Things You Can Add To Your Man Cave


There are in fact many things that you can add to your man cave starting from different types of blades and their accessories but there’s one thing that you should definitely incorporate. The man cave or known better as the male sanctuary in the house contains all kinds of cool stuffs and gadgets, things that the man of the house is super proud to own.

Now, the compulsory member of the man cave is thus your Bowie Knife. It can be described as a knife that’s equal to multiple hunting tools. When it’s with you, you don’t need separate weapons for skinning the carcass or slicing the meat. It’s and all in all knife which is the best when made in a full tang. So, let’s get to know about this special knife that definitely deserves a framed spot in your man cave. 


There are six key features that make up good, well-structured bowie knives and these are:


While choosing Bowie knives that requires to do a lot of outdoor chores, generally people tend to go with a blade that measures 7 to 9 inches in length as this dimension is perfect for light chopping or batoning tasks as well as for delicate activities such as sharpening stakes or cutting notches or removing the skin from game animals.

Blade Design

This crucial factor comes in play depending upon the situation or the purpose you need the Bowie knife for. The Clip point design is appropriate if you need greater control and high piercing ability. On the other hand, the drop point blade design is perfect for outdoor use which involves precise cutting tasks and the straight back blade is meant for slicing.

Edge Design

Most of the knives possess a straight edge as it serves well for both slicing and carving purposes. Alternatively, a recurved edge Bowie is the one for you if you need to use the knife for chopping.

Blade Steel

The best blade steel for Bowie’s is the combination of hard steel at the core which provides the holding capability and the outer soft steel provides flexibility. Also, the high carbon tool steels are tougher and easier to sharpen while the stainless steel blades are much lesser prone to corrosion than the former.


As large Bowie knives are used in heavy duty activities, the construction of the tang is the most crucial. A full tang knife having a full tang extended over the full length of the handle and width is thus the strongest among the three types: Full tang, hidden tang and partial tang.

Handle Material

The handle should be made in such a way that it proved you with a strong grip over both the edge and tip thus ensuring that the knife doesn’t slip from your hands when chopping or when the handle is wet. So get yourself a handle designed that’s tough, protected against immersion in water and under extreme air temperatures, won’t result in cracking.


Now in addition to the fact that it’s a multi-tasking hunting tool, there are yet some clear benefits that one would obtain from purchasing a Bowie and these are: 

The Hunter’s Help:

The sharp and curved tip of these knives is highly useful for skinning the carcasses just like the flat portion of the blade is ideal for cutting or slicing the meat. Thus, the Bowie with its versatility will need you to take a much lesser number of tools when you go into the woods.

King of the Campsite:

Not just for the hunters, this knife comes in use around campsites too. The thick blade ranging from 6 inches to over 12 inches can easily substitute as a machete or small hatchet. So the wide and heavy blade comes handy either to the chef’s needs or to meet chopping requirements to keep the campsite fire alive.

Survival Strategy:

The Bowie knife is like the ultimate saviour in terms of wilderness situations. Starting from chopping wood to clearing branches to getting food to clearing away bushes, the Bowie can do it all.


Thankfully for the residents of UK, there are reputed suppliers of high-quality Bowie Knives that too in a wide ranged variety and exclusive designs. And sheath on the knife? It all comes at reasonable prices. So, in short you get authentic products at the best prices. And it’s all just a mouse click away and your knife will be delivered to your doorstep with minimum shipment costs. 

So, if you are a knife enthusiast and live in UK, it’s time to indulge in some Bowie shopping as you add these super useful and exquisitely made knives to your collection. You can either take it to a hunt or flaunt it on your table display, but whatever be the purpose, it’s going to be more than worth it.

Things You Can Add To Your Man Cave
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