How To Start A Fire With Rocks When Camping In The Woods?

Nature has connected the human with a primal link with fire. During camping or staying at such places where a man does not get the suitable stuff to lighten a fire or make a fire without matchstick or lighter, even some rocks can also help him to burn a fire with little knowledge of ancient natural fire idea.

As in prehistoric times, the fire was also an important innovation which led the man to make progress in the cooking process, foodstuff, keeping them warm and many other works. As it is said, “necessity is the mother of all invention.”

When the human advancement started, we found many ways to generate fire in every place like fields, home, deserts, forests, hill stations, during climatic changes, snowstorms, and winters, etc. fire has also become as an essential survival skill, and every human should know how to create fire in some conditions with the available resources. You can go with the option like starting a fire with rocks.

Is it possible to start a fire without matchstick?

start a fire without matchstick

If a man does not have any matchstick, explosive substance or a lighter; he can use ordinary resources like rocks, stones, etc. also to burn the fire and make his work done. By being able to make fires quickly and efficiently in any climatic circumstances, you will be better prepared for alternative situations. Some situations like if matchsticks get wet or been damaged by water or wet conditions, we can burn fire use of rocks.

Even it is possible to make fire by creating friction between two stone surfaces by rubbing these stones. A spark will be there on rubbing, and this is how you can make fire. Earlier people used to make fire using the same way. Rubbing needs hard work, and it takes a longer time than any other alternative, but earlier people were dependent on this mode of producing fire.

This is the old technique, and you may find it hard to go with this. Sometimes fire produced by stone rubbing will heat up, but it does not burn like wood or not light into the fire.

Some other ways to start a fire:

You might have heard about an interesting type of rock like flint. You can produce fire by whacking steel and flint. You can find this rock easily in the forest, but you should be careful while going with this option. It can create an instant spark that can turn things around you like grass or wood. Earlier people know lots of such techniques, and they used to use these tricks for existing and surviving during camping.

During camping in the woods or the desert, to start an instant fire without matchsticks or any fire substance material, firstly we have to find such rocks which have such capability to produce spark or fire.

The most commonly and widely used in fire starting is flint or any rock which belongs to the group of material with the same elements, such as Quartz, Obsidian, Agate, or Jasper.

While making fire with the rocks mentioned above, we must also deliberate the type of things such as stone/wood that you are going to use.

Not all woods are belong the similar properties. Woods may be different, and it all depends on the chemical structure and standards. You should be well aware of the things that affect the flammability of the wood so that you can go with the right wood under the right circumstances.

Friction is created on rubbing these sticks, and it raises the temperature. Wood starts burning when it reaches the required temperature and get hot enough. It keeps burning for a while by using the oxygen in the air. But the sticks take longer time than stones. Stones and rocks make an instant spark; you need to get the wood or grass to burn.

Making a fire using stones does not mean that you can use any stone. This is a complicated process, and you may need some specific stones to make it happen. You may have to know diverse types of stones so that spark can be produced while taking and rubbing them together.


Tinder is another element that can help create fire instantly. It must be a dry, inflammable material that will burn very easily. Fire is an essential need for human being and to generate it people need a particular way or other fire substances, you’ll need a certain type of rock and steel which can spark a fire.

Most of the people do not know about the rocks and steel that can be used to make fire without the proper knowledge of it. The types of rocks that can generate fire are commonly found at such places and essential for the people who are adventure lover.

There are many options to learn this technique, and one of them is to ask a local skilled person, or you can buy survival books by the people who experience the situations on flint and steel fire starting or ask a confined geologist.

Many shops sell these types of stones which can be used for fire-starting from them you learn this technique at home. So you need a high edged rock as a set of two, if there’s a small-size astound that you like, there’s the option of keeping it convenient. When examining for rocks, respectable places to look may include river banks and rocky gradients near hills and highlands, the riverside area have most of the flint stone.

When you have set of two different high edged rocks, then you can start it by giving it an attempt, firstly you have to break off an angle of the rock to make a high-pitched edge. The edge of the stone varieties it at ease for the stone to trim off small bits of toughens that, with the help of roughness, generate the desirable spark that is important for fire.

Also, you’ll require firewood, which is a trifling cluster of kindling, for starting a fire bycatch the spark. Suggested tinder materials are any dead plant, dry plant material or old plant, scorched cotton cloth.

Deep forest, vast desert, and deep valley are the places where survival of human being is tougher than any other places. People of these places already know these types of techniques, and we should also give it a try for future safety. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query.

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