14 Tips for Camping in Hot Weather

14 Tips for Camping in Hot Weather

Camping is one of the best outdoor activities. Whether you do it on your own, with your partner, family, or friends, it is sure to be a lot of fun. However, it can also be frustrating, especially during the summer months or when it is too hot. Devoid of the luxury of a fully-equipped bathroom, it can be hot. It can be blistering out there.

Looking for ways to make the heat more bearable when you are out camping? Keep on reading and learn from the tips for camping in hot weather that we’ll share.

1. Pick the Right Tent

One of the most important is the selection of the right tent. Make sure that it is large enough depending on the number of people who will be inside. When it is too cramped, it will be hotter. Consider the material of the tent, making sure of its breathability. It will be good to have several vents, which will improve air circulation to keep you as comfortable as possible.

2. Know Where to Pitch Your Tent

More than picking the right tent, you also have to choose the right location for pitching your tent. Choose a spot that won’t be directly hit by the sun throughout the day. Aim to find a spot with shade, such as under the tree. However, if you decide to do the latter, make sure that there is no risk of falling branches that can compromise your safety.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Dress for the weather. Go for clothes that you are most comfortable with. Choose those that are made of thin and lightweight fabric to ensure breathability. It will also be good if the clothes are loose-fitting. Light-colored clothes are also ideal. Go for shorts instead of pants. Avoid cotton since it can absorb sweat and can make you more uncomfortable when you sweat.

4. Get Rid of Bugs

When the weather gets hot, bugs become more common at the campsite. With this, look for the most effective ways to keep the campsite free of bugs. You can use light at night. Another non-negotiable is a bug spray. Check the formula to be sure that it is mild. The right clothing will also give you a good defense against bugs.

5. Pack the Right Sleeping Equipment

Sleeping at the campsite can be a nightmare when it is too hot. One of the best solutions is to pack the right bedding. You need to bring beddings made of light materials. Don’t go for those that are insulated as they are most suitable only for winter. Whether it is a sleeping bag or a camping mattress, consider the materials used and make sure they are breathable.

6. Sleep in a Hammock

Speaking of sleeping, why don’t you hit the sack in a hammock instead of a tent? The open-air set-up of a hammock means that you can savor the breeze of fresh air, and hence, you won’t feel too hot. If you are bothered by the bugs, a good thing to do is to install a mosquito net or spray an insect repellent.

7. Use a Wet Towel

This is a simple trick that can be highly effective in keeping you cool when camping during the hot season. All that you need is to soak a towel in cold water. When you are about to sleep, place the cloth on your forehead, making sure that you wring it out first. This will help to absorb heat off your body.

8. Go to Sleep Early

By sleeping early, this also means that you wake up early, even before the sun comes up. The logic is simple – once the sun rises, it can get hot and you will be uncomfortable, which means that you will have a hard time sleeping. So, make sure to go to bed early if you want to have a long and comfortable sleep before the sun shines.

9. Bring Ready-to-Eat Meals

When camping in hot weather, it is crucial to limit your activities so that you won’t end up drenched in sweat and complaining of discomfort. You can save a lot of energy by not cooking, so make sure to bring pre-packed meals. This also means that you don’t need to start a fire, which can make the heat worse.

10. Apply Sunscreen

If you are out and about during the day, especially when the sun is at its peak, make sure that you apply sunscreen frequently. Depending on the sunscreen that you are using, you need to re-apply throughout the day. This will shield your skin from the harmful effect of the sun’s UV rays.

11. Look after Your Pets

Many of us bring our pets when we go camping. If you do this, make sure to look after them as well while you are at the campsite. Like humans, pets can feel the heat, so they also need the necessary protection. Make sure to provide them with enough food and water. Keep them in a safe space where they will find the heat to be more manageable.

12. Invest in Cooling Accessories

Invest in camping accessories or gadgets that will make the heat more manageable when you are at the campsite. Portable air conditioning units and battery-powered fans are some of the best. They might add quite a weight in your camping gear, but that should not be an issue given how helpful they can be in terms of keeping you cool.

13. Stay Hydrated

Do not underestimate the power of hydration when you are camping in hot weather. You need to have a supply of potable water nearby. Drink as often as possible, especially once you begin sweating. This will replenish what you sweat. More than being comfortable., hydration is also important for keeping you healthy and safe at the campsite.

14. Take a Dip

If you are choosing a campsite to check out in the summer, it will be good to find a place where there is a place where you can go for a dip anytime. Go camping near beaches, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water. When the temperature gets too much for you to handle, a quick dip won’t hurt to make you comfortable.

In sum, camping when it is too hot can be a curse. For many, it can turn into a disaster. However, this will depend on how prepared you are. From choosing the right tent to keeping hydrated, take note of the tips for camping in hot weather that were mentioned above.

14 Tips for Camping in Hot Weather
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