8 Medicines You Will Need for Camping

Medicines You Will Need for Camping

A first aid kit is non-negotiable when you are camping. It is one of the most important to have as a part of your gear. Unexpected things can happen when you are outdoors. From as simple as cold to something as serious as a snake bite, you need to be prepared to immediately tackle any medical emergency.

Gauzes, alcohol, tweezers, cotton pads, antibacterial wipes, and safety pins are some of the must-haves in your first aid kit. You should also not forget medicines. The latter will be the subject of the rest of this short article. We’ll be rounding down some of the most important meds that you should pack as you head to the campsite.

1. Antihistamines

Allergy attacks can happen even in the least expected times. It can start with a sneeze, and before you know it, your face is red, eyes are swollen, and your head is pounding. Be ready for the unexpected. This is why you need to have antihistamines in your first aid kit.

Mosquito allergies are common when you are hiking. As a result of mosquito bites, you can turn red and itchy. You can also have a hard time breathing. Before you go, take antihistamines and do it daily at the campsite to minimize the potential impacts of mosquito bites.

Plants and food can also be common causes of allergy in the campsite. Regardless, don’t let allergies ruin the fun. Make sure that you have the meds to fight allergy symptoms.

2. Fever Reducers

Camping fever can happen, so it is best to demonstrate preparedness by having the right medicines available when needed. There are two main types of medicines that you can bring for reducing fever – acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). The latter include naproxen, aspirin, and ibuprofen.

More than taking meds, there are other things that you can do to lower fever when at the campsite. Drink plenty of fluids. Have something to eat. Take a rest. Do not push yourself to the limit. If your fever gets alarmingly high, it is time to leave the campsite and seek medical assistance.

3. Pain Relievers

With a lot of things to do at the campsite, there are instances wherein your body can no longer take it. In some instances, you will end up suffering from excruciating pain, especially when you strain or stress your muscles. Also, pain can be a result of other conditions, such as tooth problems. If you have pain relievers ready, you can enjoy quick relief from the pain that you are experiencing.

For the best painkillers to bring the next time you head camping, consider bringing ibuprofen. It is the most popular medicine for managing chronic pain. Nonetheless, do not just rely on medications if you are looking for effective pain relief. For instance, essential oils can help ease different types of pain.

4. Antibiotics

If you already have a bacterial infection before heading to the campsite, bring antibiotics that have been prescribed by the doctor. You need to finish the entire course, so you should not stop drinking them even when you are outdoors. Take note, however, that antibiotics should be taken only with a prescription and as instructed.

Topical antibiotics can also give you peace of mind when you are at the campsite. They are creams or ointments that will inhibit the growth of susceptible bacteria. They are available over the counter and often used for burns, wounds, and minor abrasions, among others.

5. Diarrhea Medicines

An upset stomach is one thing that campers dread the most. It can result in diarrhea, which can be a nightmare to deal with, especially when you do not have the luxury of a fully-equipped toilet at the campsite. It is a good practice to always have medicines that will allow you to treat diarrhea quickly.

Aside from medications, increasing your fluid intake is one of the best ways to treat diarrhea when you are at the campsite.

Prevention is better than cure. Avoid drinking from any water source that you can see at the campsite. Make sure that it is clean. To be safe, bring a portable filtration system that will instantly clean water from any source and make it potable.

6. Constipation Medicines

Campers can also suffer from constipation. You might have a hard time pooping, which can make some people worried, especially if they are taking a multi-day camping trip. Same when you are traveling, this difficulty can arise from the fact that when you leave your general habitat, which is your home, the balance of your microflora is affected. Movement can stimulate the gut, especially if you have a long time traveling. In turn, this can make you constipated.

In most cases, constipation does not require medical treatment. However, if it is bothering you, some medicines can help, and it will be good if you have them in your camping first aid kit. Osmotic and stimulants are some of the meds that you can take, which will draw water in your intestine and make your stool softer. Taking fiber supplements can also help. Or better yet, eat foods that are rich in fiber when you are constipated at the campsite.

7. Malaria Pills

For those who are heading to malaria-prone areas, such as countries with tropical and warm climates, having malaria pills is important. Malaria is a life-threatening disease, which is why you must act immediately for its treatment.

Taking prophylactic medicine before your camping trip is the best preventive measure that you can do. However, take note that the pills alone should not give you 100% peace of mind. You should take proactive measures. One thing that you can do is to always cover your body and sleep in a protected area. Also, it is best to be wise with your decision about where to camp. For your safety, avoid areas where malaria is a persistent health problem.

8. Vitamins

Even if you are at the campsite, there should be no excuse for you to stop taking your vitamins. They are important to ensure the healthy and proper functioning of your body. The functions will differ depending on the specific type of vitamin that you are taking.

The most important Vitamin to have when you are camping is Vitamin C. This will help boost your immune system.

As you plan for your camping trip and pack your first aid kit, make sure to not forget your medicines. Take note of our suggestions above to know what exactly you need to bring as you enjoy the great outdoors.

8 Medicines You Will Need for Camping
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