dry it once home. Double-check to see that pegging points are totally dry. If you happen to notice tear and cuts fix them before storing away.

Before you set out for outdoors, pitch your tent for checking. Simply taking out of the bag will not help. Check for wear and tear and signs for stubborn mildew. This way, you will not struggle with your tent once the destination is reached and you begin to pitch it.

Tips for Repair Tricks!

How and where the tent is erected influences its lasting property and longevity. Keep in mind to pitch tent on level ground. Throw away stones pointed roots rocks so that the tent is not eroded. Moreover, putting more pressure on the tent leads to damage. Pressure can be in the form of stretching or application of force. Tie it sufficiently lose so that winds do not tear it apart.

Be in the lookout for an isolated and sheltered place to pitch the tent. That way you will be protected from:

  • Wind velocity
  • Thorough fares kept away
  • Peaceful existence

You can learn the tricks on tent repairs from the internet, your friends who are frequent campers and apply your discretion. Tents can be repaired in advance or on-site as soon as it gets damaged.

Insect screen repair is through pasting masking tapes on the tear. Keep the sites tightly together. Seam grip line is needed close to the tear. Sewing patches spoil the beauty as untidy work becomes visible. A sealant can be applied with ease. It must be left overnight to dry. After that masking tape can be removed. The seam grip absorbs dampness from the surroundings and becomes tough, translucent film once dried. If a relatively larger area is affected, then the method is to cut that part and place a spare sheet of mesh. Glue it the appropriate place. The same way hand stitch work can be done.

Tent fabrics on either side completed through silicone elastomeric is another method. You can repair it using stitch patches, and you may repair it through gluing. In case you are gluing keep handy silicone elastomeric and silicone sealants. These are easily be procured from a hardware shop. The large tear is repaired through stitched patches. Hand seal with appropriate sealant can also be used. Spray the sealant with talc so that tent does not stick to the guild part.

Lightly coated tent of average weight

Repair it through sail marking the fabric. You can buy rip-stop tape from any shop. Trim the corners of the patches in round shape and stitch it at the damaged place. It is not easy to peel it. Allow it to dry completely. Later, undertake the next step.

Puny tears and nicks can be dealt with seam tape which is hot-pressed with a hot iron. Keep the heat as medium. Test the iron on white photocopier paper. The seam tape face should be down on tear. 7 mm of tape should be allowed to overlap to the adjoining region. Iron by pressing down for 5 seconds. Inspect the tape and retry again if required for more time and heat.

Use Rip-Stop nylon for nylon tents, taffeta on canvas tents. Put tape off both sides of the tear. Be careful not to make snags and leaks. Edges should be bound with seam sealer on either side. If for instance canvas sealer is used on nylon tent it will be damaged. Large tears can be sewn or else patched by repair tape.

Inspect and then decide to give it extra pressure after turning the edge ΒΌ inch inwards. Make use of sewing awl with a powerful waxed thread making a new seam. Place the repair in such a way that water runs off it very conveniently. Employ stitches small and close to each other. The double seam is very durable.

Rip or tear in the tent is a problem. Wind, air, rain and small wild animals can find entry through it. Seam sealer should be applied after tent tape is applied on both sides. Pick the right kit. For large rip crocheting will be required. Relaxed tent material pulls the broken sides and sews tightly. If material is not relaxed apply repair tape. The dimension should be bigger than the rip.

Nylon rip gives out frilled edges and chances of tearing more is very much there. With sharp scissors trim out the extra treads hanging loosely. In case the tent is dirty, wash it to take out the dirt. If the tent is reasonably clean, make use of rubbing alcohol around the tear from both sides inside and outside. Steam the tent to erase the creases around the tear. The flat tent will be easy to repair. Repairing fabric tears for camping tents is an effortless way of life.

Fix seam grip on the outer part of the tent along the tear. Keep puny brush or use your finger and see that seam grip covers the tear. Extra cushion of quarter-inch around the tear is the wise thing to do. Extra grip enhances the strength and waterproofing in repairs. The tape makes repairing lasting.

The knowledge of tent repair on-site or at home gives you a good experience in this field. Pay attention to what experienced campers tell you as a way of guidance. It will go a long way to make your outdoor life worthwhile. All the tips given are not difficult to read and understand and learn them.

Campers are with family and children. The campers of both the sexes should be proficient in repairing tents. A stitch in time saves nine is the saying most appropriate. A small rip mended at the onset will help you in not investing in the tent purchase again and again.

How To Repair Fabric Tears For Camping Tents?
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