5 Tips That Can Help You Keep Your Tent Durable This Year!

Tips That Can Help You Keep Your Tent Durable

You love to travel and stay outdoors during the summer months frequently. The heat and dust of living in your city can be extremely frustrating. Hence, you prefer the wilderness during these months.

The natural scenery, the fresh breeze, the greenery all around you, gives you the right kind of rejuvenates the body needs. Sleeping under the moon inside a tent can be fun. Sleeping inside your blanket and the feel of the wind is exciting.

Significance of taking care of your tent in the year

However, you start to notice that there is a hole in the tent and the worst part is that it starts to rain. Now, what do you do? You certainly cannot mend or stitch the canvas back to like how it has to be, especially not in the darkness and the rain.

To avoid this kind of situations from arising, you want to make sure that you maintain your tent good when you are not using it. Usually, a tent can be used a few times in a year.

Unless you deal in a rental of tent business, your tents need frequent mending. You need to realize that tents are your life when you are sleeping outside in the forest. You never know what animal or nature decides to turn the tide.

The tent protects you from the sun, rain, sun, and mosquitoes. Since the tent makes you feel comfortable, you need to keep it durable. The kind of tent you own does not matter. It could be cheap or expensive.

The critical thing is to know a few ideas on taking good care of it. To help you out, we have come up with few pointers that can help you out.

You must seal the seams.

The first tip would be to seal the seams at all times because you need a tent that is waterproof by default. You will be glad to know that these days all tents sold in the market are waterproof.

Unfortunately, new buyers purchase tents that are without a waterproof system. When that is the case, then you can find yourself in deep trouble on a rainy day outside with your family. It can end up in one big mess.

Tents come with roof and floor seams sealed. However, some tents come with the option of using the rain fly. Whatever the choice, you must check and make sure that your tent is waterproof.

You can do that by setting your tent and checking the seams. That helps you not only to learn how to set up a tent but find out if there are any defects. If there are defects in the tent, then you will need to learn how to fix it.

You can either stitch it or make use of a rain fly. A professional tailor can also help you out with significant tears. You are using the rain fly, which is a thin piece of material that is covering the tent. It is then held up using a rope.

The rain fly also helps your tent to be protected from the sun also. Too much of exposure to the sun can cause wear and tear to the tent. The fabric can lose its texture, and material can become slightly lull.

You should take care of the zippers.

The zippers are the next item on the tent that should be taken good care. The main issue with the zippers is that they can be damaged easily. Not to mention, when it rains, the dirt can make it little rust.

The best way to make the zippers durable would be to keep them dry and free from dust. Once you are done using the tent, you must clean the zippers with a piece of dry cloth. The dirt particles that are not visible to the eyes can be removed with the help of the fabric.

However, you can also vacuum it when you are planning to wash the tent when it has become filthy due to rain. The whole idea is to ensure that the zippers do not get rusty.

You can consider using sprayers. They can help in keeping the tent zippers in working condition.

You ought to set up the perfect pitch

How you set your tent matters a lot on the durability of it. Hence, you should set up your tent on a flat surface. Avoid uneven surfaces as much as you can. It is also essential that your body, especially in the lying down position, be even.

You certainly do not want to end up on an uneven surface that makes your life uncomfortable. Sharp objects must be avoided at all cost. The stones or the objects can damage your tent and make holes in them.

Not to mention, if the surface is wet due to rain, you must have thick cloth on the ground. Snapping the poles together can help your case here. However, you can avoid the damage to the tent, breaking the pole in the middle itself.

That causes less stress on the poles.

It is essential to clean and inspect

Once you are done with the outing, it is vital that the tent is checked for damage. A close inspection in your backyard with torchlight can help you take note of those small holes or damage.

Mend it immediately before packing and storing it. Only when you are sure that there are no holes in the tent, you can make use of a shower and wash the tent. Clean the tent properly using the right chemicals.

When the tent is wet, you need to wipe out the dirt and allow it to dry. You can see the dirt particle on the tent. A dry cloth or sponge can be used. Do not use detergents that have harsh chemicals in them.

You must store the tent in the right place

Lastly, the tent should be stored in the right place after cleaning and drying it. If you are living in a cold region, where it rains and often snows then dry it as often as possible. That helps in the removal of dew and other water particles.

The above were some tips to ensure that the tent remains durable and maintained well.

5 Tips That Can Help You Keep Your Tent Durable This Year!
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