How To Waterproof Your Leather Items When Camping Outdoors?

How To Waterproof Your Leather Items When Camping Outdoors

Camping is a lot of fun! The best way to relax is to go camping. It not only encourages your adventurous side but also makes your mind relaxed. Whenever you plan for any outdoor activity, the main thing that comes into our mind is how to waterproof our things especially leather items. We have seen many queries regarding waterproofing the leather items in my earlier articles.

In this article, we’ll tell you a simple way as to how you can waterproof leather when camping. Let’s take a look:

How To Waterproof Your Leather Items When Camping Outdoors?

Before we tell you the process of making your leather a waterproof material, you should know that leather is a real natural item. There is no process developed that can make it fully waterproof. Although there are ways developed with the help of which we can restrict the effect the water on it to a large extent.

The waterproofing activity will not only increases the life of your leather items but will also keep you safe and protected from outside changes. There are two ways to keep your leather safe from water:

1. Spray

One of the best methods to waterproof your leather is to spray the protectant on your leather items. For this method, the first step is to clean the leather product. You can also use any other waterproofing solution according to your wish and can apply on your item.

spray the protectant


Just be cautious here and select the spray that is especially meant for leather products. Secondly, apply the spray gently all over the item. Thirdly, let it cool down for approximately two days or 48 hours. Make sure that you choose to apply the spray, is ventilated. This will make the life of the leather much longer.

2. Beeswax Cream

If you’re in search of one of the most effective and best options for making your item waterproofed, you can certainly think of using beeswax cream. You can get it easily in the market. If by chance it is not available, below down I have all the things that can be used to make this useful cream.

To make this wonderful cream, all you need is glass jar to mix the mixture — secondly an extra virgin olive oil, clean, soft cloth, beeswax and cold water. The first step is to mix up all the ingredients well in a glass jar. Before adding the beeswax break, it’s well to get it mixed easily. Now place the mixing bowl into a pan that is filled with cold water.

After this step, it’s time to heat the pan to melt the wax. Place the pan on a stove or gas and warm it nicely. Till the time wax is melted nicely, stir the mixture well. Now you’ll see that the wax gets melted in the olive oil.

After making the mixture, remove the pan very carefully as it’ll be too hot. Until the mixture cools down, stir the mixture continuously. Gradually, you’ll see that the mixture stiffens. This is the time where you can stop your stirring and get comfortable. The process will take around 20 minutes to cool down.

After the mixture has cooled down and has stiffened at its best apply it on the leather that is cleaned previously. Firstly, apply it on the area that can’t be seen easily to know the impact of it. This is known as a spot test where you get to know that cream does not impact negatively on the leather. After you’re sure that the cream is just perfect for applying, spreading the mixture gently. You can also repeat the process for a more protective coating.

Important Tip: Whenever you have to waterproof any leather item, make sure you clean it first nicely. Items may include anything like boots, apparel, tents etc. The reason behind the items first is that dirty material will not be able to soak in the agents that will be applied to it for waterproofing it. You may not know the fact that dirty things attract more water.

The more dirty your item is; the more water will get into it. All your efforts will be in vain if you apply the waterproof agent on the dirty leather. Always remember that cleaning the leather should not be very intensive. You should clean your items for a maximum of 15 minutes. Also while cleaning, make sure your hands are little soft and should not squeeze the life out of it.

How to waterproof your leather boots?

This is one of the most difficult questions as to how we can make out leather footwear life longer by making it waterproof. Here is the answer to all your doubts. To make your boots waterproof first of all remove the straps as well as prepare the cleaning area. Next, you have to scrub the boots fully so that no dirt particles remain on it.

You have to be gentle while cleaning the upper part of the leather. To clean the boots, you can also make use of some gel. Rinse the boots well so that no dirt remains on the top. Now your boots are ready to be waterproofed. Squeeze out the wax and with the help of your hands or cloth rub the wax on the leather top. Spread the wax in such a way that it is evenly spread on the whole boot.

Rub the wax until it is not seen on the boot anymore. Once the rubbing is done, allow it to cool down and dry. Always allow the boot to dry naturally. If in case you dry the boot by using fan or blower, there are high chances that your boot may lose the original size and gets unfit to wear it again. The process is completed and is ready to be worn at any wet place.

Outing may invite unexpected things, and it is wise to be prepared for each and everything. From your tent to your boots, you should know how to keep yourself safe and dry. Waterproofing is a simple process unless you have full knowledge about it. Select the product according to the type of leather that is there on the item.

We hope this article has helped you a lot in every possible way. We would love to hear your queries if any and solve it at my best of knowledge. We would also like to know your experiences of the same and how you waterproof leather when camping. Happy camping and happy waterproofing!

How To Waterproof Your Leather Items When Camping Outdoors?
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