How To Sleep In An SUV When Traveling Outdoors?

How To Sleep In An SUV When Traveling Outdoors

We all love to travel outdoors, and some days we love to stay overnight at the campgrounds. Some college kids, professionals or anyone can get confused while traveling. In those instances, you may want to find a good place to sleep.

There is hope left! This post is for you. You can use your SUV as the perfect bed for a snuggly night.

Travelers don’t have to struggle for hours trying to figure out how to make a portable bed. In fact, for those who haven’t planned about any resting or bed setups yet. You can have a goal of setting up a healthy bed to end the day in the most appropriate manner.

The closest most of us have got in to solve this puzzle is by building a cozy bed in the SUV. Most people rarely create one since they get into a mess in the SUV. Here we all mess up.

Students and travelers find usual bed setups too pricey. You may have ruined their night’s sleep and the car with unwanted stuff and other processes.

Solve this problem with the simplest materials.

This simple process might have discovered a solution for this sleeping issue.

Recently I traveled long distances in my SUV. And I have discovered something called the SUV bed set up. You too can sleep in an SUV easily.

This simple process might be something great that you can add to your healthy bedtime routine. It’s healthy, easy; there are only a few materials. The above clues mean that this task is super fun to complete!

A bed set up in the SUV might sound strange. You might think: Tough or Tiring! Have no fear. There’s no reason you can’t adopt the set up according to your needs. Remember to clean everything beforehand. Clean stuff is easy to manage and healthy for you.

Bed Set Up: Bed setting process for one person in an SUV.

Serves: one

Prep time: 10 minutes

Complete Time: 40 minutes


  • A self-inflating camp mattress or camp bed 3 and a half inch - this is the main thing that people need.
  • There is a sleeping bag liner that you can use as a fitting liner on the pad. Roll up the bag to make it compact.
  • A couple of pillows - travel pillows camp pillows with little pillowcases.
  • A sheet of plywood is not very thick to support the head while sleeping.
  • Blanket
  • Sleeping bag
  • Top sheet

Optional ingredients to help safety:

  • Chords


  • A drilling machine to make holes in the plywood.
  • The cleaning liquid to clean any dirty surfaces.


Kindly find the video version of this set up here or below!

The next steps are just three. Setting up the rear seat, setting up the materials in the right way, and adding the chords to the plywood.

Let’s begin the process!

  • Go to the back seat or rear seat of the SUV. Great news for SUV owners! Some SUV models have the ability where the rear seats fall, pretty easy for a flat position.
  • Clean the rear seats and other unclean materials well with cleaning liquids.
  • Pull any one of the rear seats down. You need an arrangement that doesn’t hit the back of the front seat. Very flat no bumps; it’s just one smooth continuous surface. A foot and a half space must be present below it.
  • Remove the headrest on the side. While sleeping, you don’t need bumps. When you are driving, you need something flat in the backseat. Complete this need with the help of the plywood and Para chords.
  • Place all the other materials in the rear seat.

Check out these links:

For the plywood platform

  • Drill holes on two corners of the plywood.
  • Tie chords to the drilled corners.
  • Tie the other end of the chords to the window.
  • Place the plywood on the rear seat. Position it on the seat such that its end touches the back window.
  • Add the keychain. Clip the key chains to the plywood from the SUV window. It must hang from each headrest support. After the two get clipped well, you can get ready for the bed. Now, this is a nice long sleeping platform for you.
  • Place the set up over the rear seats of the SUV. The end of the plywood must hit the back of the SUV till the end. In this way, the plywood balances and sits on the rear can seat perfectly.
  • You can place the inflatable bed on the plywood and then add the bed sheets and the pillows. Check if everything is safe to use. Don’t allow any loose ends or dangerous stuff to hang in the setup.
  • We can use plastic bins, duffle bags as an alternative.
  • If they don’t fall or are with bumps, then you can build a solid platform with plywood. Lay it across, put materials underneath, and put little legs to keep it off the uneven areas.
  • Inflate the bed stuff and place all the materials on the plywood. Check that there is a lot of leg room.

A quick note:

A 5'11 person can easily sleep in the back seat with an inch or two spaces left.

After you’re done, the set up must look like this:

  • This set up is the easy way with the back seat falling nicely. Don't use sheets during warm nights. During cold nights, you can use warmer clothes to stay warm.
  • All this stuff is usually stored in the back of the SUV when not in use. These materials go in the back storage of the SUV for later use.

Doesn’t this sound awesome?

If you want, you can change the arrangement. Just change the plywood position or the rear seat on the go. Change the plywood or other materials according to your needs. It’s a pretty easy quick set up for the busy traveler or a rebel!

Trying and finding new set ups are one of the best parts of travel. Beds set up combinations from other travelers maybe just one way to bring back the magic of a tour. Let’s hope for some of us, who have bed challenges; this set up solves the sleeping problem.

What setting up of bed do you like while traveling? What is your favorite way to sleep and rest while in an SUV?

Did you find the post helpful? Let us know in the comments!

How To Sleep In An SUV When Traveling Outdoors?
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