Top 15 Vegetarian Camping Recipes That You Should Consider!

Vegetarian Camping Recipes

Vegetarian camping food is not synonymous with soup and salads. The recipes can be fitted with variations to come up with breakfast feast to effortless vegetarian camping dinners. Usually camping food depends a lot on meat as the centre of dishes. However, vegetarian recipes selected with cautions are enjoyed by meat lovers as well.

Vegetarian camping recipes are straightforward to prepare. Experts have constituted them to confer the best advantage to campers when out in the wilderness or woods. A glance at the ingredients required to cook these recipes will show they are elementary and even do not need exceptional cooking tools or equipment in preparation.

Precedent preparation

The foregoing camping readiness should include list of ingredients that are required. Your collaterals have constrained once you are at the camping site. The recipes are easy to cook and do not need anything special. All items are readily available at the grocery store. Make a list so you carry everything.

Nomenclature of the recipes

Recipes must be selected with care. Vegetarian diet is easy to digest and keeps the stomach clean. The nutritive value of vegetarian diet is high, and the fibre content is good for health. Vegetarianism is the new trend and many meat eaters are also adapting it. The food preparation is easy and quick.

1. Baked black eyed peas barbecue style

This is a very delicious recipe which you will enjoy at the camp. Beans are rich source of fibre and give satiety which lasts for a long time. At the site you will require cutting board, spoon, aluminium foil knife and a Dutch oven. It is made with the addition of onion, garlic, and bell pepper. Sautéing and boiling is the method of cooking. Barbeque sauce is added to the taste.

2. Quinoa with bean and mushroom

This is immediate and light recipe and can be assembled hurriedly. Quinoa is a very healthy food for all age groups. It is prepared through sauté of vegetables. It is cooked on low heat before quinoa and beans are added. It is then cooked over low flame for taste and texture. Serve hot to relish the taste.

3. Cheese campfire potatoes

This dish is rich in starch which provides complex sugar and energy. The cheese can also give you strength when you are camping out. This can be cooked on campfire in foil. The topping adds taste. Cheddar cheese is added for flavour. Foil is then sealed. Cook on top of the fire for half an hour. Serve hot.

4. Smothered cauliflower

This recipe takes time. Schedule your cooking accordingly. Cauliflower is blanched in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Cook in Dutch oven with other vegetables and spices. White wine addition is optional. Once water gets evaporated serve it with garlic sauce.

5. Easy yellow tomato salad

This is easy to assemble, and the colours make it appetize. No cooking equipment is required and the chances of making it wrong are very remote. Add red peppers, olive oil, lemon juice and tomatoes with crumbled feta cheese. Serve as such.

6. Zucchini with campfire couscous

The dish takes little time to prepare. The taste of zucchini combined with couscous and pine nuts tastes wonderful. Camp fire stove is needed to cook. Stir it with oil pour couscous and cook till done. Fresh thyme adds taste. Cook till tender. Serve hot.

7. Corn on the cob with chilli-lime

The recipe has satiety value and is easy to assemble. It is rich in carbohydrates and gives energy for all activities of camping. The husks from the corn are removed. Soak for an hour and then wipe with tissue. Spread batter evenly on top. Grill over charcoal serve without burning.

8. Lemon pasta with artichoke and olives

This preparation is a meal. Very few ingredients are required to cook it. The kids will also relish the dish. Cook pasta in boiling water add vegetables if you so wish while it boils. Add all the ingredients once pasta drained and is cooked in a vessel. Cheese adds to the taste.

9. White winter chilli recipe

Chilli is relished if the weather is cold and windy. The refreshing and filing recipe will give you lasting energy during camping. It can be eaten in lunch or dinner. It is cooked through sauté in sauce pan. All the ingredients are boiled on high heat first followed by low heat. Spices are added to taste. Add cilantro and cheese for taste. The combined flavour of ingredients is very tasty product.

10. Spanish style spinach omelette

The eggs are rich in protein and have the nutritive value of spinach. The dish can be eaten as such for breakfast or lunch. The spinach is boiled and meshed. The pan is heated and add onion and add eggs and spinach. Cook it carefully and serve hot.

11. Banana and peanut butter Quesadillas

This is easy camping recipes with kids and for all at breakfast. These will suffice for dinner and lunch. They are cheap and quick to make. Cook in a pan with butter. Put banana sprinkle cinnamon fold tortilla in half.

12. Quesadillas

Actually speaking, quesadillas are leftovers. Filling can be sweet corn, and cheese, and conventional kidney beans. For taste variation, add avocado, scrambled egg, and hot sauce. Else, make caprese quesadillas with mozzarella, tomato or basil. The choices are endless.

13. Bruschetta

Another popular camping recipe, which needs no cooking, is Bruschetta. It is made from fresh tomatoes, onions and basil. Other additions are olive oil, balsamic and garlic. Addition of crumpled bread will also add to taste. It takes a few minutes to cook it.

14. Caprese wraps

It is very tasty and a variant of Italian popular dish Caprese salad. Add wholemeal wrap to frying pan. Cover it up with diced tomatoes, mozzarella and garnish it with fresh basil. Turn the wrap till cooked. These are delicious cold as well as hot. Ideal for camping.

15. Risotto

This is made with rice, onion and olive oil. Vegetable stock is added to rice along with cheese, peas, spinach, or any other vegetable. It is popular for dinners as all day’s left over can be used.

Eating vegetarian food is a cheap proposition when camping. The grocery bill will go down. Less refrigeration is required. A few precautions must be taken and all you need is to seal everything in containers packing the necessary ice and not leaving it out for long time. There is less danger of foodborne disease. Vegetarian diet is sustainable and not heavy for consumption.

When you go camping, carry vegetables that are your favourite. Follow the recipes that are easy and not time consuming. Pack light when you are camping as you will be on the move. The recipes mentioned are top vegetarian camping recipes and make camping life easier for the kitchen responsible individual.

You deserve fun during camping because it is time in nature away from daily stress. The recipes mentioned are delicious, nutritious, and filling for the gluttonous camper. Vegetables will freshen up your meal. Traditional camping meals can be heavy. Sneak nutrition into your camping trip. A vegetarian approach be adopted instead and feel its effect.

Top 15 Vegetarian Camping Recipes That You Should Consider!
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