A Fool-Proof Guide on How to Stay Warm in a Tent

When planning an outdoor activity, you can never exclude camping from the equation. This is as close as anyone can get to become one with nature.

The beautiful thing about camping is that you are allowed to do it during any season. You sleep and cook with friends as well, which bonds you more together. If you’re in luck, there may be other groups nearby that you can share stories with.

The question now is, how to stay warm in a tent? We fully understand your concern about this. But, as what the younger generation says these days, chill. Here is an ultimate step-by-step guide on how you’ll get to achieve that.

Method #1: Make It Cozy

Items You’ll Need


There are modern tents that pop out of its case as a whole. You may purchase that in case you don’t want to build it from scratch. Another practical solution, if ever you wish to go camping throughout the year, is a tent that’s useful for all seasons.

Insulating Pads

The ground holds much coldness, so you need to bring insulating pads to cover it with. This ensures that you will not possibly catch hypothermia from sleeping close to the earth. They should not give you a hassle on the way to the site as well since they are quite light.

Hot Stones

Stones teach you how to heat a tent in a different way. If the insulating pads are not enough, look for several pieces of it and place in the fire. Apparently, a stone can keep heat for a long while; that’s why you may put them inside your shelter to warm it up.


A basic gas stove is all you have to bring to cook your meals. Camping means connecting with nature once again, and so you can leave the fancy electric range at home.

Warm Food

In case you are on a diet, forget it. You’re not supposed to solely rely on the insulators and stones to provide you warmth when the night falls. It also has to come from within, so it’s important if you eat foods that are pumped with calories. Noodles, potatoes, and chocolates are great examples of that.

How to Proceed

The first method demonstrates what you should do as soon as you reach the base camp. The earlier you act this out, the cozier your temporary room may become.

Step 1: Level the ground you’ll sleep on.

Find a flat spot on the ground and compress it even further by stomping on it. You already know about the cold weather, but it shouldn’t entail that you have to deal with body pain from laying on an uneven surface.

Step 2: Setup the tent.

Once you are satisfied with the flooring, bring out your shelter to arrange it. The amount of time that this second step will take depends on your expertise and the kind of camp you have. Remember, however, not to rush this process if you are not familiar with what you are doing.

Step 3: Insulate the tent’s interior.

Use the hot stones and insulating pads to heat up your room in the outdoors. There is no right or wrong on how to stay warm in a tent with these items. If you’re curious about the way that the experts do it, watch this clip:

Step 4: Eat a hearty meal.

I’ve seen campers get a dehydrated dish with rice and rehydrate it with hot water. You may try that or just cook instant noodles and finish the meal with coffee or tea.

Step 5: Open the ventilation flaps.

Condensation builds up in closed spaces, so be sure to open the vents inside the tent to stop it from forming.

Method #2: Prepare for a Shut-Eye

Items You’ll Need

Extra Clothes

Because your aim is to maintain the warmth in your body, only pack breathable apparel that’s made out of wool. It’s best to leave the cottony ones behind as they hold moisture.

Sleeping Bag

Your sleeping bag doesn’t have to be brand-new, yet it should be free from holes or tears. If there are any, it can be difficult for you to stay warm in a tent.

Regular Blankets

A sleeping bag probably cannot heat up the shelter; that’s why you have to carry several blankets along. Of course, the sheets you already own will suffice.

Reflective Blanket

A reflective blanket is great at pulling heat inside the tent. It is, however, an item that not a lot of people have on hand. You can borrow it from a friend or purchase it online.

How to Proceed

Sleeping in a cold environment with thin fabrics for walls cannot be easy. Hence, the following steps may help you ascertain that you won’t freeze while you’re dozing off.

Step 1: Change out of your current clothes.

The initial tip is to remove all the apparels that you’ve worn throughout the day. The list includes everything from shirts to socks and underwear. It’s because they may hold liquid in the form of sweat or beverage.

Step 2: Change into dry garments.

Put on the fresh wool clothes just as quickly to keep your body temperature high. The sole time you can get a shut-eye in the buff is if and only if all of them are wet.

Step 3: Try not to pee outside.

It can be tough for the ladies, but the guys can definitely take a urine vessel within the sleeping quarters. The reason why peeing outdoors at night isn’t recommended is that the short trip out of the camp may take a while for you to feel warmth again.

Step 4: Layer the sleeping bag with blankets in and out.

Before getting in your sleeping bag, line it inside with blankets. Doing so lets you be at least a few millimeters off the ground. Cover up with the reflective sheet as well once you’re in the bag.

The Verdict on How to Stay Warm in a Tent

The nicest thing about the methods mentioned above is that you don’t need to choose between them. Each is connected to the other, so you won’t ideally have a hard time coping with the setup.

If you know additional techniques on how to stay warm in a tent, tell us in the comments below.

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