10 Budget-Friendly Motorcycle Camping Gear Essentials You Mustn’t Miss!

Motorcycle Camping Gear Essentials

Who doesn’t like a motorcycle trip? We are all guilty of watching those road trip movies and planning endlessly for hours about the destination we want to go with our friends! Motorcycle camping is singularly one of the most undertaken activities in the country these days, and we don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t be buying all the essential motorcycle camping gear. But which ones do you buy? What are the essentials? What do you need to carry?

Well, we got you covered when it comes to these motorcycle camping gear. A checklist in place and you wouldn’t be running around to get hold of things on your trip!

Tents are your friend

How do you go on a camping trip without a tent? Come on that is one of the essential equipment that should be packed for the camping expedition. Old times called for a tarp, but easy to carry tents are a new age norm that cannot be just done without. It is always better that you pick out a tent which can accommodate more than one person.

The lightweight gear comes in super handy, and the extra space allows you comfortable movement. Depending on the weather condition, the tent always comes to your rescue. With a bike shelter like a tent, you can have your bike covered too. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Tents are your friend

Via: https://www.reddit.com/r/motocamping/comments/4ko3tv/moto_camping_near_the_alps_tent_question_and_more/

Sleeping bags

Now, you cannot sleep in a tent without the sleeping bag, can you? Move over older tarps and pick out comfortable and cosier sleeping bags. Even if the goose ones are more in demand and easier to pack and carry, you still need to pick out a bag that suits your requirements better. You could choose one with extra wiggling space and something that allows you to move.

Picking out something for colder weather for warming up is always easier than cooling those bags down. A standard temperature controlled bag is a must-have for your list. It could be replaced with flannel bags or even sleeping pads.

First aid kits

Snake bites, injuries, accidents are very common. You need to be prepared for it at all times irrespective of how a safe driver or camping specialist you have been. Waterproof matches, gloves, anti-venom, medication, bandages, lotions are the quintessential items that need to be packed before every trip.

Ensure to restock it such that you do not run into trouble. You could pick out an all in one comprehensive kit which comes in with antibiotic ointments, cold packs, gauze pads, so on and so forth. Larger groups, bigger the bag should be.

Maps and GPS

Maps and GPS

Via: http://speedopedia.com/best-motorcycle-gps/

Getting lost because of poor direction sense is practically one of the most laughable situations but not for the one in there. Maps and GPS are pragmatic and essential. Given that smartphones are super-efficient these days, you hardly need a map or anything else. But they operate on batteries and signals. So, a satellite map and a better GPS device is something that should be in your motorcycle camping kit.

Keep it charged and active such that you can make use of it even where your phone loses signal.


Victorinox might be the most bought knife in the world for the Swiss military all-purpose knife comes in handy in all situations. It could have a folding knife, a fixed blade and several other types of equipment such that it is easier for you during your camping process. Be it cutting something or fixing a bike partly because you ran into trouble; a knife is always important. Nevertheless, it acts as a self-defence device which is even better.


You do not want to carry backpacks and suitcases or trolleys on your bike. If anything that would ruin the whole thing for you with an aching back which even those ice packs cannot get rid off! So you need efficacious saddle bags which make the ride smoother for you. Never, I say never, use bungee cords to tie them together.

Don’t be that person. A complete set of 6 saddle bags ensure you fix and pack everything for your camping trip. Using the right bag keeps things sorted and gives you extra comfort too! So pick out those bags wisely.

Camp Stoves

Camp Stoves

Via: http://www.survivecamp.com/tips-on-camp-stoves-and-stove-fuel/

If you head out to a remote area for camping with your motorcycle gang, there is a chance that you would get a fancy restaurant to dine at. Therefore, a camp stove comes in handy. It is electric, non-polluting, and easy to use and doesn’t leave behind any carbon footprint.

You can pick out a small to medium sized burner depending on the duration of the camp. A single burner with an extra open flame might not be a bad idea after all. Pick out the stainless steel ones; those are lighter on saddle bags.

Pre-packaged food

If cooking is not your strong suit, well, you can always pre-pack your food. Watch out for better meal prep videos such that you can work on the same and have a nutrition-packed meal for the entire trip. Nevertheless, if cooking is on your mind, you can always pack those ready to eat food products which take hardly any time to cook.

This leaves no room for a waste generation; prep time is sweet, easier to clean and healthier. Buy in bulk and pack it in your saddlebags.


This might come across as unrealistic but do you know how scarce drinking water could be? It is not unknown that you wouldn’t stumble across a well or anything of the same kind where you could drink water out of a water body without fallings sick. Carry your water at all times. Period!

Before you start on your trip, it is always recommended that you identify sources of potable water such that you can refill once you have run out of it. Even better, carry your water source purification unit or a solar still. You must also include a water kit to verify and test if the water can be consumed without any fear or scare of contamination or diseases. Staying aware solves half of the problems and keeps you hydrated too!

Checklist for all items that need to be packed, stored, bought and carried.

Camping is a matter of life and death. A motorcycle camping trip is so much more. Imagine the pain you have to go through just because you forgot a couple of items at home just because you didn’t have a proper checklist in place. In the wilderness, with no amenities or facilities, you could have crawled out of the situation but you cannot because you didn’t keep track of your deliverables.

So, get your hands on the checklist that requires you to stay atop things such that you do not forget to pack essentials or anything else. We all want to stay prepared and not miss out for obvious reasons now, do we?

With all things in place, it becomes easier to plan and get rid of the unknown. Travelling on a motorcycle is as dangerous as adventurous it can get. Every biker needs to have a layer of complexity which might seem far-fetched for a few.

However, that doesn’t stop enthusiasts from undertaking trips which are fairly enjoyable and entertaining too.

With all the motorcycle camping gear essentials in place, it is simple and easier to remember. Always make a checklist of things that you need to carry, and you would never run short of ideas of items during the trip.

10 Budget-Friendly Motorcycle Camping Gear Essentials You Mustn’t Miss!
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