7 Steps On How To Stay Cool While Camping

how to stay cool while camping

Camping in the summer will never lose its appeal to old or new generation of adventurers. The feeling of being near a bonfire while dancing, singing, and sharing stories with your loved ones? It will be a dreamlike experience every time.

The only downfall I notice is the warm temperature that’s borderline uncomfortable. For sure, the site may have electricity, but the trip will lose its purpose if you carry an electric fan. Thus, how to stay cool while camping? Here’s one way for you.


Items You Need


Your shelter should let fresh air come as much as possible. Ensuring it can make your portable room extra relaxing.

Sleeping Bag

Bedrolls are still essential to stop the insects from biting your feet and legs. Despite that, seek a sleep sack with arm holes.

Reflective Blanket

This product throws back the sunlight. You can use a reflective tarp in case the shade that a tree provides isn’t enough to cool your space.

Insulated Water Bottle

Insulated Water Bottle

Cold water is necessary to douse the heat of the night or day. It’s ideal to keep the liquid in an insulated bottle so that the water won’t become lukewarm.

The Process

This procedure on how to stay cool while camping contains tips and alternatives every camper must know. Make sure to retain all these steps in your head so that any summer outdoor trip will be easy-peasy.

Step 1: Pack Thin Clothes.

Step 2: Pick A Shade-Y Spot.

Step 3: Keep Close To A Body Of Water.

Step 4: Manage Your Schedule Of Activities.

Step 5: Prepare Cool Foods.

Step 6: Set Up And Ventilate The Tent.

Step 7: Use An Appropriate Sleeping Bag.

Still Wondering?

You’ve just read a straightforward way of keeping your body’s temperature moderate during an outdoor adventure. This is how to stay cool while camping without needing to take gadgets that you already use at home.

How do you stay cool while camping? Share your own advice in the comments’ section

7 Steps On How To Stay Cool While Camping
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