12 Romantic Camping Ideas for Couples to Try

Romantic Camping Ideas for Couples to Try

Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. It is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature while also having fun!

While you can go camping alone or with a group of friends, why not consider doing it with your partner?

It can be a romantic activity depending on how you do it.

If you are looking for romantic camping ideas that couples can try, keep on reading and learn from some of our recommendations.

1. Have a Fireside Dinner

Campgrounds are devoid of luxury. There are no fine dining restaurants where you can have a romantic meal. As an alternative, you can set a bonfire outside the tent and eat with your partner. To make it more special, cook your meals. While you can bring pre-cooked meals, you can also cook in the campsite to make the meal more special. With the flames burning, you can have a priceless meal without going broke.

2. Drink Wine

This is one of the simplest ways to make camping more romantic. This will also complete the dinner that you will be having. Research your partner’s favorite wine and be sure to bring it with you. Bring a wine glass and chiller if you can. You can also serve cheese and cold cuts to pair with the wine you intend to be drinking once you are in the campsite.

3. Sing a Song

Serenading is a long-lost art and language of love. Bring it back to life the next time you go camping. Bring a guitar and jam under the light of the shining night stars. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and sing them. This is a nice surprise to make your camp buddy fall in love over again.

4. Go Dancing

Not confident about your singing skills? No need to worry! You can dance instead. Using your phone or your music player, blast a slow and romantic tune. Nothing could be lovelier than having an intimate song play in the background while the two of you dance next to each other. With your bodies intertwined, any song will be more special. To make the moment more romantic, set up a campfire while you dance slowly.

5. Camp in the Open

A tent is non-negotiable when you are camping. This will provide temporary shelter, making sure that you are covered when you sleep. If you are looking for something more romantic, why not try hammock camping? This way, there is nothing that will be blocking your views. You can enjoy the view of the starry night as you cuddle. Make sure to set your hammock in a stable structure away from debris that can fall while you are enjoying a good sleep. You can also use a net as a cover and defense against bugs that are possibly present in the campsite.

6. Play Games

Camping should not be boring. If you want to make it more exciting and entertaining while also being romantic, play some games. Look for games that both of you will enjoy. Bring cards and other materials that you will need to play the game. If you are doing it inside the tent or in a private campsite, you can also play naughty games, such as kinky dares. This is a sure-fire way to turn up the heat and get intimate when you are in the campsite.

7. Add Fairy Lights

Campsites can be dark and creepy at night. Light it up! Do not just use any flashlight. Instead, hang a string of fairy lights. You can do it outside the tent where you will be having dinner and drinks. This is a safer alternative to a campfire or candles. This will make chilly nights more romantic. Keep the lights dim so that the environment will be more intimate. To make the fairy lights more romantic, don’t forget to play some slow and intimate music.

8. Super-Size Your Sleeping Bag

Instead of bringing two single sleeping bags, a good alternative is to have a large sleeping bag that can fit the two of you. This means that you can cuddle and become more intimate. This is also a good way to save space and weight in your camping gear. More than being romantic, having a sleeping bag also means that you can have a comfortable sleep even without a fully-equipped bedroom in the woods.

9. Roast Mallows

If you regularly go on camping trips with your friends, for sure, this is one thing that you have already tried. It is a lot better if you do this with your partner. The intimate flame from the fire pit will be perfect for a more romantic setting. Complete the experience by playing romantic music in the background.

10. Netflix and Chill

For most people, camping is an opportunity to have a digital detox. Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong if you enjoy your favorite Netflix shows or movies, especially when there’s nothing else to do at the campsite. Set-up a white fabric and bring a projector. This will instantly transform the campsite into a romantic outdoor theater. Cry over a good movie or get a good laugh! The point is that you take this opportunity to be closer to each other through an activity that you will both enjoy!

11. Go Skinny Dipping

Are you camping near a beach, lake, or river? Go skinny dipping for a more romantic experience. There is something liberating about going naked when outdoors, and this will feel more special because you are doing it with someone you love. This is the perfect opportunity to turn up the heat. Before you do this, however, make sure that there are no rules that prohibit skinny dipping in the campsite. It should be in a private area. At all times, keep your safety in mind.

12. Choose the Perfect Location

This is the most important if you want to plan a romantic camping trip for couples. Location is everything. Look for a private campsite. It won’t be romantic if there are lots of people moving around and when it is too noisy. It will be more intimate when it is just the two of you, which also means that you can do anything that you want, if you know what I am talking about!

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to take your camping experience to the next level. Consider our suggestions above and make camping an outdoor activity that will make you fall in love more with each other!

12 Romantic Camping Ideas for Couples to Try
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