Your Full Guide On How To Set Up A Pop Up Camper

how to set up a pop up camper

Need a portable home that offers more stability than a tent?

True, staying warm in a canvas shelter can be a task too hard during the cold seasons, especially if you have little campers to look after. Your best choice to prevent having to go back in the middle of the night is to get a tent trailer.

You may rent or purchase this shelter, depending on how often you will take it to the wilderness. But what you can appreciate about the solid tent is that it can house a large group of people. Some even come with several bunks, so you won’t need to share a tiny bed. The fact that the flooring does not touch the ground as well speaks volumes.

Before you head out, find out how to set up a pop up camper first.


Part #1: Levelling The Base Portion

What You Need



A crank is a bent metal bar used to turn heavy knobs attached to the tent. Any trailer usually comes with one.

Wheel Chocks


These are blocks of woods that can stop your camper from moving on its own. You may bring the excess pieces from old construction or buy them at the hardware shop.

Wooden Stands


The wooden stands should be thick and sturdy to be able to manage the weight of the trailer. You’ll need these items prior to detaching the truck from it.

Wooden Stands


Your pop up camper does not have a negligible weight. Hence, you have to hold it up with jack stands which have been designed for this work.

Wooden Boards (Optional)


In case the jacks are a little short compared to the trailer’s height, feel free to include wooden panels to the fray.

Getting The Process Right

The proper procedure on how to set up a pop up camper is supposed to consist of a long series of steps. For the sake of clarity, however, I have divided it into two parts. Here is the first half of that:

Step 1: Park The Trailer.

Step 2: Place the wheel chocks close to the tires.

Step 3: Steady the camper with wooden stands.

Step 4: Pull the car away from the shelter.

Step 5: Check the bubble in the level.

Step 6: Use the metal stands.

Part #2: Raising The Top Portion

What You Need


Don’t put away the camper’s crank after the first part is over. It can help when it’s time to move the roof upwards as well.

Bed Poles

What’s amazing about a trailer is that it is furnished with actual beds. You simply need to ascertain that the poles to prop them up are in the unit.


Yes, a camper should have a door to keep you and your belongings safe. This material is often stashed away on the ceiling.

Water vessel

You’re fortunate if the campsite has a clean source of water. In case there isn’t one, it’s important to bring a container or two for your supply.

Drain Pipe

The drain pipe will help you conserve water while refilling the vessel. You may get one from the store or an internet seller if you don’t have it.

Getting The Process Right

Now, for the second and final half of the procedure, check out these subsequent steps. Watch this clip as well to understand how to set up a pop up camper more: 

Step 1: Unclasp the roof.

Step 2: Push it up with the crank.

Step 3: Arrange the beddings.

Step 4: Zip the canvas.

Step 5: Install the door.

Step 6: Assemble the cabinet and sink.

Step 7: Make sure there’s water.

Step 8: Find a power source.

Clear On How To Set Up A Pop Up Camper Now?

When a portable tent does not make the cut on your list of camping necessities, get a trailer instead. Sleeping in this shelter won’t make you miss your bed at home so much. Electricity and other trimmings are even bonus luxuries. Just make sure you’ll learn how to set up a pop up camper before heading outdoors.

I want to know if this tutorial has been helpful to you. Share your experience in the comments below, will you?

Your Full Guide On How To Set Up A Pop Up Camper
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