Top 20 Wilderness Survival Tips And Tricks That You Should Know!

You should never depend on minimal knowledge, especially when you are dealing with your survival. What will happen if you are lost in the wilderness or a forest? Do you have it in you to come out alive? Can you trust only your instincts once you are out in the open? Yes, we cannot be ready for every other thing that is waiting in the wild. You can collect as much information and stuff well in advance!

Such extra information can seem a bit frivolous to you. Never underestimate these tips. At each instance, you don’t need every tip. However, you do need the right information when you want it the most. To keep you alive, we have placed all crucial stuff in this list of wilderness survival tips.

Important 20 Tips that you will need to Survive in the Woods!

There are almost 15 plus Wilderness Survival Tricks and Tips here:

Build a good shelter, which will have avoided hypothermia. Plus it will protect you for other elements.

  • Build Small. Always build a place that fits your body. Too much area can lose precious heat.
  • Main Frame. Collect a fallen branch or tree. Place it against another tree. Now, you have the mainframe.
  • Stacking. Place the sticks near each other. Smaller sticks, when added as the shape, will cover the gap.
  • Insulate it. Add, moss, plastics, leaves, barks, and pine needles. Remember, thickness will give more insulation from the cold.

2. A Charcloth saves you

Place any part of the cloth in a metal box. Check if the box has a lid. Light fire on the cloth inside the box. Wait for some time. The correct result must give you a dark cloth. But it is intact and usable.

This is the char, and it can help you to begin a fire. That happens since the char cloth burns easily from a tiny spark.

Pro Tip: Divide a big char cloth into many pieces. Roll them in a box and use whenever you need.

3. Fire Signals are good

Burn a mix of fresh spruce and pine leaves to make enough smoke. This smoke is your signal. Begin by creating a low fire with dry twigs, tinder, and leaves. Bring the fresh spruce and pine leaves together. Place them in a bow form.

Wait for the fire to light and begin to smoke. Then place the leaves on the fire. Ensure to seal every gap. Such sealing helps to burn each branch strongly. Wow! You made a lot of smoke.

4. Use every wood resin

Collect the small shavings of resins on pine trees. These shavings are pretty useful. Such resin burns with no effort. Hence, you now have instant natural matches with you! Use resins!

Pro Tip: Resins are a double delight. You can burn them instantly. Plus you have the best mosquito repellent with you. Resin or fatwood smoke repels mosquitoes.

5. Hand Sanitizers creates Fires

Whoever told us that hand sanitizers are only for washing hands? Wrong! They are great to start a fire. Thanks to the flammable alcohol in them, this burns easily.

Put some of it on some leaves or the char pieces. In an instant, it will burn strongly. Have a hand sanitizer with you always.

6. Create the best mindset

During a survival instance, you cannot get depressed. You have better chances of thriving when you adopt a positive mindset. Here is the way:

  • Create a plan.
  • Build an inventory with the stuff in hand.
  • Find the crucial jobs for surviving like finding warmth, water, and shelter.
  • Confidence –remember that grit gives glory or it keeps you alive.
  • Identify what emotions are useless here. Keep your focus always on the job in hand. Never use feelings or emotions for surviving.

7. How to be Cool in a Desert

Urine is no longer smelly. The heat of the desert can create a heat stroke. Best way to avoid it, urinate on a cloth. Use the wet cloth as a turban. Now, the sun cannot kill you anymore.

Crucial Tip: After dehydration, the heatstroke is the second deadliest killer in a desert.

8. Find the North direction with the analog watch

If you have lost the compass, then use an analog watch. Position the hand for hours towards the sun. Imagine two lines between the hour and the 12 O’ clock position. You will build the angle in between those two lines.

Place another imaginary straight line dividing that angle. That line, which moves away from the sun, is north. This is because the sun travels towards the south position.

9. The Big Dipper finds the North Star

It is easy to find the North Star. Since the North Star points towards the north, it can be useful. Find the big dipper in the sky. This is why you must learn your constellations! Draw a straight line from the edges of the big dipper. This line should always point to the North Star.

10. Find north without a watch

If you have no watch; then you create an analog diagram of the time. Draw it on the ground. Now draw the lines for finding north using that position.

Use the GPS on your mobile phone. Any mobile now can tell you the time. But to be safe carry a watch always! The bottom line is that you can never be too sure. Have all the stuff that keeps you alive.

11. Get crude body insulation

You can save your life in the cold. When you cannot begin a fire, you can still do this. Get old papers, leaves, and grass inside your clothes. This step helps you to have previous heat from escaping. Do the same to all over your body.

12. Water from the Trees

You won’t believe this! Any tree can give you water, especially those trees that leaves face from the sun. Cover a plastic bag over some leaves. Now, the suns heat will evaporate the water in the leaves. But instead of evaporating they get collected in the bag. Now you can make a hole in the bag. Collect the water in a safe container for the future.

Pro Tip: Clean the bag before that.

13. Treat Bug bites with Toothpaste

At homes, we often use toothpaste for burns and bug bites. Use it in the wilderness, too. Whenever bugs bite you put some toothpaste over it. The compounds in it help you to relieve the pain. Any swelling too will subside along with it!

14. Use tampons on wounds

Tampons can absorb any moisture; hence, when you can use it as bandages. Bring as much you need. You can buy them from any shops, too. They are not very expensive.

15. Run Out Lighters are Useful

Use that Flintlock and Zippos lighters even after they are out. You only need a spark from them to light a fire. Here’s how. Use the cotton inside to make a spark from the flint. You may also use the sparks over a char cloth for fire.

16.The many uses of the aluminum foil

Use extra dry sheets of aluminum foil to start fires. You can use our tip on char cloth above for the fire. Now, you don’t have to worry without dry surfaces. Wet ground van no more troubles you!

Use Aluminum foil for a handy bowl. Cover a rock with this foil. The foil takes the shape of it. Now place food or pour liquids in it. Tinfoil becomes a reflector outlining you’re a campfire. This increases the heat.

17. Masking tapes Decreases unwanted light

The high amount of light in a forest is dangerous. Cover a flashlight with masking tape. The low profile saves your life. The light can help you finish your tasks.

18. Use a Guitar case as a bag.

While it may seem funny, this step can be crucial, too. A guitar bag can store large items. As mentioned in this post, you must maintain a low profile. A guitar case perfectly carries larger items. It also helps you maintain a low profile in a dangerous place.

19. Hot Campfire Rocks

The fire may have died away, yet, the rock is warm. Boil water by placing the rock in aluminum containers. Pour water into the containers. These rocks have enough heat to keep you warm, too.

Pro Tip: Add charcoal to the water; see below!

20. Enhance the taste of water using these tips

Water in swamps, even inside a purifier, can taste gross.

  • There is a way out, place charcoal when boiling the water.
  • This works in two ways. It purifies the water. Then it makes the water less gross in taste.
  • That foul odor to vanish!

From life-saving tips like cleaning water to bulletproof armor, we have covered almost everything for you here! In the end, survival is the only thing on your mind in the wilderness.

Extra reminders to Survive Well:

  • Remember to build small.
  • Build an insulated shelter to live.
  • Be safe with bulletproof armor.
  • Create fire with caution.
  • Drink clean water only.
  • Eat enough to get energy.
  • Use the North Direction to find your way back.

We pray that you never get to this point. But it is always better to be safe than sorry. Be happy and safe, surviving and thriving in the wilderness. Be wild!

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