What You Need To Know About Dry Camping

What you need to know about dry camping

Whether as a single family or as a larger team, most people enjoy going on camping trips. Camping on areas outside of a camp going is known as dry camping. Also known as boondocking or wild camping, dry camping can be so fun and exciting way to use your recreational vehicle ( RV). Dry camping is a way of using an RV without hooking up to utilities. Although it is to some extent less comfortable, it s expenditure is less because, given the right conditions, it means people can travel and stay in their units for a very modest amount of money.

A lot of people assume that those who take a trip in RVs do so for the nice comforts they provide, but there are many owners who have a preference to go “hard core” when they use their coaches by using this type of travel.

This type of camping, however, has its challenges and isn’t as simple as it sounds in theory. However, we will discuss a couple tips that are necessary for you to know before you face the wild.


Important Things You Will Need The Next Time You Go Dry Camping

Important Things You Will Need The Next Time You Go Dry Camping

1. Know your RV

If you want to have a successful time dry camping, It is good to know you RV inside out. Know it's advantages and disadvantages. This will help you choose the perfect place to dry camp based on the size and capabilities of your RV.

2. Inflatable Sleeping Bag

When going for a dry camping trip, it is very important to carry a good inflatable sleeping bag. An inflatable sleeping bag can help make your camping experience quite enjoyable giving you great comfort as you rest. While using an inflatable sleeping bag, you won't have to worry about thorns, insects or any other sharp things or insect bugging you. Since inflatable sleeping bags are light, It should be a great option for you when going dry camping.

3. Water


It is important for you to be keen with your supply of water. This is because conserving your fresh water supply will allow you to stay dry camping longer.

4. Solar shower 

By using a solar shower, you will save not only electrical power but also you won’t have to use your fresh water stock for showering. 

5. The Black Water Tank

Having a large black tank is quite an advantage as you can travel a long time without finding the nearest. If your black water tank is full, make sure you find the nearest damp to dispose of the wastewater

6. Electrical Concerns

Unless you have a 120v/220v electrical converter system set up for your RV, you won't be able to access power when you are off the grid. This means that you need to plan ahead and install an inverter system if you want to still use your appliance.

There are many ways that you can save power:

  • By turning off RV’s lights while not in use.
  • It’s good to only turn one light at a moment

7. Propane

With multi-purpose uses, propane gas is used in different appliances on the RV. It can be used to run the fridge, stove and even heat your water for other uses. You should always remember to refill your propane gas tanks. This will help you stay a long-time camping that you are worry free. 


Going on a dry camping is very important and will help you have a great adventure. Below are some of the reasons you should consider going to a dry camp. · It is great experience allowing you to enjoy natural beauty. You may save some cost as many dry camping campsites are free.

What You Need To Know About Dry Camping
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