What Things Should You Consider When Buying Wood Burning Backpacking Stove?

What Things Should You Consider When Buying Wood Burning Backpacking Stove

Are you a person who loves exploring wild or rough locations? If so, a wood burning stove would remain an important item you must invest in. A cup of hot tea or a warm meal is what you can enjoy, early morning or at the middle of the trip. A backpacking stove features a unique design, and it consumes minimal fuel.

Campers carry them while travelling, as they are lightweight, and a tool which consumes less space in your backpack. The lightweight backpacking stove will help to prepare a meal for 2 to 4 people. The stainless steel stove remains durable, and it burns wood efficiently compared to open fire. A wood-burning stove is best suited for:

  • Cold weather condition
  • Lighter travelling
  • Cook food for large groups
  • International trip
  • Simmering

You will carry no fuel; they burn twigs and nice option to gather in the backcountry. Some models could generate electricity while burning the twigs. This would help to charge a mobile phone. Some come up with grill option too.

charge a mobile phone

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There are few things to be kept in mind shopping the ultimate backpacking stove. These shopping tips will help you pick up the right product for your next daring trip.

What all factors you must consider?

  • How flimsy you want the product to be?
  • How flexible should it be?
  • Do you want a stove that heats up quickly or a one that coddles?
  • What type of fuel will be easily accessible to you?
  • For how many people you are planning to cook for?

Different Types of Wood Burning Stoves!

Wood burner for tent

The stove is best suitable to be used for travellers who are going for overnight hiking or trekking. It’s lightweight and it lights up flame without generating smoke. It is designed to use any fuel like stick, leaves, twigs, tinder and even firewood. It is made of stainless steel material which won’t rust easily. The versatile burner can be a great choice for campers.

Four plus person wood burning stove

If you are looking to carry lightweight camping burner, there are camping stoves available which are very effective, simple to use and compact built. While trekking you can drink hot water as it boils water quickly. The stainless steel burner is very enduring and can be carried in a small package.

Hexagon wood burner

The hexagonal shape stove comes up with six panels at the sides. The burner uses dry tinder and alcohol tablet, so it’s cost effective. They are not suitable to be used inside the tent because it discolours due to frequent usage. You can put woods horizontally for cooking. There are holes at the bottom portion of the burner through which ash comes out. So you can use it in a fire pit if needed. The cone-shaped focus flame upwards and they are meant for fast cooking.

Small firebox for camping

The small titanium burner remains lighter than stainless steel, and they are one of the most authentic products among American campers. You can have hot coffee and a small meal at a low cost. The travel-friendly stove remains compatible with any fuel. The burner doesn’t erode and bend while using. The flame is enclosed inside.

Titanium high-quality stove

The titanium built camping wood burner can be used to cook food for more than four people. The burner comes with two stands to support different pot size. They are lightweight and don’t look a bit large, and you can cook food using twigs, alcohol tablets, leaves, and biomass. You have to raise the trivets so that airflow gets to the burner. The long-lasting portable stove is great for camping.

5 Important Things to Consider when Purchasing a Wood Backpack Burner!


The purpose of using any tool should be the top priority before buying a product. The aim of using a backpack burner can be summer use, winter benefit, steaming water, high altitude use, camp cooking or for international travel. To meet all these purposes, there are wooden backpack burners available to shop in different type and size that would surely cater to your needs.

Examine the heaviness

Heaviness or weight is the most important factor you must consider purchasing a backpacking stove. The huge burner will remain heavy to carry, but lightweight stoves will be handy and compact. A cartable stove offers trekkers trouble-free climbing.


Wood burning backpack burners are available in a variety of cost. The cost mainly depends on its features. You must give careful consideration to the burner’s specification and features before deciding one. The burner you buy should be worth the price you pay. Spend on a stove that can be used for a longer time.

Firmness and safety

You should be able to place the stove properly on the ground. The burner shouldn’t move, it should stand securely on the ground. Make sure you get a burner built up wide that could support huge pots and rest safely of the ground.

Type of food you need to cook

You should know what type of food you will be cooking while camping. Some burners are best to be used for boiling while others can cook food fast. When cooking in cold climatic condition, you need a wood burner to cook food quickly. There are even quality backpacking stoves handy that can cook all type of food speedy.

For any pleasure of a countryside trip, a wood burning backpacking burner is essential. So planning to stay overnight, make sure you purchase a quality product that lasts longer. You would end up buying the right product only if you perform a bit of research. Make sure you consider the guidelines mentioned above to purchase the right wood burning stove for your trip.

The main challenge remains to find the one that meets your specific need. If looking for the ultimate wood stove, you should get one that doesn’t leave a mark on the ground. A piping hot coffee and meal will be assured every time you go camping because the burner meets all your need superbly.

What Things Should You Consider When Buying Wood Burning Backpacking Stove?
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