All You Need To Know About What Colors Attract Mosquitoes

What Colors Attract Mosquitoes

The food chain is probably among the deciding factors of what kind of pet to get for your home. Say, if there’s a rodent infestation, have a cat. In case you need a protector for other animals, go for a large dog.

What they can’t shield you from, though, are the mosquitoes that’re always after someone’s blood.May you be in a hunting blind or a camping tent, they have ways to locate you. Their senses come into play here - especially their sense of sight - so it's vital to understand what colors attract mosquitoes. 

But before we go into that, let’s be on the same page as to why they aren’t likeable beings.


What is a mosquito?

In general, it is a name given to a fly that lives by sucking the blood from a living thing. Many fear of being bitten by mosquitoes not because they’re itchy but because of the diseases they may transport.

Malaria and dengue are the most infamous health conditions that the species cause. Despite the diversity, both target the red blood cells and make the infected person heavily ill. The other fatal ailments that the insects can carry are yellow fever, West Nile virus, and encephalitis.

What attracts mosquitoes to humans?

What Attracts Mosquitoes To Humans 1

Just to clear the matter now, not everyone can draw in the blood-sucking bugs. You become extra inviting to them in case you are always feeling hot and covered in sweat. Your body heat, after all, serves as their tracking device to the water (your perspiration) that they need to live.

The mosquitoes also love being around people who often exercise. The constant movements help them realize where you are. Exerting much energy enables your system as well to expel carbon dioxide and lactic acid – chemicals that entice them.

Nevertheless, the insects can still come to you simply due to the clothes you are wearing. It isn’t even about the type; it depends on the shades they have.

And what colors are mosquitoes attracted to, you may ask? Well, the dark ones, such as dark blue, brown, and black. The first-mentioned, in fact, appeals to them the best, according to recent studies.

What colors repel mosquitoes?

Since you know what colors attract mosquitoes, take note of the hues too that don’t fascinate them. There are a few, including pastels, haint blue, yellow, and neutral colors.

The reason is that these bugs can only see short wavelengths. If the statement’s overly scientific for you, it’s easier to think of the arrangement of rainbow colors for reference. Anything above the blue layer is either hazy or invisible to mosquitoes, so wearing them make you less detectable.

Of course, white can also repel the insects. As it’s the result of combining all the colors, it doesn’t have a specific wavelength. Looking at it may confuse them; that’s why white cannot attract mosquitoes.

What habits can get rid of mosquitoes?

What Habits Can Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Though changing into light – not vibrant – clothes can lower the chances of getting mosquito bites, it’s not 100% foolproof. You may keep the bugs at a distance as well by doing the following:

1. Remain cool.

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, body heat is a beacon for these insects. If your work doesn’t require you to go outdoors, stay inside the house or office. Ensure that the temperature won’t rise too much as well by opening the windows or turning on the fan or air-con.

2. Prevent smelling bad.

Sweating is a natural circumstance that actually helps you cool down. Once the activity that makes you perspire is over, however, scrub your body well to avoid having foul odor. The gases that cause such an unpleasant scent entice mosquitoes, so try to minimize their production.

3. Stay away from fragrant products.

Since they’re accustomed to nature, the bugs show a huge interest on anything that smells like flowers. It can be a perfume, a shampoo, or even a laundry product. As long as you use them, the mosquitoes won’t stop going after your blood.

4. Refrain from drinking beer.

Having even just a glass of this beverage alters the alcohol content in your blood and increases your body temperature. The odor you give off, therefore, triggers the senses of the mosquitoes.

What Colors Attract Mosquitoes?

It’s nice to understand what colors attract mosquitoes so that you can avoid items of the same hues. Nonetheless, it will be wiser to not let sweat linger on your body long enough to entice the insects. Flower-like fragrances may also charm you, but remember that you can smell good without them.

Simply heed our suggestions above, and the mosquitoes may not come near you all the time. Cheers!

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All You Need To Know About What Colors Attract Mosquitoes
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