How To Set Up Portal/Cabela’s Mega Camp Kitchen Outdoors?

How To Set Up PortalCabela's Mega Camp Kitchen Outdoors

Are you having trouble understanding how to set up your camp kitchen? Is your family outing being ruined by confusion and frustration? Worry not, as we bring to you a detailed and easy to understand step-by-step guide on how to set your camp kitchen up.

With a thorough explanation at your hand, it will be easy for you to set up Cabela's mega-camp kitchen without the fear of hurting yourself or breaking any essential equipment. Outdoor activities require cooking on the spot - even if you are merely indulging in a backyard barbeque – hence, it is necessary to be efficient with setting a camp kitchen.

First, we are going to address a few precautions to consider that we do not have to do anything with the setting up of the camp kitchen directly but it is essential to take notice of.

Carry bag and its Robustness!

To ensure that your camp kitchen set is safely portable, you need to check the straps and material of the bag it is being carried in. This is to avoid any mishandling and possible injury by the equipment of the set falling out. It is also necessary to ensure that you have packed all the big to small items of the set before leaving for the location you will be camping out in, or traveling to. Any missing part will create a hindrance in building the camp kitchen to its entirety.

Plastic containers for washing dishes!

A lot of campers using this kitchen refer to use the already provided sink that comes with the set to wash their dirty dishes in. But we suggest carrying a separate set of two plastic containers for this task – one for soapy water, and another for clean water. As the provided sink is too large to contain a small amount of water, and a little flimsy to not slosh the dirty water over, this trick is recommended for easy dishwashing.

Now that we know what specifics to reflect upon before doing the actual deed, let us we move onto explaining how to set up a portable camp kitchen, through easy steps:

Step 1: The main base structure

This is the most important part of the portable camp kitchen, as it serves as the base for your entire set. It has been folded from both the sides and in the middle. The first thing to do is the pull out the folded legs of the table at both sides. Make sure to lock the clicks between the legs of the tables where they are adjoined at the base. If those clips are not checked and straightened out, the table may collapse under heavy weight.

The next step within this phase is to straighten out the folded middle part to the extent that it cannot be pulled out anymore so that it is sturdy enough to support the entire frame.

Step 2: The removable/attachable pantries

The camp kitchen set comes with two extra pantries, which you can hang anywhere you wish to. However, right below the two side tables, there is enough space that provides convenient placing of the pantries. All you have to do is flatten out the crumpled fabric of the pantry, and then attach the loops at sewn into edges to the hooks underneath the table.

This makes sure that your pantry hangs safely, and is completely uncurled for optimum use and strong base – as it comes with six solid hooks. After this step, the initial structure has been formed for your camp kitchen.

Step 3: The shelf

Next thing to do is to attach the shelf at the other side of your camp kitchen – not the front side. The back of the base table comes with two hollow rods at each end of the surface. The shelf has to be pulled taut and straightened out. Two rods will appear at the bottom of the two shelves, both of which come attached in one frame. Carefully slide those slim rods into the hollow ones at the sides of the middle part of the kitchen, make sure to push it down until it cannot go further anymore. The topmost shelves come with hooks underneath for you to hang anything you want.

Step 4: The grill

the grill over


After you have attached the shelf at the back, the next step is to attach the grill over the middle part of the base structure. This grill has to be fitted into space right over the folded legs at the center, where there are knobs to attach to. You have to place the edges of the grill into these knobs, and ensure that they have fitted into them tightly enough not to fall out.

Step 5: The sink

The sink is a flimsy bag-like structure that you have to place right over the grill. The curved edges of the center part serve as the base for the sink to hold onto with the help of curved knobs. Double-check whether it is firmly attached or not to avoid any mishaps. Furthermore, make sure that the drainage pipe is connected to the bottom of the sink.

Step 6: The table top

The final piece is the table top that fits like a second skin above the sink, over the curved edges of the center frame. All you have to do is press it down until it cannot move anymore, and there you have it!

You are now equipped with your portable camp kitchen ready to use. At family gatherings, you won’t have to waste any extra time of mantling the camp kitchen with difficulty and end up frustrated.

After you get the gist of the structural formation the first time, it is extremely easy to set the whole kitchen up other times – within fewer minutes. And if you think that it is problematic to dismantle the kitchen, you’ve been mistaken. It is tremendously easy to do so – adding to that, all the pieces of the set will fit right back into the bag they came in.

Here is video  that you can follow through for visual explanation on how to set your portable camp kitchen outdoors:

Hopefully, you find this tutorial helpful and easy enough to bring yourself to the completion of your camp kitchen. It is important to pay heed to every detail of the steps, as to not miss out any main points and end up with a malfunctioning construction.

Lastly, make comment on whether this article is helpful or not, and add any extra tips if you have of yours. Don’t forget to share this article with anyone you think needs help with setting their camp kitchen up.

How To Set Up Portal/Cabela’s Mega Camp Kitchen Outdoors?
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