How To Use A Heater In Your Tent Safely?

How To Use A Heater In Your Tent Safely

Picture yourself in this scenario where you have the entire camping field to yourself. It is where you experience the amazing sound of the crackling campfire in the midst of the serene beauty of nature. You don’t have to worry about the rush at the camping fields where it becomes difficult for you to find a spot. This can be done simply by extending your camping season.

You can extend camping beyond the summers and be comfortable in the coldest of temperatures with the help of a heater.

Different Types of Tent Heaters!

Broadly, two types of heaters are available that you can use in your tent to keep you warm. They are:

1. Electric tent heater

The simplest and safest way to warm up your tent is to make use of an electric tent heater. For this, you are required to reserve a spot at a campsite, which offers EHU (electric hook-ups). It is recommended to use an electrical fitting, which can be restricted to around 5 amps of electricity. You need to make sure that you are using the right fitting. Taking a power cord extension cord from home may save a few bucks but it is proven to be extremely risky.

  • Electric fan heater: You can also use an electric fan heater in order to warm up your tent very quickly. It is very small in size and can be transported very easily. It also helps to reduce the condensation build-up in a tent that can be experienced in mornings in the winter season. They are safe and affordable. Just ensure to place the heater higher than the ground as in a case of a leak, the electric heater will not come in contact with the ground. Buy an electric fan heater that has the feature of automatic cut-off so that it cuts off power if it overheats.
  • Electric radiator: You may take oil filled radiators with you for camping which makes less noise as compared to fan heaters. They also emit heat for some time even after they are turned off. They do not make the air dry and stuffy like fan heaters and are very efficient to use. Make sure that the heater stays within its EHU amp limit. Don’t plug in other appliances while an electric radiator is plugged in.
  • Electric halogen tent heaters: They are the most attractive option to use a heater in the tent. They provide a lot of heat and use a very little amount of electricity. They are lighter in weight which helps to transport them very easily. They can warm up your tent very quickly and quietly as compared to electric radiators. You need to be careful with the halogen heaters which stand up as they can be a source of a hazardous fire.

2. Combustion tent heaters

These tent heaters use gas (propane, butane) and wood fuel as a source of heat. They are an option to warm up your tent while camping in chilly temperatures. Modern designs have eliminated the threat of fire hazard while using a gas tent heater but they are still risky as they pose a treat for carbon monoxide poisoning. You need to be extremely careful and follow safety protocol very closely while using a gas tent heater.

Safety Guide while using a Tent Heater!

Size of the heater

While choosing the perfect heater for your tent, keep in mind your tent’s area. With the help of your tent’s size, you can figure out if you require a compact one or a larger one.

If you own a single or couple sized tent, then you shouldn’t need a large heater and can buy a small one to keep you warm. If you have a multiple-room tent, then you can consider buying a large one to keep the entire tent warm.

Tip-over switch

It is important to have a tip-over switch for your heater which turns off the heater automatically when it tips over. It prevents a fire hazard and keeps you safe.

Overheat protection

Make sure that your heater has an overheat protection feature in it. There is a temperature sensor, which shuts down the heater altogether when the internal mechanisms become too hot. Almost all electric and gas heaters have this feature but still, check before you buy on. This small feature can potentially save your life.

Don’t plug in other appliances

Plugging a lot of appliances at once can trip the wire and cause a fire. When you plug in the heater, make sure that you don’t plug in anything else.

Operating instructions

Always trust the owner’s manual while operating a heater. The owner’s manual gives detailed information about the functions of the parts of the heater and the instructions on how to use it. Don’t trust any other information about using the heater for your own safety. There are a lot of videos online in order to guide you but there is a chance that they won’t help you as much as a manual can.

Follow the instructions

Do not use the heater in any other way than it was intended if there is a clear instruction on the heater that it should be used only for indoor purposes than use it indoors only and not outdoors.


It is another feature which you should look out for in a heater for safety purposes as the ground of the tent isn’t level most of the time. Make sure that your heater is stable (sturdy) enough to stand on its own without knocking over. It may sound like a small feature; however, the manufacturing quality of the product can make a lot of difference which can potentially save your life. If a heater tips over when you are not there, it can cause a fire. Ensure that your heater is safety ensured when it comes to shut-off and tilt features.

Automatic cut-off feature

This feature ensures that you don’t fall asleep with your heater on. Many manufacturers’ instructions will read out that you can use the heater for overnight purposes but all regular campers always suggest to never sleep with the heater on. An automatic cut-off feature will switch off the heater automatically after hours of uninterrupted use.

There are many snow-covered beautiful places which are best observed in the cold. Don’t let the cold stop you from witnessing the scenic beauty and camping with your loved ones. You can easily extend your camping season and stay warm at the same time with the help of a heater in your tent. Follow the above-mentioned safety tips to stay safe and keep yourself warm. This way you can camp all year round without waiting.

How To Use A Heater In Your Tent Safely?
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