Top 10 Tips On A Trouble-Free Solo Motorcycle Camping Trip!

Top 10 Tips On A Trouble-Free Solo Motorcycle Camping Trip

Road trips, bike rides, travelling, in general, have been one of the most adrenaline pinching experiences for most individuals. Don’t you want to pack that bag and ride on to oblivion to find your inner self? Well, we surely do. Rides, roads, they almost speak to you in a language that opens up a perspective which is so different and new and naive. But it sure does get the better out of you.

Camping under the stars in a land unknown to you is purely exhilarating. You cook your food, do your own thing and honestly, reflect on every event that has taken place recently or in the past. It is one of the most surreal feelings that one should experience in one single lifetime. A motorcycle camping trip is surely an amazing experience, and one should definitely undertake one in their lifetime.

Riding solo is physically and mentally exhausting. Therefore, you need motivation and that dedication to go on one trip all by yourself for all the right reasons. So, if you have already made up your mind, here are a few tips that you should keep handy.

Keep everyone who knows you are heading out, informed.

You would be visiting remote places in areas which are unfamiliar to you. There are times and situations which are not very familiar in general, and things can get slightly out of hand. Times are unpredictable, and you do not want to be lost without help. Therefore, long story short, keep at least your family and friends informed about your locations and whereabouts.

It helps them track you down in case of emergencies or times when you do not contact them for whatsoever reasons.

Stay Hydrated at all times. Carry that water purifier you bought.

water fliter


Staying hydrated is an unsaid rule. You do not want to get into troubles with your kidneys now, do you? Well, you have to stay hydrated and take care of yourself. It is always recommended that you carry your water because potable water is scarce, and you do not know where you would find the next fresh water source. You need to conduct adequate research to understand where you should be stopping to get drinking water for yourself.

Do not wait until you feel nauseated or get that hammering headache. On a bike, those are the last things that you want. Even if the weather is cold, you do not want to avoid drinking water. Just because you are sweating, it doesn’t mean that is the only time when you are dehydrated. Stay smart and keep drinking water.

Keep it posted.

Have you seen people riding through the country and locations that are breathe taking? Making videos and posting them on Instagram or Facebook is the best thing you can do to keep your fellows excited and on their toes.

You never know, you might even end up inspiring a couple of them for another motorcycle camping trip. How about you get amazing food suggestions or places to stop? Wouldn’t that make it more exciting?

Do not skip meals

You are out on the road trying to explore places and go camping all over. Why would you want to skip something that is generally so motivating and different at all locales? Food is singularly one of the most inspiring and beautiful experiences that one can go through.

Imagine the taste buds exploding when you try something new! Eat in moderation and eat right. That is the key to smart camping. If you aren’t a foodie and focus more on the health aspect, carry your food.

Always pack smart

Always pack smart


You are not going with your gang, and it is a bike trip. Therefore, you need to pack light. Get hold of those amazing saddle bags which pack all items easily and conveniently. Change of clothes, simple single burners, first aid kits, the essentials, etc.

A motorcycle camping trip requires that you take care of the checklist and pack it all in a way such that all of it is accessible. Sometimes, however, you might think that a few things are important when they are not.

GPS or paper maps choose the easier way out.

Paper maps sound old and boring, and you cannot wait to flaunt your smartphone and its techniques. But paper maps give you a better visualisation of the entire space and area.

Plus, you do not have to worry about your clamp breaking or your phone running out of charge or losing signal when you need it the most.

Take care of your bike. Make sure it doesn’t fail you.

Take care of your bike


Imagine going on that dream motorcycle camping tour, and your bike breaks down in the middle of nowhere. That is the worst possible nightmare you have woken up to for the past couple of weeks before hitting the road.

Well, long story short, get your bike sorted. Servicing is essential, getting it inspected, however, is another story.

Ensure that you pack those sleeping bags and tents

Safety is of utmost importance. Therefore, pack those sleeping bags and tents in such a way that they are accessible whenever you choose to make a stop. It needs to be optimised in such a way that you have enough space to move around and additionally have space to cover your bike too.

Always start before the sun rises and finish before the sun sets

Managing time is not a very prudent talent that people are gifted with. Locations are challenging at all times, and you need to stay safe. Therefore, figure out your body clock and plan your ablutions accordingly.

Emergency numbers should be visible and accessible

That is a dead giveaway. Always keep it visible and accessible lest anything should happen, you would always have help around!

Bike rides or motorcycle rides are indeed very exciting. Camping under the stars in locations which are one of a kind, even if that sounds like folklore, is something everyone wants to do. It makes you feel different, sorted and closer to your real self.

Nevertheless, it takes you through a journey, internal and external which can be paradigm altering for you as an individual. Why would you ever want to let such an opportunity slip?

Top 10 Tips On A Trouble-Free Solo Motorcycle Camping Trip!
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