How To Set Up A Camping Tent On The Beach?

How To Set Up A Camping Tent On The Beach

So, summer vacations have started, and your kids are pestering you to take them out to the nearby beach located in town. They want to go camping and have some fun and excitement. Unfortunately, for you, it is your first time camping on the beach, and you have no idea how to proceed.

In this scenario, you have two choices. You can either visit a campsite that comes with all the facilities like a bathroom, water, and restrooms. Otherwise, you can go to a remote location and have a thrilling adventure.

If you are part of the latter group, then you will need to go well prepared. To do that, you need a stable tent, backpack, 4WD vehicle to help you around. Of course, you need to camp where permits are allowed on the beach.

Where to Camp?

This depends on the state, county, or city you are based in. The best way you would want to start is camp on the sand. You may not be able to do it anywhere you feel like on the beach. Factors like shade, high tide, strong winds, and people should be taken into consideration.

At the same time, you do not want to choose a very remote place where nobody will find you. The ideal space would be where you have some vegetation and land. This gives you a firm base to set up a tent.

Please always make sure never to camp on dunes or fragile environments. That is because you can find animals loitering around there in search of food. Not to mention, it is their habitat.

When the beach is rocky, then you might want to move back to soft-land with some vegetation on it. You do not want to wander away in the bushes where bugs are present. Of course, you do not want to camp in areas where there is high tide. You can do your research using the internet and find out the ideal spot for yourself. So, knowing where you are going to camp should be first on your list.

What kind of shelter do you need?

The ideal shelter you need to be looking for is a floorless one like a tarp. It comes in a pyramid shape with a pole in the center. Though the sand is your floor, a rug can be used to help you sleep comfortably and clean.

Of course, when there are bugs, then you would want to opt for tents. Go with the one that comes with a mesh body. That offers you with excellent ventilation. You can also choose a tent with a rainfly.

It stretches to the ground to protect you from storms. Make sure that the tent comes with a porch area for cooking or hanging out purposes. The best way to keep your tent hygienic is to have a small rug with your footwear in there.

You can make use of mattresses that are lightweight and comfortable. They should be warm, cheap, and resistant to water. Remember, beaches can be windy and cold at night. A sleeping pad would be ideal in these kinds of conditions.

How to set up tents on the beach?

It is a fact that tents can be set up just about anywhere. Of course, they can be a daunting task on the beach. With sand and water all around, it becomes difficult to go about things. As you know, tents can stand up only on the hard ground. There are different methods to set up tents on a beach. We have discussed them briefly.

1. Using sandbags

This is when you can consider using sandbags for setting up tents on the beach. That is right. Decide the spot you want to set your tent. With the help of a shovel, dig a hole. You need to leave the right amount of space from each hole.

With the help of small bags, place the sand into them. Once you are done filling the sand into the bags, you will need to tie the sandbags on the guy line attachment located on the sides of the tent.

2. Using a few rocks

You can also use rocks instead of sandbags. If you are lucky enough, you can find a few heavy rocks around you on the beach. They are extremely useful in keeping the tent steady during heavy winds.

You can wrap the guy line attachment around the rocks. Since the stones are quite heavy and solid, they keep your tent safe at all times. However, sandbags are commonly used because they are easy to get done, and even kids can chip in with the task.

3. Do not forget to adjust the tightness.

To adjust the tightness of the tents, you can add a few more sandbags. The more the number of bags, the stronger your tent is. They weigh the tent down. You can add some water to the sandbags to make them heavier if you feel that the winds are very strong. At times, it can get windy. As you pour the water on the sandbags, it becomes heavier.

How to be safe when camping on the beach?

  • When you go camping in a remote area, and then remember that lifeguards or nobody for that matter will be there to help you out. So choose the location wisely.
  • You need to have all your medications with you. Not to mention, your phone reception may not work. Try to borrow a GPS phone or handset from somebody.
  • Have a plan for an emergency. Travel in groups of at least 8-10 people. This way, you have somebody to help out, just in case.
  • Perhaps, neighbors or friends would be an ideal company. Not to mention, have somebody act as a watchman at night and lifeguard at day.
  • Make sure that you know how to perform CPR and apply first aid. Knowing how to swim is a must. If you do not know how to swim, then avoid the water.
  • Carry sufficient water with you because it is going to be hot and sunny out there. Though it is fine to carry soft drinks and beers, make sure to have gallons of water. You may calculate one gallon per day per person.

These are some safety tips to follow, to be on the safe side. You are welcome to make your safety list. It varies from individual to individual. Not all families are the same. When taking the elderly along with you, make sure to be extra cautious with them.

Though most of the areas in America allow you to set up a camping tent on the beach, you need to find the perfect spot. You need a gentle breeze to cool you down, some privacy, as well some security too.

However, you need also to beware that Mother Nature, at times, has a mind of her own. Hence, you will need to take precautions, too, to be on the safe side. Empower yourself with knowledge of how to set up tents on a beach, bring sufficient supplies, and always have emergency numbers on standby.

This helps you to enjoy your small summer break along with your family. After all, camping on the beach is meant to be adventurous and exciting. Following these steps ensures that you enjoy your beach experience, without having to run behind your tent carried away in the wind.

How To Set Up A Camping Tent On The Beach?
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